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New Artisanal Market The Cottage Opens in Jersey City

by Diana Cooper
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The Cottage, located at 136 Monticello Avenue, is bringing a ray of sunshine to Jersey City. Literally, the yellow storefront banner has passersby checking out the newly-opened artisanal market. Store owner Heather Grabin, who spent the past few months getting the store up and running, talked to Hoboken Girl about their best-seller so far and other unique items at The Cottage. Here’s a look inside this brand new JC shop.

the cottage jersey city

The Goods

the cottage jersey city

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“We’d just done a partnership with Doughnut Plant where we’re selling their doughnuts [on] Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and we have limited availability,” Grabin shared. “We’ve had a great response! Our advice is to get here early because we sell out very fast.”

{Photo credit: @thecottagejc}

But, that’s not the only delicious treat that has customers stopping by. 

“One thing that customers are also really loving is that we have fresh croissants baked every morning and throughout the day. We have plain, chocolate, almond, ham and cheese, turkey and cheese, and spinach and ricotta,” Grabin told Hoboken Girl. “We do have a lot of products here that are vegan and vegetarian and non-dairy. We have Cocojune, which is an amazing vegan yogurt, and we carry a bunch of products that aren’t accessible everywhere. We have Natalie’s Orange Juice. We make homemade overnight oats that are vegan. We do different seasonal salads – pasta salad, potato salad, macaroni salad. And we’re working with Kobrick Roasters for our coffee, which is fantastic.”

the cottage jersey city

{Photo credit: @thecottagejc}

You’ll also spot baked goods from Balthazar Bakery and can pick up orders from The Cookie Cake Company, which operates out of The Cottage’s kitchen.

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How The Cottage Came to Be

the cottage jersey city

{Photo credit: @thecottagejc}

The young mom of two, who previously worked in marketing and public relations in the hospitality industry for almost a decade, decided to open up the shop after the pandemic caused the industry to take a hard hit. Grabin enlisted the help of her mother and grandmother to produce products using their own recipes. 

“They help me with everything,” Grabin shared. “Our daily specials are seasonal and local and are homemade. We have homemade jellies and jams and pickled vegetables, pickled beets. Those are all made in-house and are fresh…We are partnered up with a non-profit called Welcome Home Jersey City so they help us as well.”

“I always loved the country and just cottages and grandma-chic things,” Grabin told Hoboken Girl. “I just kind of wanted to bring a spot to Jersey City that isn’t really around and accessible – bringing the farm and country to Jersey City. Like we have eggs from our family’s farm Fell Stone Manor in Hampton, NJ that you can purchase here.”

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Contact Information

The Cottage is open every day, except for Monday, from 8:00AM-5:00PM. For more information, visit the website, Thecottagejerseycity.com, or follow them on Instagram @thecottagejc.


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