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Moonlight Spa: A Good Hoboken Massage on a Budget 

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Sometimes you’re in the mood for a fancy massage with all the bells and whistles, and other times an elbow in the back and an oil work-up on a budget is just the ticket. When looking for the latter, Moonlight Spa located at 722 Washington Street in Hoboken is a hidden gem {sorry to the Moonlight regulars, we’re blowing up the spot} that deserves a serious shout on the self-care train. Here’s more about this massage that is good for any budget — especially when you just want some TLC and seriously good pressure {hello office job, we’re looking at you}. We’re breaking it down by ambiance, hygiene level, pricing, add-ons, and appointment availability. All about Moonlight Spa, below:

Disclaimer: Contact the spa directly for information on COVID-19 protocols.

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Now the word “spa” may be a stretch — even for those on a budget. There’s Asian decor adorning the walls, and despite it being a bit rough around the edges — think towels for blankets and paper on the massage table, it gets the job seriously done. The waiting area is a bit small {there’s a couch which seats two and that’s about it, but usually, the wait isn’t long — beauty takes time, you see}.

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Hygiene Level

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It is hygienic, and yes, while the towels used as blankets for your bod are not the best touch, but they are fresh and changed after each massage. Like most massage spots that are budget-friendly, the staff has a cushioned massage table with sheets/blanket, and then a paper that covers that.


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A 60-minute massage is $48 {if you pay with credit, cash is $45}, and a 90-minute massage is $70.


Massage includes hot stone treatment, but there are reflexology and foot massage options that are available to customers as well.

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Appointment Availability

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Anytime we’ve called {unless it was a later evening call}, there has been availability — as there are literally about 10-15 beds throughout the area, so no need to worry about snagging an appointment, even at the last minute.

The waiting area is small, but honestly, at those prices, are we complaining?


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