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A Review of JC Creative Nails’ SNS Dip Powder + Pedicures

by Jennifer Tripucka
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SNS powder dip gel is a growing trend in the Hoboken and Jersey City area, and while we have tried SNS at a few places {reviews coming soon}, there is one dip powder nail spot in Jersey City that continues to impress with its SNS capabilities: JC Creative Nails. Located on Palisade Avenue in Jersey City Heights, this full-service nail salon offers power gel SNS as well as VERY sanitary pedicures — and is definitely worth the trek if not in the Heights. Here’s more about JC Creative Nails and the SNS experience, as well as their pedicures:

jc creative nails

^It’s a little questionable on the outside as far as aesthetics, but once you get in, the SNS polish selection will make up for it


JC Creative Nails definitely appears to make hygiene a top priority for its nail salon, especially for pedicures {which we all know can be shockingly rare at nail spots, le sigh}.

Each time members of the HG Team have been, the pedicure sanitary MUSTS are there: a plastic cover for the spa foot bath, NEW filing tools for each customer, and sanitary soaks and UV light cleaning machines for any metal tools. The techs also wear gloves, which is a nice touch, if you’re into that extra step of sanitary.

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The Ambiance

chairs jc creative

While this isn’t the most spa-like of nail salons, it’s pretty average as far as décor goes. No frills for sure, but you’re guaranteed to get a pretty decent mani/pedi. They also offer clients water bottles from the fridge, which is a nice touch.

Zap Fitness

Ease of Appointments / Walk-In

Walk-ins are almost encouraged {as we’ve called in the past and have been told to just come in, even for SNS and a pedicure}, but if an appointment is made, you’ll have a better chance of going at the correct time. There can be a wait sometimes even if calling ahead, so just come with some time to spare.

The SNS Experience

SNS is still gaining in popularity, but lucky for SNS newbies, several ladies on our team are pros — and SNS at JC Creative sets the standard, in our eyes. They have a ton of colors {whereas some salons in Hoboken only have 10-20 power colors}.

dip sns jc creative

The whole process takes about 45 minutes to an hour {an hour if SNS or gel is already on nails and need to soak}. The soaking is the only drawback to the process, as it’s the same as gel soaking and getting the polish off your nails, but there are no UV lights needed.

The tech will dip each finger in the powder and put a coat of SNS clear setting polish. It takes about three dips per finger, and then air dry for about one to two minutes. Then voilà!

sns manicure jersey city jc creative nails

^Finished SNS, this one lasted about 2.5 weeks looking freshhh.

It usually lasts two to three weeks until it’s time for a fill {which is essentially soaking off and starting the process over}.

Nail Tech’s Color Picking Attitude

You know that feeling when your nail tech is on your a$$ or rolling her eyes subtly because you can’t decide on a color? Our experiences here have not been that. They are amenable and wait patiently for the color choices.

nail colors jc creative

Even after three color switches before deciding, the nail tech was quite pleasant and even offered her thoughts, which is often appreciated. {Shout out to Ashley Pak in Hoboken at Hoboken Dream Nails who is the same way — never making you feel stressed about color choices — after all, two to three weeks is a long color commitment in the nail world, so it has to be perfect}.

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The pricing here is pretty standard. SNS is $40 from our last visit {unless you get additions}, and pedicures are $20.  A regular manicure is $12 and color gel is $25.

Overall Thoughts on JC Creative


    • – Super sanitary pedicures
    • – Pricing is pretty standard
    • – They offer water bottles to customers
    • – SNS quality is one of the best we’ve seen in the area
    • – Milk Sugar Love, Choc-o-Pain, and LoFi are super close by {for a post- or pre-mani treat}
    • – They offer chair massages


    • – No parking/tough on Palisade Avenue
    • – Walk-ins welcome but there can be a wait, sometimes even if you have an appointment. Sundays are super busy it seems!
    • – The salon isn’t the jazziest {especially from the outside – looks a bit run down} and def not spa-like, but hey – for a good mani/pedi.

Overall, highly recommend this spot for whatever nail needs you have, and definitely stop by some of the other local businesses on these blocks if JC Heights isn’t a place you frequent that often.

Have you been to JC Creative or tried SNS? What did you think?

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