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The Best Nail Salons {And Bridal Manicures} for Your Wedding Day

by Melissa
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“Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue…?” Well my day may not have come just yet, but I know a thing or two about nails and weddings. As a professional bridesmaid {seriously}, I have attended and been in more weddings than Taylor Swift has written break up songs. In being given the honor of a bridesmaid and writing a column solely about manicures, I am often asked by bride friends ‘what should I do with my nails for my wedding day?!” Wedding planning is stressful enough, and even the smallest details on the big day say a lot about your personal style. So to save you some time and trial and error, here are some great nail salons and bridal manicure inspiration for your big day.


Classic Nails.

For someone who likes to ‘go against the grain’ sometimes, you cannot go wrong with a clean and classic look for your wedding day. There is an endless amount of nudes, blushes and neutrals to choose from so don’t fight it so much! You will be your own worst enemy on this one. If you’re debating on going gel or regular, I would lean towards gel in the event you *gasp* chip before your close ups.

If you aren’t a big fan of gel, you can always try OPI Shine, Essie Couture or Vinylux as an alternative. Modern Nails has a #bomb selection of these long-lasting nailpolishes without the UV gel light necessary. Essie actually came out with a bridal collection about a year ago, and it includes some of my favorite shades to this day; ‘Hubby for Dessert’ is beautiful, especially if you layer as 3 coats or pair it with another sheer tone.



Harborside Sport + Spine
Club Pilates 2023

Something Blue.

There are a lot of things Beyonce can do that we can’t – sporting a blue mani on her wedding day is not one of them. That’s right, the #queen had a royal blue mani for her unity to Jay Z and it was kind of amazing. Since Lemonade has more meaning now than ever, I’m not going to say this would be the best idea to move forward with [bad luck?], but a subtle hint of blue is super chic for those of you who want to do something a tad upscale from being #basic.


Zap Fitness


Just the tip.

To each their own, but I haven’t gotten a real French manicure since 2005 {Editor’s note: SERIOUSLY, me neither!}. Some may argue they are timeless, and others feel they are a bit tacky. Well we’ve found a few hacks to cater to both views. Try using a nude or sheer base and pairing it with a metallic or glitter tip.



Bling Bling.

Let’s face it, we are Jersey girls and sometimes we like to bring out the bling. I think if done subtly and tastefully, these picks can showcase your style on your big day. Hoboken Dream Nails has great blinged out options, and their nail art is on point, FYI.




The caveat here is if you DO decide to proceed with a #fancy design, schedule a trial with a trusted nail art artist of your choosing. Just as you would do for your makeup and hair, it can’t hurt to put your mind at ease with this too.

Sensibly, if you are traveling straight from your wedding weekend to your honeymoon, ask yourself if you want to sport this color / style in the Caribbean {or wherever you are lucky enough to visit} as well? Some food for thought. Looking at the big picture, when you skim through your wedding album 10 years from now – do you really want to see a 3D acrylic blow on every nail in your bouquet photos? Probably not… I judiciously selected my top picks bearing in mind that every bride is different – but you can’t go wrong with any of these! You can check this one off your list.


All inspiration photos were pulled from Pinterest.

Featured photo courtesy of Hoboken Bride, Jesse Moss.

Do you have a bridal mani experience and/or photo? We encourage you to post & tag @Hobokengirlblog and tell us about it with the hashtag #HGManiMonday. xo

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