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Unique Spa Treatments in Hudson County You Must Try

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Let’s face it — modern-day living is stressful, demanding, and at times, overwhelming. So many of us are overexposed to outside stimulation such as bright lights, loud sounds, marketing, advertising, and electromagnetic fields from digital devices. Being subjected to this stimuli for long periods of time can leave the mind in a constant state of stress and create physical health problems. So what’s a guy or girl to do? 

If there’s one thing we know at Hoboken Girl, it’s self-care {and Hudson County}. And while spa treatments can cost a pretty penny depending on the treatment, treating yo’self from time-to-time is worth it, always. Below, we’re sharing some unique spa treatments to try in Hudson County and beyond — from volcanic sand baths to float pods to CBD massages, there’s something for everyone. Keep reading to discover a roundup of unique spa treatments in Hudson County that you must try when you’re in the mood to #treatyoself — and these have all been tried by our team, FYI.

Volcanic Sand Bath and Korean Body Scrub at SoJo Spa {660 River Road, Edgewater}

volcanic sand bath sojo spa

SoJo spa offers a variety of relaxing treatments at their eight-level spa in Edgewater, but its two standout treatments are definitely unique, to say the least. The Volcanic Sand Bath is a short, 15-minute treatment that involves thermal-heated sand. It literally looks like you’re laying on the beach under the sand, but it’s hot and will make you sweat. The sweating and heat will then increase circulation and detoxify impurities in the body.

 $10 for the treatment + your SoJo entrance fee.

The Korean Body Scrub is a perfect second treatment to follow the sand bath; it’s a full-body scrub down {in your birthday suit, no less}, where you’ll be smooth as a baby’s bottom afterward. The body scrub is quite intense {seriously, these ladies loofa you HARD and rinse you with water to shed layers of dry skin}, you’ll be super relaxed and shedding mental and physical layers, literally. Word to the modest: You’ll have to rinse off in the shower area in the buff, so if you’re not accustomed to being nude in the bathroom, just make a note.

Treatment costs $130 + your SoJo entrance fee.

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Vampire Facial at Dr. Park Avenue {80 River Street, Hoboken}

dr park avenue hoboken

Kim K made these treatments famous, but Dr. Park Ave makes them happen in downtown Hoboken. A vampire facial is a treatment that combines microdermabrasion + PRP {platelet-rich plasma}. The platelets contain high levels of growth factors which will stimulate cell turnover. So yes, you are using your own blood to promote healthy activity of your skin — and according to the Kardashians, it works.

The treatment is $950 at Dr. Park Avenue.

CBD Oil Massage and Organic Facial at Gaia’s Cavern {140 Wayne Street, Jersey City}

gaias cavern jersey city

While several spots in the area now offering CBD oil massages, Gaia’s Cavern’s ambiance is unparalleled. The treatment room is dimly-lit, cozy, and luxurious. Opt for a CBD oil massage to work out all the kinks, and from there, treat yourself to an all-organic facial with Gaia’s highly-coveted Essence products. After your skin smoothie {yes, that’s what it’s called}, sip some loose leaf tea and peruse the crystals, handmade soaps, and CBD products Gaia offers.

 Treatments start at $150.

Float Pod at Om.Life {18 Park View Avenue, Jersey City}

flotation pod om life

^ The flotation pod at Om.Life! 

Think of this as a bath situation — on steroids {natural ones, of course}. Floatation therapy is exactly what it sounds like: you float within a pod of magnesium and salt, allowing the body to absorb magnesium sulfate that most of us are deficient in. Magnesium sulfate calms the nervous system and allows for better blood flow — resulting in reduced cortisol levels and released endorphins. The weightlessness and quiet space provides the mind with deep relaxation, and if you’re lucky, meditation, too. PS: They offer infrared saunas and CBD oil massage as well for a full spa day sitch!

A float costs $89 for 60 minutes, $109 for 90 minutes — but if you mention Hoboken Girl when calling to book, you’ll also get a cryotherapy session for 50% off the regular price {weekdays only from 2-5PM}. Call 212-206-0009 and mention Hoboken Girl when booking!

Hydrafacial at Attain Med Spa {720 Monroe Street, Hoboken}

attain med spa

A new spot in town, Attain Med Spa offers a variety of treatments from Botox to Jet Peel to lip fillers, but it also has a lymph drainage hydrafacial that is definitely worth a visit. First, the esthetician will suction your face and drain your lymph nodes {to reduce puffiness}, and then, the esthetician will work with your skin to cleanse, exfoliate, and finally, infuse your skin with intensive serums.

Treatments start at $250 for an individual session and $200 as part of a six-session pack.

LED Facial and Dermaplaning at EC Beauty {80 River Street, Hoboken}

EC Beauty Studio Hoboken

EC Beauty studio offers a variety of treatments we love, but the LED facial and dermaplaning are definitely one of its more unique ones. Enjoy a regular oxygen facial or microdermabrasion treatment, and finish with an LED light. The various colors have different hues that help with different skin issues. See the full post here about a recent visit.

Dermaplaning is the removal of the top layer of the skin during a facial {including peach fuzz} that will leave you smooth and glowing in no time. {Editor’s note: It’s amazing, truuust!}

Treatments start at $150 but are customizable, so we recommend calling to book.

They also have a deal in our deals directory if you mention Hoboken Girl when booking!

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Halotherapy Room at Sw3at Sauna {172 Newark Avenue, Jersey City}

Sw3eat Sauna

Breathing in salt is one of the best things you can do for your body, and that’s what halotherapy provides. It’s an alternative treatment that involves breathing salty air, with some claiming that it can treat respiratory conditions, such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, and allergies. Sw3at Sauna is most known for its infrared saunas, but this is a perfect alternative therapy that will have you breathing more clearly in no time.

Treatments start at $39.99 and go up to $299.

Gua Sha + Microneedling Facial with Belinda Brown

gua sha facial belinda brown

We’ve shared about it here, but a gua sha facial with Belinda Brown {complete with acupuncture} is pretty much like heaven on earth. She’ll use jade, quartz, and other powerful crystals and stones to get your collagen boosted and keep a youthful appearance. Plus, a visit to Belinda is like heaven on earth — she’s kind, warm, and will make you feel like you are in a full spa-like experience.

Treatments start at $200. 

Definitely take some time for some self-care, and try out some of these unique treatments in the area. Let us know what you think!

Have you tried any of these unique spa treatments yet? Let us know in the comments below! 

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