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What is a Jet Peel? All About Attain Med Spa’s Newest Treatment

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Maintaining healthy, clear skin feels like a full-time job for many of us. The amount of products, time, and money that goes into trying to get a natural glow has made many of our bathroom sinks look like a Sephora outlet. Luckily, a Hoboken spa might be able to help.

Attain Med Spa offers clients their signature Jet Peel and it’s the only med spa in New Jersey with this machine. Located at 720 Monroe Street in the Monroe Center, {pause for a celebratory dance for living so close!} Attain Med Spa is proud of the results this amazing peel provides for clients with all types of skin and can be used anywhere on the body. Keep reading to learn more about the Jet Peel and a special offer just for our readers.

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About Attain Med Spa

Founder and director Lauren Ben-Meir opened Attain Med Spa after more than a decade of working in wellness and beauty. Her goal was to bring the highest quality, cutting edge treatments that allow top of the line products and services to become attainable and fun.

jet peel facial attain med spa hoboken

^Lauren, owner of Attain, and her adorable baby bump!

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“There were periods of my life when I dealt with acne and melasma and didn’t have the knowledge or means to pay for these services. That is why I keep our pricing low at Attain. I feel such joy when I see how much we have helped people,” Lauren explains about her own personal experience with skincare.

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All About the Jet Peel Facial

jet peel facial hoboken 2

Jet Peel is a non-invasive, painless skincare system with truly outstanding results. The principle between the machine is simple: pressurized air accelerates a jet of microdroplets + this micro-jet is used to gently and painlessly cleanse and exfoliate your skin to allow the delivery of moisture, vitamins, and nutrients to the epidermis {without any needles or invasive treatments}.

jet peel facial hoboken

^Post jet-peel skin dirt {sorry it’s gross, but good to see!}

This treatment is perfect for anyone who is dealing with melasma, acne, scars, dull skin, or hair restoration. Elle magazine says that the Jet Peel Facial “is like a car wash for your face” {without all the suds, of course}.

The Details

The Jet Peel Facial is $250, but when you buy two or more at a time, the price lowers to $200 per treatment. This is one of the only facials out there that is safe to do on a weekly basis. It’s great for any skin type and can be done anywhere on the body.

Hair Restoration and Jet Peel

Jet Peel is an effective, pain-free way of treating thinning hair and hair loss. The same principles and mechanics in the facial infusions are actually applicable to the scalp and eyebrows. {The perfect brow IS possible!}

hair restoration thinning

^A patient’s BEFORE Jet Peel with PRP in late May 2019 {note that there is growth treatment serum in the hair so it looks more sparse than it actually is}…

But, check out 6 weeks later after 2 PRP jet peel treatments + weekly serum jet peel sessions:

jet-peel-attain-med-spa hoboken

^Ummmm, pretty amazing. Granted lighting and hair styling helps, but still — looking pretty different.

And let’s just say we know who this is but won’t share who ;)

The experts at Attain Med Spa are able to use a growth serum applied directly into areas of hair loss. For those looking for a greater boost, and have experienced longer-term hair loss, they are able to offer PRP infusions as well — which are pain-free, because you don’t have to use needles on the scalp.

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Growth Serum Infusions are $350 per treatment and the PRP treatments are priced upon evaluation with each client. A consult and evaluation will determine the areas of loss, thinning, and the goals for hair restoration and retention. Attain Med Spa recommends no less than four treatments for the best results.


You can schedule a consult or appointment at Attain Med Spa by calling 732-778-7630 or email them at [email protected]. They are open Monday-Friday and Saturday + Sunday by appointment only. Make sure you mention Hoboken Girl during your next visit! And head to our Instagram for a giveaway happening on July 10th for 2 FREE Jet Peels – a $500 value!

This post isn’t sponsored, but treatments of Jet Peel were tried by some of the Hoboken Girl team at no charge.

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