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A Gua Sha + Microneedling Facial From Hoboken’s Belinda Brown

by Jen Gonzalez
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It’s no secret that many of us are always on the lookout for the next best beauty trend. Anything to bring us a step closer to the fountain of youth. Luckily, Hoboken’s Belinda Brown, has it covered. Brown is the mastermind behind classical acupuncture and wellness right here in Hoboken called Classical Acupuncture and Wellness located at 113 Monroe Street. She’s well-known around town for her fertility-inducing skills as an established classical acupuncturist. But what most people don’t know is that Belinda offers both a custom quartz crystal gua sha “facelift” facial and microneedling facial, both designed to plump your skin while naturally tackling wrinkles. Read on to learn all about a gua sha facial and microneedling session from Belinda Brown.  

Belinda Brown

All About Belinda

belinda brown

Belinda is a traditional classical acupuncturist not only passionate about beauty but also health and wellness. Her website explains how the classical acupuncture she practices differs from the more commonly practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

“Classical Acupuncturists are trained in the use of 74 acupuncture meridians, as opposed to the 14 that commonly-practiced acupuncture uses,” she writes. Regardless of her style, however, Belinda is highly trained and skilled. She has an intuitive gift for healing and helping her customers feel beautiful inside and out through her gua sha and microneedling services.

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All About Gua Sha

belinda brown

“Gua sha for the face is a luxurious anti-aging experience. It relaxes facial muscles, tones up weakened or slack muscles, erases fine lines, sculpts, and gives you a gorgeous glow and color,” Belinda says.

“It’s also amazing for TMJ and sinus issues. A gua sha facial can be performed regularly for a cumulative anti-aging effect but it’s also fabulous before a big event to look your best. We’d like to add that it feels amazing and is deeply relaxing.”

The Facial Itself

belinda brown

Belinda begins the “facelift” session with a few acupuncture needles in your hands and legs. She then massages your neck with the gua sha tool (made from quartz crystal) to help lift the face because sagging in the face is created by tight neck muscles. Belinda slowly works her way to your face, moving and draining lymph (i.e. puffiness) from your face with her methodical facial massage techniques.


Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is known to encourage the production of collagen while reducing fine lines, age spots, uneven skin tone, acne scars, and even stretch marks.

belinda brown facial 2

The procedure involves the light use of small needles to prick the skin. These pinpricks encourage the production of new collagen-rich tissue, which is more even in tone and texture. Belinda begins this custom facial with a gua sha massage on your neck before the microneedling portion.

microneedling facial belinda brown

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The microneedling is slightly uncomfortable, as Belinda takes her time to address any potential wrinkle on your face. And while the vampire facial has gotten a lot of press, Belinda applies a medical stem cell serum (rather than the blood plasma applied during the vampire facial) to your face after the microneedling. This effective medical-grade stem cell serum was originally created for burn victims to restore the texture of their scarred skin.

All in all, the gua sha facial + microneedling session leaves skin feeling refreshed and dare we say it, youthful. It’s the perfect skin treatment to get ready for summer with, as it will leave you glowing and radiant.


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