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The Benefits of Bone Broth: Soup for More Than Just the Soul

by Sara
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Our resident acupuncturist and holistic health guru, Sara of Acupuncture Atelier, weighs in on the benefits of bone broth, with everything you need to know {and just in time for soup season — September/October, we’re lookin’ at you}:

There are many reasons why our grandmothers always said chicken soup was good for the soul. However, this saying isn’t speaking of just any chicken soup, oh no, no — what this old saying really speaks to is the benefits of bone broth. Before you get skeeved out by the name, know that bone broth is simply broth, but broth made specifically from nutrient rich bone marrow {usually a cow or chicken}. Bone broth has been commonly used for decades, and is even a staple ingredient of healing in many cultures worldwide. Here are just a few examples {though the reasons are endless} why adding a daily dose of bone broth to your routine is healing for the mind, body, and soul!


Aids in Anti-Aging

It should come as no surprise that drinking a broth made from bone marrow is loaded with collagen! Collagen is what keeps skin looking youthful and strong. As we age, we loose collagen and elastin {collagen helps to form elastin} so we start to see wrinkles, puffiness, and other signs of aging {like cellulite}. Putting this collagen enriched food back into your body is an excellent option to fight the aging process {not to mention much cheaper than botox}!

But if you’re considering botox, here’s what you need to know.

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Strengthens your Immune System

Bone broth is loaded with amino acids {essential for healing, repairing and most bodily functions} and minerals. Again, goes back to Grandma making you chicken soup when you were sick… of course there was a reason. Filling your body with bone marrow packed with amino acids and minerals is a highly effective way to strengthen your immune system, fight the common cold, and reduce inflammation.  

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Promotes Gut Health

Ever been told you have leaky gut or simply have a sensitive stomach? As mentioned above, bone broth is packed with amino acids, but it is also loaded with gelatin. If you suspect you have a leaky gut {or food sensitivities}, then putting extra gelatin into your body will help to heal your “gut” lining {not to mention all the extra collagen for strengthening}, and eventually over time, fight off pesky food sensitivities.

Repairs Injuries {Joint & Bone Health}

Just the name alone should make it no surprise that bone broth is good for your joint and bone health. Whether you are healing from an injury or simply getting older, drinking bone broth puts gelatin, amino acids, collagen, phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium {just to name a few} all back into your body. Drinking bone broth helps to strengthen your bones {and teeth!} and keeps your joints gliding. In addition to gelatin, the amino acids packed into bone broth may also reduce inflammation. Adding these amino acids into your body can be helpful and preventative for those with inflamed joints {think arthritis or tendinitis}.


Interested in consuming?

The easiest way to get bone broth into your body is to drink a warm cup each day. If you are uncertain about the taste, remember you can always season your bone broth with fresh herbs, garlic, or even ginger {be creative}. If drinking the broth straight up is something you don’t think you can stomach, know cooking with bone broth is just as effective. Next time you cook some quinoa or soup simply use bone broth instead {easy breezy, bone broth for meezy!}. So, come on, who doesn’t want to look ageless and have less cellulite in this town? Give bone broth a chance to help your body, mind, and soul age and heal in a natural healthy way!

Editor’s Note: Whole Foods also carries an amazing protein powder made from bone broth. It has no added sugar, dairy, soy, or gluten — pretty much pure bone broth protein and goes well in protein shakes 🙂 

Are you a devoted bone broth drinker? Share how you consume it in the comments below!

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