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The hemp plant Cannabidiol is quickly becoming one of the hottest new products in the states. Although many people relate this to marijuana, it is safe to say CBD oil is non-intoxicating {it does not get you high} + has almost no side effects. So to put you at ease, please note: it is not marijuana and is legal in New Jersey! To also answer all of your questions about this trendy plant, we’ve done some research on CBD oil, checked out some placed around Hoboken + Jersey City that safely sell it, and spoke to local CBD advocates who shared their stories with us — read on to learn more:

cbd oil what is it

What Is CBD Oil?

After hearing about it from just about everyone — you’re probably wondering what CBD Oil actually is {if you haven’t tried it already}. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of about a hundred + known compounds called cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Even though the plant has low levels of THC, it is not psychoactive.

There is research from around the world showing the endless medicinal properties of CBD. It is known to help adults, seniors, children, and even pets with anxiety, poor sleep patterns, pain, ADHD, inflammation, seizures, PTSD, mood regulation, cardiovascular functions, and so much more. It is a bit of a shock at first hearing that parents are giving this to their children, but it works so well for many kids with school anxiety and other related issues.

marijuana cbd drink northern soul

CBD is becoming so popular across America that even trendy New Yorkers are infusing it into their cocktails at places like The Standard. Sweets by Chloe. has even made a CBD-infused vegan brownie on their menu.

Although this is not the type of hype that it is meant for, it has become more of mainstream product that is gaining traction. For others though, it serves as a serious medicinal product that helps health conditions. Patricia Drumgoole, a Hoboken native who has had an incredible 25-year career in education and is a licensed social worker shares her story about CBD oil.

“At the risk of sounding dramatic, I say CBD has become a lifeline. Within 2 nights of starting my CBD regimen, I was sleeping solidly.  I woke up feeling recovered and rested.  Within 4 months I was no longer taking my prescribed anti-anxiety medication.  The brain fog has disappeared and the unexpected bonus is I haven’t had a hot flash or menstrual cramps in months”

We also reached out to Alex Rosenbaum, the Owner + Operator of RosebudCBD. She shared with us with CBD oil and how it helps her + her two dogs. Rosenbaum says,

“My two dogs have been using it daily since January and we have seen tremendous improvements in social and stranger anxiety in one and pain management in our other pup who has degenerative disc disease.”

How Does CBD Work In Your Body?

The endocannabinoid was discovered in the body about 30 years ago. This is responsible for homeostasis, which is the body’s ability to maintain itself and bring balance to your physiological systems. Your CBD receptors are waiting to be fed, and when they are with this product, the system self-regulates and corrects your body.

What You Should Know Before Purchasing

Here are a few things that you should know before buying CBD oil from just anywhere, according to Patricia Drumgoole, 

  • Buy from a company that readily and easily shows its lab test results from independent laboratories.
  • Look for how much CBD you get per serving not how much is in the entire bottle.
  • The label should state CBD in milligrams, not percents, per serving.
  • CBD should be CO2 extracted, which seems to be the purest method for CBD extraction.
  • Look for CBD that comes from hemp grown in Europe; hemp grown in the US is currently the only one legal to sell in that state and can not cross state lines.
  • CBD products should only be combined with all natural ingredients; be careful of products with sugar and ethanol.

In recent news, there were 52 people who were affected by fake CBD Oil in Utah {read about it here}. It is extremely important to know the background and process of where you are purchasing your product from

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Where/What To Purchase Locally:

CBD can be purchased at medical marijuana dispensaries, many online companies, health food stores and some pharmacies. We’ve researched some local spots that sell this product if you would like to try it out.

Acupuncture Atelier {1321 Washington Street, Hoboken}

acupuncture atelier cbd products

{Photo credit: @acupunctureatelier}

Hoboken’s Acupuncture Atelier sells CBD ointments and other products to satisfy every relaxing need you have. Complete that with one of Sara’s  acupuncture treatments and you are in relaxation heaven.

Ali Baba {912 Washington Street, Hoboken}

ali baba spiked cbd lemonade

{Photo credit: @alibabahoboken}

Ali Baba sells a spiked CBD lemonade on the regular, to go along with its delicious Middle Eastern eats.

Rosebud Oil

rosebud hoboken girl hoboken

Photographer: Alissa Laurie @AlissaLaurie

Florist: Valerie Braverman @brave_flora
This company’s Rosebud CBD oil is herbicide-, pesticide-, and solvent-free + never includes ingredients like fillers, flavorings, additives or preservatives. All batches of their CBD oil is third-party lab tested. Purchase here.

Farmers Lab

cbd farmers lab hoboken
Farmers Lab Seeds sells CBD oil in all cities throughout New Jersey like Hackensack, Irvington, and of course Hoboken.

Hungry Like the Wolf

hungry like wolf cbd pie

{Photo credit: @likethehungrywolf}

Hungry Like the Wolf in Northern Soul will be offering a special CBD pie with oil from Rosebud CBD on Saturday, April 20th, to celebrate of 4/20.

LE Ć Boutique 

LE Ć Boutique is a Hoboken-based CBD subscription service — packaging up a range of CBD products — from candles to teas to balms to creams, and so much more.

om.life {18 Park View Avenue, Jersey City}

cbd oil om life jersey city

om.life features CBD infused massage therapy, as well as retail products including CW Hemp Oil, Colorado Hemp Honey, and a full line of CBD Care Garden beauty and skincare products.
Owner, Anand, explains:

“CBDs work at the systemic level, and are considered “the nexus of balance in the body.” CBDs are naturally anti-inflammatory, and have been shown to be beneficial for many issues we all face, including brain fog, anxiety, autoimmune issues, skin infections, and much more”.

“Our CBD products allow our guests to relax and get even deeper into their wellness experience. Whether it be a stick of hemp honey before a float, or immersed in a therapeutic massage, the results are a calm and restorative feeling that’s unmistakable”.

Organic Baic Food {204 Washington Street, Hoboken}

organic basic food cbd

{Photo credit: @organicbasicfood}

Washington Street’s Organic Basic Food sells a selection of CBD oils and salves. Its owners are very knowledgeable if you’re curious and have questions.

Shaka Bowl {720 Monroe Street, Hoboken and 110 Washington Street, Hoboken}

shaka bowl smoothie

{Photo courtesy of @shakabowl}

Shaka Bowl sells CBD-oil infused smoothies — taking healthy living to the next level. Both their Monroe and Washington Street locations sell this add-on.

Wholly Health

wholly health cbd oil

{Photo credit: @whollyhealth_}

Wholly Health offers a variety of CBD oils — and will be at the Hoboken Wellness Crawl!

Have you ever tried CBD Oil or know any other places to purchase it?

Let us know in the comments below!

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