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Readers Share Where They Met Their Partners in Hoboken

by Samantha Impaglia
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Meeting someone can be hard in a busy city like Hoboken. So many people and so much going on can be overwhelming when it comes to the dating scene. But don’t be discouraged — true love can be found in the Mile Square City and we have the receipts to prove it. We asked our Hoboken Girl Insiders Facebook Group to share which local spots they met their partners at. Read on for the stories and some places where you might be able to meet your forever person in Hoboken.

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“In March 2012 we both went to Teak with separate groups that shared a mutual friend. I’m not sure where everyone went to at one point in the night, but our mutual friend turned to Patrick and said — “Hey can you just watch her for a second?” — in reference to me. Teak was so crowded as one may remember, but for some reason with him I felt comfortable.”

– Rachel + Patrick @rabayon

“McSwiggan’s was my regular weekend hangout and on one April night when I was 25 (2010) I was out with my girlfriends, dancing, drinking vodka clubs, and it was payday — life was good! I had a secret strategy when I was single and at a crowded bar. I always made sure to secure a spot standing at the bar so if a cute guy needed the bartender’s attention I could swoop in, help him order a drink, and start the flirt. Well, on this particular night a *really* cute guy needed help ordering his drinks all night long and I was there, perfectly positioned to help/flirt. During last call I was ready for him to ask for my number — instead, he asked for my full name so that he could “Facebook” me. I thought I’d never hear from him again. The next day he sent me a direct message on Facebook and 12 years later we’re still madly in love ”

– Jacquelyn + Robert @theweddingplanandcompany

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Right before the pandemic, I bought a condo in a small building. After moving in and unpacking all day, I ran into Art in our lobby and he introduced himself. He was Unit 1 and I was Unit 2. While there is a lot to the story on how he got me out on a first date (It IS risky business, after all, dating your neighbor when you both have 30 year fixed mortgages!), we ended up getting locked down during COVID, falling in love and now planning our wedding — which is six weeks away!

Zap Fitness

Jamie + Art @jayrub529

When I first moved to Hoboken I had an instant crush on my now-husband, Jon, after seeing him quite often during my morning commute. I referred to him as my “path train crush” to my roommates at the time. Months later we finally spoke to one another and the rest is history! We’ve been together for seven years, married for 2.5.

Victoria + Jon @v.perillo

Jon and I were both coaches at CrossFit Hoboken. We were dear friends for six years before we started dating. We are now owners of the gym and have seen many other couples get together from being members! We’re going on four years of marriage in May and have two wonderful little boys, Lorenzo (3) and Marco (20 months).

Joanne + Jon @guava_bins_bevacqua

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My family and I went out in Hoboken to Madison’s Bar + Grill for my cousin’s birthday on May 16th, 2015. We were dancing the night away and that’s when I saw him. Little did I know, he was the best friend and roommate of a mutual friend! We didn’t need an introduction though, it was an instant connection — butterflies and all. Matthew was living in Hoboken at the time, so before he and his roommates left, he asked me for my number. That night he texted me, asking me on a date and the rest was history. A few months later, we moved in together, and ironically the view out of our apartment window was the place we met — Madison’s Bar + Grill ❤️. Now we have two beautiful children!

Brittany + Matthew @brittdipp

“Anthony and I met back in December by accident (through our mutual friends Katie and Jake) at Wicked Wolf on a football Sunday. He texted Katie asking if she was out and met up with us. Shortly after, we went to the Shannon where it was a little more on the quiet side and we sat and talked for hours. We went to Il Tovolo a week later on our first date and we’ve been attached at the hip since ☺️ I now understand when people say “When you know you know”. I knew the day I met him he was the one.

Jennifer + Anthony @jenngeoghan

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