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Community and Inspiration: What to Expect at CrossFit Hoboken

by Hoboken Girl Team
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It can be challenging to find the right workout to hit your goals and the right people to help support the journey. With so many fitness classes and gyms, trial and error is pretty common in searching for the right fit. There’s a reason why so many people who start CrossFit become dedicated members. CrossFit Hoboken has been around since 2008 and is fueled by dedicated coaches and a supportive community of members. Keep reading to learn more about CrossFit Hoboken {located at 38 Jackson Street} and why it might be your next fitness destination.

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CrossFit Hoboken is Hoboken’s oldest and largest CrossFit box, located in South West Hoboken at 38 Jackson Street. Their mission is to help people achieve their fitness goals with the support of a strong community. The team is comprised of quality coaches and is home to some of the most talented and sought after coaches in New Jersey. Coaches have experience spanning everything from Olympic lifting to yoga and functional range conditioning {FRC}. They are well-known as being patient, kind, and most importantly, productive in their methods. Whether you’re a newcomer or veteran athlete, they can help elevate your fitness.

The Workouts

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One of the first things you’ll notice when entering CrossFit Hoboken is how spacious it is — with 12,000 square feet of gym, the facility allows for many types of workouts. There is an extensive schedule of group classes, experienced coaches, and a supportive + dedicated community of members. They use the classic CrossFit method of varied functional movements executed at high intensity, which means that CrossFit Hoboken is a building ground for all types of fitness goals. Their main objective is to help clients become more functional, with a baseline of health and wellness that can extend to any physical endeavor. While the workouts might look chaotic, they are actually very organized and the coaches know what’s going on at all times.

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The space consists of one main room and two smaller rooms dedicated to open gym. The side room is also used for social events like beer pong tournaments, flip cup, socials/parties, and other team + community activities.

From beginners to professionals, the courses provide the challenge and change that their members are looking for. Whether you want to lose weight or increase strength, there’s a workout designed to help you.

Classes Offered:

  • Regular WOD — Workout of the day
  • SWOLY — Olympic lifting and functional bodybuilding
  • Yoga + FRC
  • CrossFit Kids
  • Bootcamp — coming this fall

Interested crossfitters can choose between unlimited monthly memberships as well as individual class packets that can be purchased in groups of five, 10, and 20, so it’s easy to find an option that fits your budget and lifestyle.

The Women of CrossFit

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crossfit hoboken womens class

Recently, the women of CrossFit got a chance to shine in an all-ladies class. Girl power was definitely the theme of the class, with girl-themed songs blasting over the speakers. The sense of camaraderie + support between the women could be easily felt, with women of all ages and backgrounds coming together to work out and push each other to new fitness levels.

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With two female coaches {Ali and Britta} keeping the ladies motivated, energy levels were high and booties were being worked. We loved watching them in action!


Free trial classes are offered every Saturday morning, so if you want to test the waters before making a commitment, pop in on a  Saturday. Just make sure to sign up ahead of time so that they can expect you and mention Hoboken Girl. You can find CrossFit Hoboken at 38 Jackson Street.

This post is sponsored by CrossFit Hoboken.

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