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A Guide to Food Trucks in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Jordan and Joelle Hernandez
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Over the last several years, food trucks have blossomed across the country and are taking the food industry by storm. In fact, IBISWorld recently declared food trucks “the way of the future” as the industry continues to see new mobile food options popping up regularly. Right here in Hudson County, residents and visitors can find nearly every possible food option on wheels. From tacos to cupcakes, lobster rolls to ice cream, we are rounding up a list of food trucks in Hoboken and Jersey City to frequent.

Disclaimer: Send us an email at hello@hobokengirl.com to add one, we’re making a comprehensive list!


Amanda’s Bananas

Amanda’s Bananas

Ice cream and healthy are usually not in the same sentence—unless it’s Amanda’s Bananas. This truck serves as a healthy alternative to ice cream made with 100% fruit, making it naturally dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan. Bananas are turned into the smoothest and creamiest ice cream-like dessert. Amanda’s Bananas also has a wide variety of toppings with suggested combinations to make dessert classics like s’mores and chunky monkey. The truck can typically be found in the summer months at locations like Pier 13 and Sinatra Drive. To find where the truck will be next, follow Amanda’s Bananas on Instagram @amandasbananasnj.

Aroy-D The Thai Elephant

Aroy-D The Thai Elephant

(Photo credit: The Thai Elephant Truck)

Translating to “very yummy,” Aroy-D lives up to its name. One of the only trucks in the area to serve traditional Thai food, it’s no wonder locals flock to this Pier 13 favorite. Aroy-D The Thai Elephant has an updated menu during the COVID-19 pandemic but is still offering a wide variety of Thai cuisines like its variation of curry entrees, fried rice, soups, and more. The truck is currently available for catering and can be found popping up around Hoboken from time to time during the Pier 13 off-season. To learn more about the business and the availability of the truck, click here.  

Chef J’s Latin Dragon

Chef J's Latin Dragon

(Photo credit: @chefjcatering)

After 25 years at some of NYC and some of Northern NJ’s popular restaurants and Executive Chef of MK Valencia, Son Cubano, Midland Brew House. Chef J brings his own take on Upscale Asian and Latin Fusion with a street food style twist Hitting the streets daily. The team uses the highest quality of meats, seafood, and local ingredients (farm to truck). The truck also offers drop-off catering and white-glove service.

The Cupcake Carriage 

The Cupcake Carriage 

(Photo credit: @thecupcakecarriage)

Satisfying a sweet tooth is an easy task at The Cupcake Carriage. Originally started as a kid’s cupcake-decorating party service, owner Tennille Ortiz, used the COVID-19 Pandemic restrictions to update her business model to a whimsical food truck. The Cupcake Carriage can be found in Hoboken—usually on Sinatra Drive—serving up assorted cupcakes, gluten-free cupcakes in a jar, French macarons, and cookie decorating kits. To learn more about The Cupcake Carriage, follow on Instagram @thecupcakecarriage.

Empanada Guy 

Empanada Guy 

(Photo credit: Empanada Guy)

One of New Jersey’s most recognizable food trucks serves what could be considered the world’s first portable food—the empanada. Empanada Guy and its famous red trucks have served thousands of empanadas throughout the state. The business has grown tremendously over the years and now, eight trucks are on the road along with one take-out restaurant in Freehold. The truck serves mostly traditional fillings like beef, chicken, and Mexican chorizo while adding unexpected fillings like bacon, potato, cheddar, and lobster (served seasonally). Checking the Facebook page here is highly suggested before heading out to find the truck as schedules change frequently.  



(Photo credit: Falafull)

Middle-Eastern tradition with American flare is what customers will find at Falafull Food Truck. Just as the name suggests, the truck’s signature falafel is a staple on the menu. Customers can choose to have the falafel in a sandwich, on a combination plate, or even in a taco. The menu also includes items like chicken tacos, baba ganoush, and hummus sandwiches served on pita bread. Throughout the summer, Falafull can be found regularly at Pier 13 and the truck is also available for private events. To learn more about Falafull and to check out where they will be next, click here

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Gringo’s Food Truck 

Gringo’s Food Truck 

(Photo credit: @gringostaco)

It’s signature pink color blanketing the truck is almost as famous as the tacos that come out of it. Gringo’s food truck is a local favorite that can be seen on any Hudson County Must-Try List. Gringo’s, as the name suggests, combines traditional Mexican food with an American twist. Specialty tacos include Chicken N’ Waffle and We Found Nemo—which is a crispy fish taco—to name a few. Gringo’s also has options for various dietary preferences/restrictions including gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan. The truck can be found in popular spots like Pier 13 (seasonally) and food truck festivals/gatherings. The truck can also be booked for private events. To check out updates to the menu and see where Gringo’s will be next, follow on Instagram @gringostacos.

Good Food Good Mood 

Good Food Good Mood 

(Photo credit: Good Food Good Mood)

This husband and wife team knows that a good mood was most likely fueled by good food—hence the name of their food truck, Good Food Good Mood. It’s also a play on words considering the truck serves juicy burgers. The burgers can come topped with even more goodness like pulled pork, truffle aioli, or even fried mac and cheese. Add a fun side like buffalo fries or avocado fries for a full meal. The truck is another Pier 13 staple and is also available for catered events. To check out the full menu and to learn where the truck will be next, check out the website here

Mister Softee 

Mister Softee 

(Photo credit: @mrsofteetruck)

Bringing smiles to people through ice cream for over 64 years, Mister Softee is a tri-state favorite that started here in New Jersey. Hoboken is home to the Hudson County Mister Softee truck and is typically seen on Sinatra Drive, though there are a few different ones that may be spotted around town. Just like the side of every truck says, Mister Softee specializes in sundaes, shakes, and cones. For all things, ice cream, follow Mister Softee on Instagram @mrsofteetruck.

Ms. Fu’s Yummy Food Truck

Ms. Fu’s Yummy Food Truck is named that because for lack of  a better word, it is yummy. Founded just a few years ago, in 2014, Ms. Fu’s serves both classic and creative new creations of mixed culture dishes like Japanese, Korean, Thai, Chinese, and American food.  Every one of her items are made from scratch and she recently won first place for her pork taco at the taco festival.

Tastebuds Taco Truck 

tastebuds taco truck hoboken

A welcome site on 4th and Garden Streets in Hoboken, Tastebuds Tacos is owned by best friends, Joivany and Angel. The two realized there was a gap to fill in Hoboken—consistent and authentic tacos and they decided to take this opportunity by the horns. Tastebuds Tacos opened in September 2019 and they have not looked back since—even during the COVID-19 pandemic. The truck offers three varieties of both tacos and quesadillas on the menu that are filled with Mexican flavors. All tacos are served on a soft, corn taco and all quesadillas are made with flour tortillas. The truck is typically open daily from noon until 8PM. To read more about the business, visit the website here.  

The Corn Guys

The Corn Guys 

The corn guys travel all over North Jersey, including occasionally stopping in the Mile Square. Customers can expect all kinds of corn-centric street food dishes like elote (sweet-roasted corn-on-the-cob) as well as heavier dishes like the chicken over rice platter (with corn, of course), empanadas, hot dogs, and more. Follow the truck on Instagram here to see where it’s parking next.

The Lomo Truck

7 days a week, find your Peruvian fix at The Lomo Truck from 11AM-8PM. Some of the favorites are of course, lomo saltado which is beef strips stir fried, onions, and french fries. Try the green monster if possible; it’s pesto spaghetti with beef strips.

Woofbowl Dog Food Truck

Woofbowl Dog Food Truck

(Photo credit: @woofbowl)

This food truck serves up treats for our furry friends. The owners came up with the idea to serve healthy dog food after noticing a remarkable change in their dogs after switching them to a raw diet. The menu items resemble human food, such as burgers, ice cream, and beer, but the gag is it’s all healthy dog treats made from premium, human-grade, whole food, dog-friendly, and superfood ingredients that even you can eat. It can also be found in Jersey City!

Jersey City

Angry Archie’s 

Angry Archie’s 

(Photo credit: @angry_archies)

This Jersey City-based truck is serving up all things seafood—particularly crab and lobster. Lobster rolls, crab cake sandwiches, and a crowd favorite—crab poutine—are all on the menu. Each item seasoned to perfection can transport guests to the ocean in just one bite. The truck can be seen at various locations throughout Hudson County including apartment complexes like The Estuary, The Union, and 235 Grand to name a few. To place a pick-up order online and to see where the truck will be next, check out the website here. It can also be found in Jersey City!



(Photo credit: @broritosft)

Three guys serving up smiles wrapped in a burrito—this could almost be the catch-phrase of Bro-Ritos Food Truck. The signature bright green color gives way to some of the largest burritos out there. But the truck doesn’t stop at just burritos. Customers can also order crowd favorites like nachos and quesadillas. Vegetarian options are always available. Bro-Ritos is a regular fixture at Pier 13 seasonally and is regularly parked near apartment complexes around Hudson County and nearby towns. To see where the bros will be pulling up next, follow on Instagram @broritosft. It can also be found in Hoboken!

Cupcakes By Jeannie

jeannies cupcakes food truck jersey city fine 200

Look no further for sweet treats. Cupcakes by Jeannie is owned by Jeannie Colon and operated alongside her sister Sonia Vasquez. The pastry business and food truck parks in Jersey City and can frequently be found downtown and McGinley Square. Check out Cupcakes by Jeannie for all cake, cupcake, cake pop, and DIY holiday kits including flavors inspired by their LatinX backgrounds like tres leches, dulce de leche, coquito, and flan. The truck is also available for events. To learn more about where the truck will be next, follow Cupcakes by Jeannie on Instagram @cupcakesbyjeannie.

Dark Side Of The Moo

Dark Side Of The Moo

(Photo credit: @themoofoodtruck)

Beginning its journey at pier 13 in Hoboken for eight years and since then has expanded to a brick-and-mortar location in Jersey City, Dark Side Of The Moo serves up unique burgers and sandwiches. At any given time customers will find kangaroo, alligator, yak, bison, and many other proteins on our menu. There vegetarian items, vegan and gluten-free options available too.

Jerkin Chicken  

Jerkin Chicken

Providing authentic, Jamaican-style food for more than two decades is Jerkin Chicken’s claim to fame. But don’t let the name fool you. Jerkin Chicken serves up way more than just chicken dishes. Think pork, shrimp, oxtails, and more. Jerkin Chicken stays true to its Jamaican roots by seasoning each meal with the traditional flavors of its beloved homeland while offering only the freshest and finest ingredients. Emulating the popular jerk shacks found throughout Jamaica, Jerkin Chicken can usually be found in Exchange Place in Jersey City or on River Street and Sinatra Drive in Hoboken. To learn more about the menu, how to book for catering, or where the truck will be next, follow the truck on Instagram @jerkintruck. It can also be found in Hoboken!

Just Be Claws 

The Instagram bio says it all: Vietnamese, Cajun, Seafood. Just Be Claws food truck bursts with flavor that can be smelled as customers approach the truck. Seafood favorites like lobster, crab, and shrimp are covered with generous amounts of Old Bay and cajun seasonings alongside traditional seafood fest sides such as corn on the cob, French fries, potatoes, and coleslaw. Crab fries are a Just Be Claws favorite and having tasted them, we can certainly attest to the addiction. Tendered crab meat with crispy fries makes the perfect combination. Just Be Claws also has two brick-and-mortar locations in Jersey City (280 1st Street) and Newark (860 Broad Street). The truck can be found in various locations around Hudson County including seasonal locations like Pier 13 and local food truck festivals. To keep up with the truck, follow Just Be Claws on Instagram @justbeclawsjc.

La Caja Puerto Rican BBQ

La Caja PR BBQ

(Photo credit: @lacajapuertoricianbbq)

This truck is owned and operated by Elliot, a Jersey City resident, and with the help of his partner Chef Michael, the two are serving up authentic Puerto Rican eats in Chilltown. The truck currently only operates on weekends in front of 902 Brewing Co. Patrons can find chuleta (pork chops) with rice and salad on the side, chicken, pernil, empanadas, bacalaoitos (cod fish fritters), alcapurrias (fritter made of green bananas and yautia [taro root] and stuffed with meat), shrimp, yuca fries, and more.

La Coqueta Mexican Cucina

La Coqueta 

(Photo credit: @lacoquetaft)

Traditional Mexican cuisine by Chef Cutuc can be found on the truck. Unique flavors and recipes within crowd favorites like tacos, burritos, and quesadillas give customers a welcome twist on classics. The truck can be found around Jersey City. For more information on menu updates and locations, visit La Coqueta on Instagram @lacoquetaf.


In just seven years, Modcup went from a hotdog cart selling curbside coffee to having its own roastery, three cafes, a coffee truck, and an online business.  A combination of carefully selected coffee beans and the science behind roasting are the key reasons for Modcup coffee’s great taste.

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Pizza Vita NJ 

pizz avita

(Photo credit: @pizzavitanj)

A brick oven built into the side of a truck is not a common sight. However, Pizza Vita would not have it any other way. This truck, committed to being on the road seven days a week from March through November, serves brick-oven-style pizza throughout Hudson County. The truck can typically be found on Pier 13 or at Lutze Biergarten during their open seasons and can also be booked for private events. The brick oven isn’t the only thing to stand out about this truck. Chef Adele is one of NJ’s first female Pizziolas (that’s ‘pizza chef’ in Italian) and is proud to be a part of the business. To find where the truck will be next, give Pizza Vita a follow @pizzavitanj on Instagram. 

The Drip 

The name of the coffee truck, has recently taken over the streets of Jersey City, bringing its “rhythm and brews” along for the fun. Founded by Eric Maury, Drip brings a “different concept, different attitude, and most definitely, different music” to the average coffee shop.

Urban Popcorn Truck

Urban Popcorn Truck

This food truck specializes in popcorn, gourmet popcorn that is. Caramel, milk chocolate, sea salt, birthday cake, pumpkin pie, cheddar, and crackerjack are among the flavors. The truck is also available for events. Follow along on Instagram here.

Venti Food Truck 

venti italian food truck

Hudson County and authentic Italian food go together and Venti Food Truck truly embraces this tradition. Owned by brother Joe and Nick Ciamcimino, Venti Italian Specialties serves traditional Sicilian food brought to the US by their parents who immigrated to the US before the two were born. On the truck, you can find Italian sandwiches, both hot and cold, made of the finest ingredients. Think homemade chicken cutlets, mozzarella cheese, and sauces, or grab a cannoli to-go. The truck is typically found on weekdays in Exchange Place, Jersey City. Follow the truck on Instagram @ventifoodtruck to keep up with the full schedule. 


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