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Fomo Momo: Jersey City Based Indian-Fusion Street Food Truck

by Risha Jagadish
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Jersey City is an absolute food lover’s paradise. Nestled in every other corner are bars and restaurants that add to the vibrant and diverse culinary scene. But when it comes to grabbing a bite,  there are plenty of options outside of a typical restaurant. The area is home to a variety of food trucks to fulfill those quick meals-on-wheels cravings. From tacos to falafel, ice cream to pizza, these trucks allow one to experience the gourmet delights from different parts of the world. One such truck in the scene is Fomo Momo. Read on for what we know about Fomo Momo, an Indian-Fusion street food truck located in Jersey City.

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About Fomo Momo

Momos are a kind of dumpling that come steamed or fried, made with simple flour and water dough, and contain a mixture of cooked ingredients.  Fomo Momo’s quirky pink truck makes its presence known with the aromas of spices and buzzing crowds around the block. The camaraderie that surrounds the truck will actually create a feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out) on the momos.

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The founder’s journey is as enticing and flavorful as the momos themselves. Impreet Sodhi and Ankita Nagpal are the powerhouse duo behind Fomo Momo. The duo originally met through their husbands and connected instantly through their shared love for food. They now juggle full-time jobs in tech and run Fomo Momo as a side hustle.

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The origin of momos has transcended borders from Tibet to North India, particularly Delhi, which is home to a sizzling burst of flavors and options when it comes to street food. “Combining our passion for food and a longing for authentic street food from home while in the US, was the vision behind the truck,” Ankita said.

Following the idea was the enjoyable journey of experimenting with spices and recipe testing with friends and family to find the right balance of flavor. With a blend of innovation and creativity, the menu has been designed to balance a mix of vegetables, meat, herbs, and spices — all of which are wrapped in a scrumptious sauce that will tantalize taste buds and fill both the tummy and soul.

The culinary adventure started through the Smorgasburg Food Festival in Jersey City in 2021. After receiving a positive response and actionable feedback from locals, Impreet and Ankita set foot into the Big Apple and have been a regular vendor at the Smorgasburg Food Festival in New York. Making a mark with their momos along the Hudson has been a unique experience for the duo.

“Going from a stall to now having a food truck has been a mix of challenges and victories with a lot of learnings. Amidst these challenges, we’ve remained steadfast in delivering a taste that’s both consistent and high in quality,” says Impreet. The team also provides catering for events such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and more.




Each flavor of momo on the menu tells a story of its own. With both steamed and fried options that can be customized with meat or vegetables, some of the choices include makhani momos (think a rich Indian creamy curry in every bite) or the schezwan momos which is an explosion of hot fiery spices. For those looking to dial down on the spice levels, the butter garlic momos or Afghani momos made with a rich mixture of cheese + cashews are sure to hit the spot.

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“The best-sellers are the Tandoori and Afghani momos for their captivating smoky essence and we are looking to roll out new flavors in the coming months,” Ankita said. The assorted platter which is priced at $23 and includes 12 momos is an ideal way to try out the different flavors. Aside from the delectable momos themselves, the hot samosa, masala fries, and chilled mango lassi are some other savory classics worth trying.

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Track Down The Truck

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Fomo Momo’s pink truck can be found Wednesday through Saturday on 2 Columbus Drive, Jersey City from 5PM-8PM, and the food stall can be found at Smorgasburg WTC every Friday from 11AM-7PM. Follow the truck on Instagram to stay up to date on the latest schedule and menu.

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