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Woofbowl: The Food Truck Just for Dogs

by Jean Lee
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Here in Hoboken, there are few things we love more than our pets and fun foodie experiences. And luckily for us, Woofbowl is combining them both. When local owners Ron + Solo noticed their pups were having health issues, they took to the kitchen and took matters into their own pots and pans. The change they saw was remarkable, and Woofbowl was born. The Hoboken Girl team caught up with Ron + Solo to learn all about the creation of Woofbowl and where the food truck for our furry friends is headed next. Read on for more about local doggy food truck Woofbowl here in Hoboken.

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The Birth of Woofbowl

Local couple, Ron and Solo, realized that their two Frenchies, Latto and Dino, were having health issues. As a veteran, Ron shared with HG, “My dogs have been a big help for me…they helped me heal with my PTSD,” so the couple wanted to give their pups the best and healthiest lives.

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They were in awe at the remarkable way their dogs changed with their diet and the two immediately thought — “what if we do a doggy food truck?” And then Woofbowl was born.

Ron made sure to mention to HG how creative Solo is. With finance and engineering backgrounds respectively, Ron and Solo perfected the menu for their doggy food truck business and set off on an adventure that took them to the Washington D.C. area, through the Midwest, and all the way out to Los Angeles. Now, they are finally back here in the NYC area, and are ready to put down some roots.

When Woofbowl was first in town a few years ago, the team at HG (pet lovers that we are) had to stop by. We, or course, shared the news with our readers, and as Ron shared, “We had a line around the block!” Clearly, a truck like this would be a huge hit here in The Mile Square.

The Menu

The food for your pup is definitely worth the wait in line. They have everything from dog-friendly burgers and fries to CBD munchies. When you order the full meal, it even comes with a dog beer in a little red solo cup.

“The menu is created based on the science of what a dog needs. So from trial and error and research, along with Solo’s background in engineering, we’ve come up with a diet, based on science, that is suitable for dogs. We like to say it’s a nutrient-dense approach to pet food,” said Ron.

Depending on the size of your dog, one full meal may replace their normal meal, or it may just be a healthy snack for them. Either way, it won’t disrupt their usual meal schedule.

“This food is what your dog should be eating, and [Woofbowl] won’t mess up their diet,” said Ron.

There are also other seasonal items that they rotate depending on the time of year. During the winter months, they have a dog-friendly hot cocoa (not real chocolate, of course), in the late spring they may have tacos to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and then in the fall they have a pup-kin spiced latte (which Ron said was even featured in American Airlines’ magazine). Here in the Hudson County area, we appreciate a good pizza, and Woofbowl brings those right around back-to-school time in the fall. HG pro tip: try the doughnuts and desserts next time you celebrate with your pup.

Where To Find The Truck

woofbowl hoboken

The Woofbowl truck goes all over the area. Ron shared, “We tend to keep a ‘Where’s Waldo’ approach, but we do keep a calendar on our website and Instagram.”

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Check out the booking form on the website to see if Woofbowl can come visit you and your pup community.

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