9 Hoboken Yoga Spots We’re Loving in 2017

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Yoga. Not only is it wonderful for balance, flexibility, and toning your whole body, it is also amazing for the mind-body connection and feeling ultimate calm and stability. And in the new year, you’re probably on a quest to find some more relaxation and zen — or maybe you’re a namaste natural already. Either way, we figured we’d share some of our favorite spots that are in town, so here are seven Hoboken yoga studios we’re loving in 2017.

1. Devotion Yoga {12 Hudson Place}

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Located down by the PATH, Devotion Yoga calls themselves an Urban Sanctuary, and it couldn’t more any more true. This Hoboken hot spot has all the zen you’ll need breathe deeply and feel open and energized when you leave class. All of Devotion Yoga’s classes are done in a Vinyasa style, which is a fast flow. If you’re a new client, you can try it out for FREE for your first week. The best part about the studio is view of the skyline during class.

2. Zen Space Studios {450 7th Street, Suites LL2 and 3A}


Zen Space is located on 7th Street between Adams and Jefferson. They offer all different types of yoga, including restorative and hatha, which are both very relaxing and will put you totally at ease. Zen Space also offers some unique spins on traditional yoga classes, including an Intro to Yoga Series and ZenMoves Meditation, as well as Mommy and Me classes. We can hear the sighs of relief and relaxation already! They offer new students a $39 unlimited two-week trial.

3. Surya Yoga Academy {
79 Hudson Street, 618 Washington Street}



Surya Yoga has a location uptown and also downtown, so it is close for everyone in town! They also have a location in Jersey City for our JC guys and gals who don’t want to make the trek to Hoboken for their ohm sesh. They’ve been in town since 2002 and were named one of the Best Yoga Studios in New Jersey by NJ Monthly Magazine in 2009 and 2010. As far as classes, Surya Yoga offers hot yoga only, keeping the studio at a warm 95 degrees. Hot yoga will make you sweat, release toxins, and loosen any muscle pains you have. New to hot yoga? No problem! Try it out for $35 for one month.

4. PowerFlow Yoga {104 Hudson Street}



Offering hot yoga to the Hoboken yogis, PowerFlow will make you sweat in class each and every time. They encourage you to zone out and tune into how your body is feeling for their Vinyasa or fast-paced classes. The studio guarantees you’ll notice a shift in energy and discover flexibility and confidence in their classes. PowerFlow loves athletes! Their classes loosen muscles and, after a few classes, decrease pain in the joints from lifting, running, and golfing. Try as many classes as you like for $50 for one month if you’re a newbie! If you only have one week, that’s okay too! It’s $25 for 7 days.

5. Pavana Yoga {251 1st Street}


Located downtown on 1st Street, Pavana Yoga is quickly becoming a yoga favorite in town. The wide variety of yoga classes combined with the zen-like space is optimal for channeling your spiritual balance. A few of our favorites? Rainforest Yin, which takes you into a meditative healing room with soothing sounds of the rainforest. Ocean Flow is another favorite, where you’ll be transported to the soothing sounds of — you guessed it — the sea. They have a special of $49 for two unlimited weeks. You’ll be hooked!

6. Hudson Yoga Project {44 Hudson Place}


New to the Hoboken business scene but not new to yoga, the Hudson Yoga Project was founded by Patrick Franco and Kim Larkin — who have both lived and worked in Hoboken for over 10 years as yoga instructors. At their new spot {which was formerly the downtown Local Barre location}, they offer a diverse lineup of classes including a 200-hour teacher training program. Upcoming events at HYP that are totally piquing interest include the Vedic Path {chanting, sacred literature, and advanced Asana} workshop. Excited to see what other fun zen-related activities they will be providing this year! They have a 1-week unlimited package for new clients, FREE!

7. Real Hot Yoga {1414 Grand Street}

Real Hot Yoga Featured Image

It’s no secret we love Real Hot Yoga, but this hot yoga studio is really da bomb dot com. Sometimes coming to a new gym or yoga studio can feel very intimidating, but the laidback feel of Real Hot makes it easy to feel like you belong there. The views out the window really create an ambiance that just adds to your zen state {I mean really, who doesn’t love a skyline view?}. One of the biggest complaints about hot yoga is that it’s sometimes it just feels way. too. hot. We love Real Hot because it just doesn’t feel like that but it still detoxes your body. Such a great spot!

8. Asana Soul Practice {411 Jefferson Street}

Asana Soul Practice is an amazing experience. We raved about it in last month’s post and like we said, it’s certainly not your average yoga studio {filled with vinyasa style yoga, meditation, sound baths, and live music}. Right when you walk in, you’re graced with a perfectly decorated space and brewed herbal tea. Don’t worry if you forget your mat, they offer blankets, mats, and blocks along with serene scents and retail therapy in their little shop. It’s inviting, it’s satisfying, and it’s oh so zen.

9. Honor Yoga {Opening *Very* Soon}

Honor Yoga is opening this Saturday, June 24th, at 720 Monroe St and it’s definitely one you want to keep your eye on. This welcoming and eco-friendly studio values community and believes in “the physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and social connection for mind, body and self”. They’ve been working hard to get their studio ready and they can’t wait for opening day {neither can we}. In honor of their grand opening, they’re offering 30 days of unlimited yoga for $49 – normally $99. So if you’re looking to try out a new place, there’s a great deal to consider!

So there’s our short list to get you started with your zen and namastes in the new year. What’s your favorite spot for yoga in the mile square? 

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Christina is a resident of midtown Hoboken and an avid runner. A total fitness lover and fanatic, Christina is always up to try something new. Her other passions include cooking, baking, and any events which include animals. She and her fiancé can often be found watching the dogs play at the dog park — and her other favorite places in town are the farmers market, Pier A for a run, and any coffee shop (especially with gluten free cookies). Make sure to stop by Work It Out studios and say hi to Christina, who is usually behind their front desk!