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A Guide to Hoboken Yoga Studios to Get Zen

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Yoga. Not only is it wonderful for balance, flexibility, and toning your whole body, it is also amazing for the mind-body connection and feeling ultimate calm and stability. And in the new year, you’re probably on a quest to find some more relaxation and zen — or maybe you’re a namaste natural already. Read on for your guide to yoga studios in Hoboken. 

Asana Soul Practice | 411 Jefferson Street

asana yoga hoboken

Asana Soul Practice is an amazing experience. It’s certainly not your average yoga studio. Right when you walk in, you’re graced with a perfectly decorated space and brewed herbal tea. Don’t worry if you forget your mat, the studio offers blankets, mats, and blocks along with serene scents and retail therapy in the shop. It’s inviting, it’s satisfying, and it’s oh so zen.

Fit Foundry | 1416 Willow Avenue

Fit Foundry’s goal is to guide you on your own path to success by combining serious fitness with an encouraging, clean, fun, inviting atmosphere. The studio offers specialty yoga as well as small and large group team training in other workouts. Yoga classes are broken down into three classes – Slow Burn (60 min), Fused Flow (45 min), and Fire Flow (45 min).

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PowerFlow Yoga | 104 Hudson Street

Powerflow Yoga

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Offering hot yoga to the Hoboken yogis, PowerFlow will make you sweat in class each and every time. The team encourages members to zone out and tune into how their body is feeling for the Vinyasa or fast-paced classes. The studio guarantees you’ll notice a shift in energy and discover flexibility and confidence in the classes. PowerFlow loves athletes! Its classes loosen muscles and, after a few classes, decrease pain in the joints from lifting, running, and golfing. New students can take advantage of discounted classes to try different options, one week for $30 and one month for $75. 

Real Hot Yoga | 1414 Grand Street

Real Hot Yoga

(Photo credit: @realhotyoganj)

It’s no secret we love Real Hot Yoga, but this hot yoga studio is really special. Sometimes coming to a new gym or yoga studio can feel very intimidating, but the laidback feel of Real Hot makes it easy to feel like you belong there. The views out the window really create an ambiance that just adds to your zen state. One of the biggest complaints about hot yoga is that it’s sometimes it just feels way too hot. We love Real Hot because it’s hot enough to get the heated experience but not as overwhelming – students still get the detoxing effect without the intense experience. 

Surya Yoga Academy | 618 Washington Street

surya yoga studio

(Photo credit: @suryayogaacademy)

Surya Yoga’s midtown location is convenient for uptown and downtown dwellers. The studio has been in town since 2002 and is consistently recognized as one of the best by NJ Monthly Magazine.  As far as classes, Surya Yoga offers hot yoga only, keeping the studio at a warm 95 degrees. Hot yoga will make you sweat, release toxins, and loosen any muscle pains you have. New to hot yoga? No problem! Try it out for $35 for two weeks.

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Urban Souls Yoga | 100 Hudson Street, 4th Floor

Urban Souls

(Photo credit: @urbansoulshoboken)

Urban Souls Yoga is a place for all levels and learners to explore a diverse variety of classes, sound experiences, and workshops. With 11 classes to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Some of the most popular classes are Open Flow, Urban Warrior, and Yin/Restore.


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