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Hoboken {Fitness}: 5 Reasons We Love Real Hot Yoga

by Kate Lombardo
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We were recently invited to try out Hoboken’s newest hot yoga studio, Real Hot Yoga, located at 1414 Grand St #2c. Hoboken Girl team member, Kate, visited the studio to test out a class at this uptown studio. Read all about her experience below!

I practice yoga regularly, but don’t often practice in a hot studio, so I am always a little nervous about handling the heat when I go to a hot yoga class. However, I’ve wanted to try out a class at Real Hot Yoga ever since I heard about it opening back in August.  A few of my friends take classes there and have such great things to say. I live uptown, and the convenience of being able to visit a yoga studio only a few blocks from my apartment was something I really wanted to take advantage of.

I’m happy to report- my friends were totally right!

Here are the top 5 Reasons why I loved Real Hot Yoga.


1. The location is convenient and the atmosphere is welcoming.


^inspirational signage in the studio

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Let’s be honest- it’s not really far to get to anywhere in Hoboken since it truly is only one square mile. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t fall completely guilty to the uptown/downtown struggle. It’s very easy to talk yourself out of heading to yoga or the gym if the location isn’t convenient. The day I took my class it was actually pouring outside. Had I needed to make the trek allll the way downtown, I may not have actually made it to class. But, a few blocks in the rain? No big deal.

Real Hot is located at 1414 Grand Street on the second floor. It’s in a brand new building right behind the Biergarten. While there’s not a parking lot at the studio, it’s set a bit further back from Washington so it would definitely be easier to find street parking if need be.

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The studio has such a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. The lobby area is sleek and simple with inspirational quotes {like the one in the picture above} and candles placed around the room.  Sometimes coming to a new gym or yoga studio can feel very intimidating, but the laid back feel of Real Hot makes it easy to feel like you belong there. 

2. They sell adorable swag in the studio. 


^love the Lulu mats for sale

Real Hot sells some really cute yoga gear, including the Lululemon mats pictured above.  They carry Alo Yoga pants and tops {one of my favorite brands}, which is awesome because usually you have to purchase their stuff online. The graphic tees for sale have a fun and creative twist and come in various cuts and colors.

IMG_7007 (1)

3. Their teachers are awesome!


I took class the Thursday 5:30PM class with Sarah Flaherty, and it was phenomenal. I’ve been to some hot yoga classes that feel more like power lifting that yoga. Sarah’s class provided the workout you expect to get from hot yoga, while still feeling like yoga. She led the class by providing tips on how to correct align your body in the poses, which made me feel safe throughout class despite the fact that my muscles were so loose {*note- this can be dangerous in hot yoga if you don’t do the poses correctly}. Her instruction for alignment actually made the class even more challenging because you have to keep your muscles engaged in every pose. I also love that she guides students to focus on their breathing so that you still have the yoga “zen” feel, while getting all the sweating and detoxifying benefits of practicing in a hot studio. 

4. The studio has skyline views. 

^views of NYC from the Real Hot Yoga

The views of Manhattan are one of the best things about Hoboken- plain and simple. Being able to enjoy them while balancing in tree pose takes a yoga class to a whole other level. AM-classes with a sunrise over the city? Yes please!

5. It may be hot, but at Real Hot Yoga you can breathe through the heat.


^seriously, so true! 🙂

One of my biggest complaints about hot yoga is that it’s sometimes it just feels way. too. hot. I love that it helps to detox your body and get a deeper stretch, but I’ve been to classes where there is literally a heater blowing on my face, and I end up feeling nauseous by the end of class. You will not have this experience at Real Hot.

Although the heat is high at Real Hot Yoga  {98- 105 degrees to be exact} their state of the art heating system allows you to breathe. Yoga is all about breathing, and even though it’s hot, they pump fresh air into the studio throughout class which allows you to breathe better and with ease. Their heating system not only offers temperature control, but also controls the humidity in the room. Keeping proper humidity prevents the body from becoming dehydrated and therefore exhausted. They also have a UV air filtration system that removes germs and bacteria from the air which keeps the room smelling and feeling fresh.

The room felt pleasantly lot and helped me to get in a great hot yoga workout, without feeling completely drained and dehydrated by the end of class. Instead I felt relaxed and refreshed- exactly what I was hoping for. 


With the holiday season in full swing, it can be hard to find some time for yourself. Real Hot Yoga is the perfect place to treat yourself to a few yoga classes each week and help keep you grounded and relaxed during the hustle and bustle of the season.

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Head to Real Hot Yoga from now through December 20th and mention Hoboken Girl to sign up for a month of unlimited class for just $40 {1414 Grand Street 2nd Floor} // OR sign up online and use the promo code HOBOKENGIRL at checkout!


This post is sponsored, but all opinions are the true thoughts of the author!

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