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Hoboken Fitness: Surya Yoga {Review}

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Here at HobokenGirl.com, we’re excited to bring our readers a new column – Hoboken Fitness {with a twist!} //Read about its author, Sam, and other HG contributors hereWithout further ado, here’s Sam, giving us the scoop on local workout hot spots:


After living in Hoboken for almost three years, I realized that I haven’t taken advantage of the plentiful gyms, workout studios, and classes all within a square mile of my apartment. I workout quite frequently, but often find a class or type of exercise I like and then stick to it until severe boredom. This has caused highs and lows of workouts — loving it and then dreading it to where it feels like a chore — somewhere we’ve all been.  In order to prevent workout burnout, I have vowed to try a different class at a different fitness studio in Hoboken every month and review it from top to bottom {see below for the staple graphic in each of my fitness posts}. Hopefully, if looking for a new workout or fitness experience, you’ll find new and exciting ways of getting in shape and staying healthy throughout the year {sans chores}.

This month, I tried out Surya Yoga Academy for the first time. There are a few locations in the North Jersey area (Summit, Jersey City, Downtown Hoboken, and Uptown Hoboken).  Although I frequent another yoga studio in New York City, I decided to sign up for a beginner Bikram {hot yoga} class because I haven’t done heated yoga class in a while.


Here’s what I thought {in a useful little graphic that you can totally print}:


Have you been to Surya Yoga? What did you think?



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Sam is originally from the Jersey Shore, and has been living in Hoboken for the last few years both downtown and uptown. By day, she works in Social Media Marketing in New York City, and by night she's scoping out all of the fitness classes that Hoboken has to offer! When not working, doing Pilates, trying new restaurants, or hanging out at Pier 13, you can find Sam hanging at the beach with her family (or eating Italian food from Lisa's).

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