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A Guide to Coffee Ice Cream in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Lexa Krajewski
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While Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer, another lesser-known September 6th holiday and every other day give us an excuse to indulge in the season’s staple frozen dessert a little longer. National Coffee Ice Cream Day celebrates a flavor that is chef’s kiss-worthy – the taste of your daily iced coffee in sweet, scoopable form. No matter if it’s in a cup, cone, or a sundae with all of the toppings, picking up a serving of java ice cream is a must on this holiday. Keep reading for a roundup of the Hoboken + Jersey City spots where you can get your coffee ice cream all year round.


Ben & Jerry’s | 405 Washington Street 

Ben & Jerry’s

(Photo credit: @benandjerrysnj)

If you’re looking for rich coffee flavor, Ben & Jerry’s Hoboken Scoop Shop has you covered. The ice cream chain’s classic Coffee, Coffee, BuzzBuzzBuzz is true to its name, packing a double dose of java flavor with coffee extract and espresso bean fudge chunks. Plus, Ben & Jerry’s has something to satisfy vegan coffee ice cream cravings, too, offering a non-dairy option with the Cold Brew Coffee Fudge Chip flavor made with sunflower seed butter. 

Cold Stone | 116 Washington Street 

Cold Stone

(Photo credit: @coldstone)

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Among the list of indulgent Creations on Cold Stone Creamery’s menu are two that are a must-try for coffee aficionados. The Coffee Lovers Only Creation is a sweet and nutty concoction of coffee ice cream, roasted almonds, Heath bar, and caramel. A coffee ice cream base is also the star of the Mud Pie Mojo, which features OREOs, peanut butter, roasted almonds, and fudge mixed in. Or, create your own Creation with coffee ice cream, choosing a personalized selection of tasty mix-ins. 

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Jun’s Macaron Gelato | 410 Washington Street

Jun’s Macaron Gelato

(Photo credit: @junsmacarongelato)

This local gem serves up homemade gelato that can be enjoyed rolled, sandwiched between a macaron, or wrapped up in a crepe. Jun’s Macaron Gelato’s menu includes a standard coffee gelato, as well as unique flavors like caramel latte and tiramisu, which is reminiscent of the espresso-spiked dessert.

Rita’s Italian Ice | 121 Washington Street 

Looking for a frozen treat aside from the typical scoop? Maybe Rita’s signature Italian ice or frozen custards are more your jam. Next time you visit the Hoboken location, opt for the coffee-flavored custard or make it a Gelati by having it atop your choice of Italian ice. 

Thomas’ Ice Cream Cafe | 214 Jefferson Street

Thomas’ Ice Cream Cafe 

(Photo credit: @thomasicecreamcafe)

Thomas’ Ice Cream Cafe offers local, homemade frozen confections, including an ice cream flavor perfect for coffee and dessert lovers alike. The ice cream shop’s coffee OREO ice cream balances the strong taste of java with the sweetness of the popular cookie. The flavor is also caffeine-free, so it’s safe to enjoy at night without worrying that it will keep you wired. 

Jersey City

Ample Hills Creamery | 200 Greene Street

Ample Hills Creamery

(Photo credit: @amplehills)

If your favorite part of a morning cup of joe is the jolt of caffeine, Ample Hills Creamery’s Coffee Toffee Coffee flavor is for you. As described on the store’s site, “Wake up and scoop the coffee!” because this caffeinated java ice cream is the real deal, made with both coffee extract and espresso powder – an ideal dessert for breakfast. Not to mention the delicious chocolate-covered toffee pieces that make this flavor even more cravable. And if you’re on the hunt for something sippable, Ample Hill’s ice cream-meets-espresso Awake Shake is the one for you. 

Angel’s Recipe Ice Cream & Crepes | 312 Central Avenue

Angel’s Recipe Ice Cream & Crepes is known for the hand-rolled ice cream, available in a coffee flavor called City of Angels. To upgrade from the no-frills, straightforward java taste, you can also get your coffee ice cream cone mixed with OREOs, toffee, or hot fudge. Take it up another notch by ordering an ice cream and crepe combo, adding coffee ice cream to one of the decadent crepes on the menu. 

Baskin-Robbins | 40 Journal Square

Baskin-Robbins’ are known for having no shortage of flavors, which means having a varied selection of coffee-flavored ice creams to choose from. For those whose go-to coffee shop order is a caramel macchiato, Baskin-Robbins has a namesake scoop that will bring the taste of your favorite morning brew to dessert. The ice cream shop also dishes out Jamoca ice cream, made with an exclusive blend of coffee, and a jazzed-up Jamoca Almond Fudge flavor that has a nutty, chocolatey twist. 

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Carvel | 219 West Side Avenue 


(Photo credit: @carvelicecream)

Soft serve, scoop, or shake, Carvel serves up the frozen coffee flavor in a few different ways. For when “iced coffee won’t cut it,” the franchise’s Coffee Thick Shake is described as “your daily mug in a handmade shake” on Carvel’s website. But if you’d rather enjoy your sweets with a spoon or in a cone, opt for either the scooped or soft-serve Cold Brew Coffee flavor. 

Milk Sugar Love | 19 McWilliams Place 

Milk Sugar Love |

(Photo credit: @milksugarlovejc

This JC sweet shop specializes in handcrafted ice cream made with organic ingredients, among other equally yummy treats. The Parlor Coffee Ice Cream is churned with a medium roast coffee blend, which you can also have sandwiched between two handmade chocolate chip cookies as part of the shop’s Coffee Chip Ice Cream Sandwich. 

Torico | 20 Erie Street 


(Photo credit: @toricoicecream

With more than 50 years in business, Torico has become known for its unique selection of homemade ice cream. When it comes to brew-inspired scoops, the shop has three options to choose from. There’s classic coffee ice cream, plus two variations of the standard: Coffee Cookies, which has Oreos mixed in, and Coffee Royale, blended with fudge. 


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