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All About 4A HPS at Sky Club Fitness Center in Hoboken

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If you’re new to working out, craving a new fitness routine, or simply need a little push — this one’s for you. Introducing Sean Light, the talent behind 4A Health & Performance Sciences {available at the Sky Club Fitness Center} with seven years of experience in professional sports training, including the Arizona Diamondbacks to the Los Angeles Lakers. Here’s more about 4A HPS:

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What is 4A HPS?

4A Health & Performance Sciences is the ultimate training and therapy experience. From therapeutic body treatments {massages and stretching} to killer personal training sessions, 4A HPS is focused on caring for your body using scientific and proven techniques.

Sean supports his clients across a variety of needs to best utilize his unique and scientific knowledge — from finding solutions for sleeping issues to building muscle and everything in between. 

About Sean

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His Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Masters in History are a far stretch from Sean’s passion for physical sciences. After stumbling upon an internship with the Staten Island Yankees {and his brother’s previous stint as a Major League pitcher}, he quickly developed a yearning to learn more about strength coaching.

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A strong migraine during his first Spring Training with the Arizona Diamondbacks proved to be the turning point in his career as “voodoo magic” {otherwise known as neuroscience} peaked his interest. Nowadays, understanding neuroscience is a huge deal and Sean’s experience in the field led him to be sought after by many professional teams. Strength and training started needing people like Sean that knew science, and he quickly jumped on the opportunity to travel around the country with the Los Angeles Lakers.

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Now settled back in Hoboken, his dynamic experience drives the success of his NYC and NJ business. He’s not willing to downgrade his service by hiring more people but does believe one day he will work to oversee trainers that have similar talents to him and treat clients with the same respect.

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When asked about the allure of working with professional athletes, Sean admits it was a great experience for him, but he prefers to help someone who is a “blank slate” and really make an impact on people’s lives. If a multi-million dollar professional athlete doesn’t want to do a squat, he’s not the type to force them to be better. To make the biggest impact, Sean likes to work across all ages: from elderly and wheelchair-bound folks who need reassurance in walking to young athletes trying to bulk up for college sports. His clients are now his fan base, and he supports them in whatever journey they are looking to conquer.

The Location

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Sean started 4A HPS across the Hudson in New York City {right outside of the World Trade Center PATH station} and soon expanded to a bigger space in the SkyClub Fitness and Spa. This newer location in downtown Hoboken {right outside the 2nd Street Light Rail Station} at 125 Marshall Street allowed Sean to expand beyond the “doctor’s office” vibes of his NYC therapy center, and begin gym-based recovery routines for his loyal clientele.

sky club fitness hoboken 2018

Did you know: back in 1999, the New Jersey Devils were planning to build their arena on the Hoboken waterfront. The gym at the SkyClub was built for the purpose of being the private training facility for the professional Hockey players, however, when the plans changed the giant space was reallocated towards the public. Translation: huge saunas, an indoor pool, a private sun deck, in-house daycare, yoga and spin studios plus rows of machines facing the NYC skyline — AKA the ultimate all-inclusive multi-purpose workout space.

Pricing & Packaging

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4A HPS is more than strength training in the giant gym space. Sean is a certified massage therapist and full-time trainer. He believes in providing unlimited restorative experiences and gives homework and exercises like a physical therapist would — but for much less money.

For $650 per month, Sean is personally dedicated to the physical health and well being of his clients. The fee includes full gym membership to SkyClub {see above perks} as well as an all-inclusive experience of unlimited massage and postural restoration therapy along with personal training: whichever you feel is more of a value for your personal needs. Some clients will come in for a quick massage after a long day, while others push themselves with weight lifting and cardio routines. He specializes in personal training {since everybody has different needs} but is open to group classes if you prefer to bring a friend.

sky club fitness hoboken 2018

Every month, Sean invests a portion of his fee back into his brand: providing free protein, Gatorade water bottles and sweat towels, along with Neuroroast coffee {which includes mushroom extract} for his clients, proving that his experience doesn’t stop with the workout.

Sean made it clear that he is available any time of day. As a native New Jersey resident, Sean knows how busy city-goers lives can be and he creates his experience around his clients. He is ready for his customers whenever, under any circumstance, it also helps that he lives around the corner in Hoboken. 

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We know you’re curious, so here’s a brief roster of the famous faces he’s worked with in his time with professional sports

— and let us tell you, not only is this list impressive but so are his results.

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