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Hudson Sport & Spine in Hoboken: Chiropractic + Physical Therapy {A Review}

by Danielle Lynch
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If there’s one thing team HG loves, it’s self-care. And luckily for Hudson County residents, there are so many places to pamper yourself — whether it’s going to one of the many chiropractors, acupuncturists, masseuses, or nail techs, we are surrounded by places where you can #treatyoself. Hudson Sport and Spine is one of those spots {offering physical therapy, acupuncture, massages, and chiropractic services} and we’re giving you the run-down from a patient’s point of view. 

hudson sport spine hoboken

Located at 70 Hudson Street, Suite 2B {just upstairs from our friends at Prime Cycle} Hudson Sport & Spine opened their doors in March of 2017 and haven’t come up for air yet. The practice serves over 200 patients a week and about 40 patients a day, but not to worry, they are flexible with appointments and you are not often {if ever!} kept waiting.

The facility is large enough to accommodate their patients but small enough where everyone knows your name {it’s the Cheers of chiropractics — yes, went there}. Hudson Sport & Spine is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary practice that features chiropractics, physical therapy, acupuncture, medical massage, and spinal decompression. Hoboken Girl contributor, Danielle, is a patient of Dr. Todd and is taking you behind the scenes of his practice and giving you an insider look at all it has to offer.

The Team

Dr. Todd, a licensed Chiropractor, founding partner, and Clinical Director of Hudson Sport and Spine has been a chiropractor since 2008. Prior to this, he served in a few private practices. He finally decided to open his own about a year and a half ago {and we are so thankful he did}. “It was always my goal to have my own practice but it takes some time to learn and prepare for that,” explained Dr. Todd as he humbly shared his dream with us. Why Hoboken, you ask? Well, for starters, why not? {It IS the greatest city this side of the Hudson}. Dr. Todd has always loved the energy and vibe of the Mile Square City so it only seemed right to be here.

hudson sport spine hoboken

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Working alongside him is a team of licensed and highly trained specialists in the field. Nidhi Vijay Mehta, board-certified Physical Therapist carries out the major PT needs of her patients. While working with Chelsea, the PT aide, she is able to create and implement treatment plans for a wide range of ailments. Michael Lee, nationally board certified acupuncturist and Chinese Herbologist treats patients using Chinese Medicine. We are all about natural self-care and Michael addresses a wide range of needs. Hudson Sport & Spine is also proud to feature Nelly, a licensed massage therapist to work in harmony with the other practitioners. Aida, Suzy, and Francesca are the #GirlBosses behind the practice that keep everything up and running smoothly. What a crew!


hudson sport spine hoboken

Hudson Sport and Spine treats a multitude of ailments ranging from neck, shoulder, low back, foot, elbow, jaw pain and also works to treat some not so visible ailments like headaches, mental health, and fertility. “It is convenient to have all of these practices under one roof. When someone has a condition, we can treat it all in one place,” explained Dr. Todd. “The more you can do with a patient, the better the results and the faster they can recover.” With all of the practitioners on the same page, you will be on the road to recovery faster than expected.

How They Work Their Magic

hudson sport spine hoboken

To start, Dr. Todd will begin with a free consultation and initial exam, complete with x-rays {his window into your spine}. From there, he will work with his team to develop the most effective and efficient treatment plan for you. Typically, this includes a combination of chiropractic treatments and physical therapy {stretching + strengthening exercises to improve overall posture and wellness}. From there, Dr. Todd and his team will move you forwards through your personalized program to achieve maximal recovery. “I love the combination of stim and hydro-massage on my lower back. It has gotten me back into optimal shape so I can continue training BJJ,” raved Ben Lynch, a patient at Hudson Sport & Spine. Trust us, the combination of treatments will have you feeling healthier in no time.

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The Verdict

There is nothing better than investing in your own self-care practice, whether you’re not feeling your best or are just looking for some preventative care. Hudson Sport & Spine is a natural method to health care and in today’s world, that’s all we are looking for — natural approaches to medicine without the use of drugs or invasive surgery. Be sure to make an appointment at the office and mention Hoboken Girl for your free consultation and 30-minute massage.

Have you ever been to Hudson Sport & Spine? Share with us in the comments below!

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