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Spa Day in NYC: Ancient AIRE Baths

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New York City is not known for being super relaxing {let’s be serious, the “city that never sleeps” by default shouldn’t be, most of the time} — especially midtown and downtown. But if you find yourself walking down the beautiful streets of TriBeCa in search of a respite from the hustle and bustle, it’s your lucky day {if you can get a reservation}. The Ancient AIRE Baths Spa is an amazing day-spa getaway that is literally in our backyard {and totally worth the trek to the city from New Jersey}.

With only six locations around the world, it’s not surprising that this amazing spa has an NYC location. Located at 88 Franklin Street in New York, any seasoned spa-goer will be thoroughly impressed. It’s legit an oasis. Here’s more about a recent visit:

spa new york city ancient aire baths

Located in a restored historical building {an old textile factory established in the 1880s}, AIRE is amazing from start to finish, including when you walk in. The lobby itself is something to write home about {or at least Instagram}. There are leather couches, a cathedral/industrial ceiling, and calming floors and furniture.

The Thermal Baths

Beyond the massage treatments, the AIRE Baths consists of variety of baths and pools at various temperatures. These mimic the ancient times of Roman, Greek, and Ottoman traditions.

But seriously tho. AMAZING.

A big draw for the AIRE baths is the Thermal Baths — some of which are filled with Himalayan Salt. This type of salt has a ton of benefits to the body: detoxifying the body by balancing systemic pH, providing trace minerals. reducing muscle cramps, and balancing blood sugar. Plus, you’ll be zen AF.

The Treatments

Once inside the spa locker rooms, you’ll be instructed to change into your bathing suit {you *must* bring one!}, and enjoy the thermal baths as you wait for your treatments. There are a select amount of treatments available, including just a thermal bath visit for two hours {most affordable at $ 96 per 2-hour session M-Th, or $106 Fri + Sat}.

A few of the amazing treatments we recommend {based on a visit from our team!}:

The Holistic Ritual

This high hydration experience includes exfoliation, massage, and a hair treatment. This includes the Ancient Thermal Bath circuit through baths at different temperatures {hot, cold, warm, ice} the jets bath, the Laconicum {Steam Room with aromatherapy}, and the Flotarium {Salt Water Bath} as well as the salt exfoliation area. The ritual includes a 60-minute body treatment with a 15-minute full-body exfoliation with a green tea and lime scrub and a 45-minute hydrating massage with green tea massage oil. Heaven, basically. {Author’s note: THIS WAS INSANELY AMAZING. Ask for masseuse Jenny!} $249

The Athlete

This is — you guessed it — ideal for anyone who has been exercising a ton. The deep massage alternates hot and cold sensations to activate circulation, promoting muscle recovery, and freeing up joints. Along with the massage, you’ll enjoy an Ancient Thermal Bath circuit through baths at different temperatures {hot, cold, warm, ice}, the jets bath, the Laconicum {Steam Room with aromatherapy}, and the Flotarium {Salt Water Bath} as well as the salt exfoliation area. Afterward, a 60-minute deep massage will help release tension, and then enjoy some different stretches and flexions that will mobilize muscles. $239

There are several other treatments, which can be found here.

All in all, the most relaxing zen day you could ever ask for — and right in our backyard. You’ll leave refreshed, relaxed. and rejuvenated, all in about two hours. Seriously, if you haven’t been you are in for a treat.

To get more info or book a session, call 646-878-6174. PS: This is *not* sponsored, just amazing.

Have you been to the Ancient AIRE Baths? What did you think?


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