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10 Outdoor Staycation Ideas in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Alexis Spoden
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With regulations easing a bit, locals are aching to get outside and hang with friends and take some personal time off. If your summer vacation had to be canceled or postponed — or you’re just not comfortable with travel yet, do not fret. We have compiled a list of socially distant staycation ideas to cap off the summer. 

Visit Liberty State Park

liberty state park jersey city

Liberty State Park with its 1,212 acres offers plenty of room for social distancing activities. Play a game of catch with family, take a stroll along the water, picnic in the park, or catch some rays with friends. Staycationers can capture gorgeous photos of both the Jersey City and NYC skylines, as well as extreme closeup shots of The Statue of Liberty. These stunning views never get boring, even for locals. 

Take a Citi Biking Tour Around Jersey City

A lot of ground can be covered while cycling and it’s great exercise. Luckily, there are 50 Citi Bike stations in Jersey City, and Citi Bike has put together a detailed route on its website that suggests riders begin their journey at the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway in Newport and end at Liberty State Park (for some sweeping views and lounging in the grass). The route takes riders all around the beautiful neighborhoods in Jersey City, with docking stations along the way. 

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Have a Picnic on the Pier

Pack a lunch, grab a friend or family member, and head to the pier for a socially distant picnic with a view. If the waterfront is too busy, there are a handful of parks around Hoboken + Jersey City that are open, as long as park-goers abide by social distancing guidelines and wear a mask when possible. PS: If you’re in need of some food for that picnic, check out our guide to food delivery here.

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Go for a Hike

hiking hoboken jersey city

Hiking is the perfect social distancing activity and there are a handful of beautiful trails on the border of New York and New Jersey to explore. Although these trails are not in Hudson County per se, they are only about an hour’s drive from Hoboken or Jersey City. The Lemon Squeezer on the Appalachian Trail, for example, is a great option for a fun experience that is not too difficult. Surprise Lake Loop near West Milford is great for hikers seeking more of a challenge with stunning views. 

Go Golfing

golf jersey city

Golfing is a great social distancing-friendly sport and luckily for residents, golf courses such as the Skyway Golf Course at Lincoln Park West have reopened. Back in May 2020, Governor Phil Murphy signed an executive order that permits county parks and golf courses to operate during this time. Clubhouses and restrooms remain closed and strict social distancing guidelines are to be followed. For a guide to golf ranges in the area that are also worth checking out, see here.

Play a Game of Tennis at the Park

lincoln park tennis

Lincoln and Braddock Parks are popular tennis courts in the area — as is Columbus Park. Locals that would like to use the parks for tennis must wear face masks and gloves while playing, and also must schedule a time slot by calling 201-362-8483. The courts are open daily from 8AM-8PM. For a list of other local tennis courts, see here.

Take a Pier 13 Food Truck Run

empanada guy pier 13 food

The pier is open but the food is a must-try. From Amanda Bananas to Gringos tacos, there are tons of great options parked conveniently together. However, Hoboken and Jersey City are no strangers to food trucks, and more have popped up over the years. For a guide to food trucks in the area, see here.

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Ice Cream Crawl

torico ice cream jersey city

Unlike many things, ice cream isn’t canceled this summer and Hoboken + Jersey City have plenty of shops to indulge. Favorite shops such as Milk Sugar Love and Torico are open for pickup and delivery. If you decide to hit up two spots in one day, no judgment here. Check out some of our favorite spots here and a guide to vegan frozen treats here.

Dine at a Local Parklet

charritos hoboken outdoor dining

Hoboken and Jersey City are packed with beautiful outdoor dining setups and parklets. Some restaurants have taken the opportunity to get creative and have really beautified the streets of the cities. For an ultimate guide to outdoor dining in Hoboken and Jersey City, see here.

Take a NYC Harbor Jet Ski Tour

nyc jet ski 2

(Photo credit: @nycjetski)

If there’s one thing that’s definitely social distancing-friendly, it’s being out on the water. This summer, take an NYC Harbor Jet Ski tour to explore the Hudson River — it’s a great way to get outside + be active while keeping your distance.


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