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Hoboken to Reopen Dog Parks Saturday, But Here Are Some Socially-Distanced Dog Training Tips No Matter Where You Are

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Socializing dogs and puppies during the global pandemic is very challenging. What would normally entail {pun intended} visiting crowded dog parks and interacting with other dog parents, any puppy socializing has come to a serious halt. However, there is hope!

Following the City of Hoboken’s decision to reopen dog parks on Saturday, May 30th {with social distancing guidelines in place, of course}, the possibility of taking your dog to a park again has become a reality.

Here’s what you need to know about the citywide reopening:

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The Reopening of Dog Parks

Hoboken residents, your dogs are in luck. On Saturday, May 3oth, Hoboken will be reopening dog parks throughout the city, according to its latest Nixle alert. But, since we are still living in the middle of a pandemic, a few guidelines will be in place, according to the City of Hoboken. Visitors of these parks must:

  • – Practice social distancing, as all dog owners must maintain at least six feet of separation at all times.
  • – Wear facemasks or covers at all times.

Additionally, all dogs visiting must be licensed with the City of Hoboken. To ensure that these requirements are met, City staff will be on hand at each park and each park will have capacity limits. The limits go as follows:

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  • – Church Square Park {Large Dog Run Capacity: 20 people, Small Dog Run Capacity: 10 people}
  • – Elysian Park {Dog Run Capacity: 15 people}
  • – Harborside Park [Dog Run Capacity: 15 people}
  • – Hudson Street {Large Dog Run Capacity: 10 people, Small Dog Run Capacity: 5 people}
  • – Stevens Park {Dog Run Capacity: 15 people}
  • – Southwest Park {Dog Run Capacity: 10 people}
  • – 14th Street Viaduct {Dog Run Capacity: 10 people. However, the Viaduct Dog Park will be closed when the adjacent COVID-19 testing center is open to the public from 8:00AM-4:00PM Monday – Friday and 8:00AM-12:00PM Saturday}
  • – Maxwell Park {East Dog Run Capacity: 5 people, West Dog Run Capacity: 5 people}

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How to Socialize, Even During a Pandemic

If dog parks aren’t your pup’s thing {or if your pup is young and/or dog parks are too overwhelming which happens frequently}, have no fear. We asked Joana Watsky of Sit and Stay Dog Training and Behavioral Counseling to teach us all how to socialize our four-legged, furry friends, even while social distancing — whether or not the dog parks are open. Here are her tips +tricks to help your dog become a well-adjusted member of the community.

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When it comes to training a puppy, the good news is that Hoboken and Jersey City — even during a pandemic — lend themselves to many different sights and sounds to help acclimate your new pup to new experiences.

Joanna recommends:

  • – If you have a puppy, sit outside with it and let it watch the world. Give the pup treats throughout to help it be a positive association with everything they’re seeing and hearing.
  • – If possible, go for a car ride to acclimate your dog to being in the car. 
  • – Let your pup meet other dogs on your walks while social distancing and try to arrange as many playdates as possible with like-minded pups with similar temperaments.

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  • – When your dog meets new people, encourage him/her verbally, and give the dog treats so that they have a positive association with meeting your neighbors. {Please note that you are giving the pup treats, not the people they are meeting, of course!}
  • – Teaching your dog basic training cues will develop communication, nurture your relationship with your dog, and build their confidence. 
  • – Reward-based positive training is the most effective way to teach your dog.
  • The mantra is: Don’t correct, redirect; don’t punish, teach.

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Socialization includes environmental stimuli as well as connecting with other dogs and people, and in the end, it all adds to a well rounded and happy dog.


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