The Cuddly Cottage Shares Tips on Finding a Dog Walker Locally

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Hoboken is a community with as many dogs as people {or so it feels — not complaining}. And with a lot of dogs come many options for pet care services, including walkers, sitters, and trainers. Finding the right person {or team of people} to be trusted with your furry friend can be difficult — it’s great to have so many dog-loving businesses in town, but it’s a big deal to allow someone into your home and your dog’s heart. Enter The Cuddly Cottage: a pet sitting + dog walking company owned and operated by two Hoboken locals {and dog owners} who base their services on what they would want for their own pets. And, they are offering our readers a special discount to their online store, The Cuddly Boutique. Keep reading to hear their tips on how to find the right pet care + check out an exclusive discount!

About The Owners of The Cuddly Cottage

Kimberley and Tom Bueno-Schonig left their financial services jobs and started helping their neighbors who were struggling to find professional and family-focused care for their pets. They ended up starting The Cuddly Cottage in 2018 to provide the community with a high-quality, full-service partner for all pet care needs. They launched their online pet store, The Cuddly Boutique, in December 2019 so that pet owners can also have easy access to pet toys, clothes, and accessories. The Cuddly Cottage is based in Uptown Hoboken and sees clients all over town {including our founder Jen’s two pups!}.

Kimberley and Tom know that not their services might not be a fit for every client, so they’ve partnered with other local, reputable businesses to offer each pet parent who reaches out to them additional resources. Whether you need a trainer, the best spot to buy some much-needed items, or are looking for a different walking schedule, The Cuddly Cottage can recommend someone. You can check out all the businesses they recommend + partner with by heading to their website.


The Cuddly Cottage offers more than just dog walking services and cares for animals of many species. From hamsters to dogs, the team at the Cuddly Cottage treats their clients’ pets like family, providing peace-of-mind and a great time for your pet. 

Their services include:

  • Dog walking
  • Residential daycare
  • Residential overnight boarding
  • Small animal drop-in
  • Special services for weddings, parties, and whatever might come up

Tips on Finding A Great Dog Walker 

Kimberley and Tom know first-hand what goes into finding the perfect person to care for your little {or big} bestie. Below are a few tips that will help you in the search to find the perfect pet care provider. 

Ask Your Community 

If your neighbors have dogs, ask them who they use and what their experiences have been. If you don’t feel comfortable asking or using their recommendations, there are local community groups online. Tom and Kimberley run the Facebook group Hoboken Dog Lovers that has about 800 members, all from Hudson County. The group loves to offer recommendations and share advice on selecting pet care services. You can also interview pet care providers by asking the right questions. Talk to them about their training methodologies, how many dogs they care for, if you’ll get updates after the walks, if they will give water and food (as needed), and even if they are available for last-minute or emergency walks. 

Set Up a Meet + Greet

It’s always best to do a meet and greet with your walker {and their team, if applicable} so that both parties feel comfortable about the arrangement and your dog can meet their new {potential} BFF. If the company you decide to work with has several walkers, try to meet anyone who may need to cover your dog’s walks in the event of a sick day or vacation time.

Have Back-Up

Always have a few back-up service providers in case your primary pet sitter is fully booked or unavailable when you need coverage. Most pet care companies in Hudson County are small businesses operated by a local team, so there is a limit to how many pets they can care for each day. Having a back-up person or company for those last-minute requests can save you stress and worry when it comes to who will be caring for your furry bestie. 

Exclusive Discount for Hoboken Girl Readers

Hoboken Girl readers can enjoy 10% off their first order at The Cuddly Boutique using the coupon code “HobokenGirl” at checkout + will get free hand delivery for any orders in Hoboken. 

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