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Seazen: All Natural Soap + Skincare Based In Hoboken

by Alexis Spoden
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Everyone deserves to indulge in self-care and treat themselves every once in a while, and that is exactly the attitude that Seazen Soap wants to instill in their customers. Seazen Soap is a handmade soap and skincare brand based out of Hoboken, and owned by local, Chisako {Chisa} Liu. Each product is handmade by Chisa from the highest-quality ingredients, and meticulously thought-out to provide something customers will love. Find out how Chisa quit her corporate job in the fashion industry to pursue a passion for wellness, with Seazen Soap. Read on to learn all about Seazen — all-natural + handmade soap and skincare products based in Hoboken. 

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The Background

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Chisa, owner and founder of Seazen Soap, stumbled into the wellness industry by fate. She worked as an executive at a private label apparel company for over thirty years. The fast-paced and stressful nature of the fashion industry started to take a toll on Chisa, and it all became quite physically and emotionally draining. “I wasn’t enjoying it anymore,” Chisa explained. “I worked very long and hard hours, and my body was giving me the signs.” Chisa felt as if she had failed in her career, but at the same time, she knew she needed to give herself permission to rest and the time to ponder on what she really wanted to do.

The idea of making soap came to Chisa out of the blue. She thought it would be a rewarding career path, both therapeutic for herself and beneficial for others. Chisa didn’t have a passion for the business of fashion anymore but still had a passion to create and design. Serendipitously, the very next day, Chisa’s daughter called her and told her that she should start making soap. Chisa believes that the universe works to guide people toward their purpose, and at that moment, she knew this was hers. 

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The Products

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Seazen’s assortment consists of handmade soaps, body butters, CBD creams, and all-natural deodorant. “My products are made especially for hard-working women. They forget to take time for themselves.” Chisa tells us. “Take time for yourself, and smell the aroma, make time to heal and love yourself,” she advocates.

The most popular product sold at Seazen are her soaps, but the CBD salves follow close behind. There are currently three CBD creams in the assortment {Freedom, Vibrant, and Ease}, and Chisa will be coming out with a fourth in the fall, which will be a stronger, more potent CBD cream called Freedom Plus.

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Soaps range from around $8-$10, CBD creams {which contain about 220mg of CBD} are about $40, and body butters are $18. 

The products “have a healing energy,” Chisa explains. It is therapeutic for her to create, and also has healing properties for consumers who use the products.

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The Details

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Seazen Soap can be purchased online or at several boutiques and shops around Hoboken including Willow Rose, One Sol, Unique Flower, Zen Space and a few soaps at Urban Souls. Chisa also occasionally will have pop-ups at the Hoboken Anthropologie and West Elm. Check out the Seazen Soap Instagram @seazensoap or online at www.seazensoap.com for more information and details on when and where the next pop-up will be held. 

For those in need of a gift, or better yet, for those in need of a little self-love, indulge in one of Seazen Soap’s luxurious, handmade products. 

Have you purchased one of Seazen’s products? Tell us what you bought in the comments!

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