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Salvation Wellness: A CBD Apothecary + Wellness Studio in JC

by Alexis Spoden
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Wellness is a concept that has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. People now more than ever are more in tune with their health and well-being, and more willing to invest their time and money into self-care. For some, wellness is about incorporating mindfulness and meditation into their lifestyle, for others, it may be getting a facial or pedicure once a month. At Salvation Wellness, it is about a holistic approach to body care and holistic healing from the inside out. With so many great wellness services such as meditation classes, an infrared sauna, CBD massages, and more, clients will walk out feeling refreshed, relaxed, and detoxed. Read on to take a look inside this one-stop-shop for all things wellness and relaxation in downtown Jersey City.

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The Background

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Salvation Wellness originally began as a therapeutic massage studio called Knead. Owner and founder, Ceallaigh {Kia} Pender, opened Knead in November of 2016, where the Salvation Wellness retail shop is located now. Along with being a massage therapist and movement specialist, Caellaigh is also an herbalist and aromatherapist, so she would create bespoke products such as oils and salves for her clients based on their needs and ailments. The results of the products were so extraordinary that clients would tell their friends, and the business grew so much through word of mouth that she decided to make her own product line. 

Ceallaigh later met her husband, Andres, who was working in the cannabis industry at the time. It was a match made in heaven, and perfect timing as CBD was just starting to become legalized. They joined forces and began working on incorporating CBD into their product line, testing the products on family and friends. 

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“The very first product that Andres and I made together was a CBD salve for my dad, who has two replaced hips, three replaced knees, and two replaced shoulders. He now doesn’t take any pain meds because of this product we made for him.” Ceallaigh explained.

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With their growing business, and expanding product assortment, they felt that the name “Knead” was too limiting, so they decided to re-brand. Fun fact, Ceallaigh’s dad helped to come up with the name for Salvation Wellness. Because it was the “salve” that saved him and helped his ailments, her dad called it a “salvation,” and a lightbulb went off. They re-branded to Salvation Wellness in January 2019. 

The Services

All of Salvation Wellness’ services are available at their 190 Christopher Columbus Drive location, around the corner from their retail shop on Jersey Avenue. The most popular service is their hour-long CBD Massage, at $145. It’s a five-step service utilizing CBD tinctures, salves, creams, and oils specifically for different areas and needs of the body, and at the end, customers leave with a CBD protein bar. Salvation Wellness also offers several other massage services including Swedish, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, cupping, reflexology, reiki, and more. Ceallaigh trains each therapist herself and is very picky about who she chooses to come on board, as she wants to ensure each staff member can bring something truly special to the company.

Massage prices go as follows: 

  • Custom Massage – $60 for 30 minutes, $110 for one hour, and up to $225 for two hours
  • CBD Massage – $95 for 30 minutes, $145 for an hour, and $205 for 90 minutes
  • Assisted Stretching – $80
  • Lymphatic Drainage – $70
  • Cupping – $65
  • Thai Massage – $175
  • Shiatsu – $110 for one hour, and $170 for 90 minutes

Class prices go as follows:

  • Movement Classes – $35 drop-in, $120 4-pack, and $224 eight-pack
  • Meditation Classes – $15 drop-in, $48 4-pack, and $80 eight-pack.

Salvation Wellness also offers an infrared sauna experience, which can be paired with a massage, meditation, or enjoyed on its own. A 30-minute private session starts at $30 and can be enjoyed with a friend or partner at an extra $5. For even more relaxation, get a CBD add-on for $10. 

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There are also membership packages available for repeat clients. A 60-minute massage membership is $90 billed monthly, or a 90-minute massage membership is $150 billed monthly. These memberships include 5% off all saunas, classes, and products. The studio also offers a $20 discount on any service of an hour or over when customers pay in cash, so take advantage of that.

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The Products

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Salvation Wellness’ shop is located at 521 Jersey Avenue. Their retail store location sells a variety of essential oils, CBD products, and more at great prices. Their CBD Roll-On, designed to help with pain, migraines, tension, swelling, depression, and arthritis, is $28. The famous CBD Salve that helped Ceallaigh’s dad is $30, and is meant to ease inflammation and help with cellular recovery, scar formation, wound healing, and pain. Other products in their assortment include CBD organic soaps, creams, salt soaks, protein bars, and essential oils sourced from family-owned farms. Each product is carefully designed, sourced, and tested. “We worked really hard to make sure that each product is good for the majority of clients,” Ceallaigh explains. 

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Whether someone is in need of some relief or just relaxation, Salvation Wellness offers several unique and innovative services. There is something for everyone and for every budget. For those who want to participate in wellness but don’t want to break the bank, they can try the infrared sauna experience, a custom 30-minute massage, or purchase one of their amazing products. 

Have you been to Salvation Wellness? Tell us about your experience below! 

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