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How To Get Your Steps in on The Hoboken Waterfront

by Brittany Butryn
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We’ve all been there. We make resolutions that are way too lofty or completely unachievable and here we stand mid-way through January ready to throw the whole thing out the window. But if getting more exercise was one of your goals for the new year, we’re here with a solution that will get you moving with something you’re already doing – enjoying Hoboken. If you’re busy (who isn’t?), or not feeling the gym, or were turned off by that new cross-sum-pilates class, walking is a free alternative that provides beautiful scenery, fresh air, and requires no equipment. No matter where you live in Hoboken, there are plenty of opportunities to get your steps in from one milestone to another – and this time, we’re covering the waterfront. Read on for how to get your steps in around Hoboken.


Like any regular Saturday in Hoboken, we fueled up for our walk with the Saturday special at Fiore’s – a roast beef and mutz sandwich. Then, it was time to get our steps in. Starting from Fiore’s, we tracked our steps to each Hoboken milestone below:

Fiore’s to Church Square Park — 484 steps

Along this walk, we passed Grand Vin and The Mustard Seed school on our way to the charming Church Square Park.

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Church Square Park to Hoboken Terminal —  1,431 steps

From the park we walked along Washington Street and stopped at Pour Amor coffee shop for a delicious Ube Latte.


Hoboken Terminal to Pier A (around the loop) — 826 steps

The scenery of Manhattan and the One World Trade Center here is jaw-dropping and hard to beat.

HG pro tip: to keep track of your progress, track your steps either on a steps-tracking app or on your smartwatch. Whichever is your preference, tracking your steps can help you reach small goals without it feeling like too much work.

hoboken waterfront

Pier A to Pier C (walking through/around it) — 662 steps

Pier C to Maxwell Park — 1,358 steps

Along this walk you will pass the Frank Sinatra statue, Blue Eyes, and more beautiful scenery of Manhattan from across the water. You can also get your steps in by participating in The Sinatra Walking Tour, which you can learn more about here.

Your step goals are up to you. Start small by making your goal a minimum of 1,000 steps a day. As each week goes on, make those goals higher and higher to keep track of your progress.

sinatra statue

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Maxwell Park to Pier 13 — 450 steps

pier 13

Pier 13 to Viaduct — 1,163 steps

In the midst of our everyday busy lives, we can forget how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place where we have the opportunity to walk so much and get in physical activity just by going to work or walking from one place to another. If you are intentional about your walking, you can meet and make your own personal fitness goals while doing it. With the view of the New York skyline, walking is enjoyable with a good podcast or music playing all while getting your steps in for the day.

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