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Read My Lips: A Conversation with Hoboken’s Kashmere Danny

by Danielle Farina
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Danny Murphy, a Hoboken resident better known as Kashmere Danny, describes himself as an expert in being silly — and if you’re familiar with his social media pages, you know that title is well-deserved. Since he first joined TikTok in 2020, Danny has become something of a sensation through his eyes-on-drinks videos (he’s workshopping that name) where he effectively pretends to be inanimate objects. A career highlight: “POV, your third glass of wine ruining your life.” His content is equal parts ridiculous and relatable, which in the social media universe, is the perfect equation. Despite Danny’s viral success, social media is only one of many avenues he hopes to conquer throughout his career. Currently, he’s also a host of two podcasts. A true “Jersey boy forever,” Danny finds a lot of inspiration — inside + outside of social media — in Hoboken and his local community. The Hoboken Girl was lucky enough to chat with Danny about his career thus far + life in Hoboken. Read on for our interview with Danny Murphy, the personality behind viral sensation Kashmere Danny. 

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HG: Where are you originally from? Where do you live now?

DM: I’m originally from Cranford, NJ! So a Jersey boy forever — but did spend a few years across the river in the Bronx (I went to Fordham University) and also Brooklyn. And I now live in Southwest, Hoboken. 

HG: Tell us about your journey as a comedian. Was there a specific moment when you realized your sense of humor could turn into your career?

DM: I feel there was no major moment where a light bulb went off, which is almost a good thing! Because I felt for a while I kept waiting for a sign or like, literally Jerry Seinfeld to bump into me on the street and be like “wait, you’re so funny…!”

But then I realized that after a lot of thinking about doing it, I should just start doing it or else I never will. 

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HG: Weird question, we know… but would you consider yourself an influencer?

DM: Omg not weird at all — a very 2023 question! I honestly don’t just because I feel influencers know how to make their candles not smudge on the sides and have morning routines that don’t involve shouting at their alarm clock. Plus, I feel an influencer‘s goal is to help their audience find a new product/trick/thing to help them in life — my goal is to always just make whoever sees something I post laugh and feel a little bit better that day. Because I’m not really an expert on anything besides being… silly? I guess?  All of this is to say, if you’re a skincare influencer, please tell me what products I should be buying!


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HG: Is there anything about the media world — whether that’s brands or people — that has surprised you?

DM: I definitely did get surprised at first at how collaborative so many people are in the media space. I mean, ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ is an iconic film, but I feel def made my entire generation think that working in the world of media was a little cutthroat — but hasn’t been my experience at all. I have been on the sending and receiving end of a DM to ask for help and it 99.9% always goes well and smoothly. 

Oh also, I have been surprised at how many events are just like always happening in the city… like brands love a passed apps moment! I should clarify that I know that from following brands on Instagram, not because I’m constantly invited to events. I’m mainly on my couch (which I do love!) 

HG: At what point did you become aware of your following? Did your approach to social media change?

DM: I feel as for a lot of people creating content online, I definitely saw an increase during 2020 when there was nothing to do but stay inside and be on TikTok/Instagram. And since I am desperately looking for moisturizer recs (again, influencers, help me out) I am of the age where I didn’t totally understand TikTok at first. I was posting videos but didn’t really engage with them until I looked and was like ‘oh wait, what is going on?!’ and realized people were sharing my eyes-on-drinks videos (TBH i still don’t know what to call those). 

It changed my approach to social media because, at the time, I felt I didn’t really have a creative outlet in a professional way. So it definitely made me take social media more seriously as a creator — to brainstorm and post content more regularly. At that time too, it also made me think about how I could use my growing following to help increase my other career goals of hosting and creating things for larger audiences. 


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HG: How do you block out negativity you might get from the internet? How do you cope with it?

DM: Shout out to everyone who says don’t read the comments, because I read all of them. Mainly because most of them are nice or spam! I feel I block out the negativity the same way I also force myself to have a balance with the Internet: going on nice coffee walks (usually to Mojo Coffee) or going out to dinner with friends and realizing the online world is just one part of the world and not the entire thing. 

HG: Where do you draw inspiration for content? How do you keep it fresh?

DM: If you find the answer to this, could you let me know? I feel every video I post I think this is the video where everyone will get tired of this haha. I definitely feel getting out and about helps me get more inspired, though… because eavesdropping is my favorite activity. I also used to be so stressed about making sure I posted multiple times a week, but now I’m kind of in a vibe where I’m doing a lot of different things professionally, so I try to post only when actually inspired by a pop culture event, holiday, or thing that I just thought up that got me very excited. 

HG: Your mouth-style (let’s call it that) videos are your trademark. Which was the first one you ever made? Which do you find the funniest?

DM: Omg honored!!! The first one I made I legit remember — like September 2020 and it was your third glass of wine ruining your life. And I think it literally was inspired by the fact that I mean, who wasn’t talking to their wine during the height of the pandemic? And also I have no rhythm so couldn’t do TikTok dances… 

@kashmeredanny TEXT HIM!!! #iamlost #winetime #timetowine #exhumor ♬ original sound – DANNY MURPHY

The funniest ooh… Okay I’m not sure about that but I feel the one I did this past summer as the Aperol Spritz everyone is drinking in Europe is coming to mind the most. HOW WAS EVERYONE IN EUROPE LAST SUMMER?!

HG: Before you record the videos do you prep/write a script?

DM: I feel this happens a lot for people, but the ones that I do spend time writing out and thinking about always do okay, but then the ones I do when I think of it quickly and just kind of improv take off so much more. So to answer your question: I try to prep and plan stuff out as much as I can!

HG: What do you think sets you apart from other influencers/content creators?

DM: There are a lot of great influencers and content creators out there that I look up to and also follow just for entertainment/tips, and I feel what sets me apart from some of them may be that I don’t take it as seriously for better or for worse as others do. I’ve never once thought of doing it as a full-time thing, both because I love health insurance and also have other career goals I want to achieve in addition to online content. So I feel that may give me a more relaxed, fun vibe here and there since I’m not dependent on content for a monetary reason! Plus… I legit shout into my phone pretending to be an iced coffee. I think that’s pretty unique. 

HG: You host two podcasts. Tell us a little more about them — when did they first launch? What types of topics do you cover?

DM: Ah this question ties in perfectly to the above one, because hosting is definitely an avenue I hope to continue growing in. I host two podcasts, the first is ‘Not Another True Crime Podcast’ with Betches Media! I co-host that with Sara Levine, and have been covering true crime documentaries, scams, crimes, and more since 2019. We’re essentially your group chat in podcast form of how you would unpack/talk about these stories.

The second podcast I do, ‘Virtual Reali-Tea’ is on Page Six and I co-host that with Evan Real. It’s been amazing to grow that out since we started it in 2021 as a video series — to what it is now: an audio/video podcast where we get to talk to Housewives and reality TV stars each week (heaven!). We’ve gotten great exclusives, have had so many fun interviews, and even put on some sold-out live shows at City Winery. I’m basically the Hoboken Housewife whisperer — which is sort of a dream!  


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HG: Tell us something about yourself that we wouldn’t know by looking at your social media.

DM: I feel no one knows that I’m a vegetarian who doesn’t drink! But I swear I’m fun to go to dinner with. I stopped drinking last year because hangovers as you get older turn into three-act dramatic plays, and thankfully soo many Hoboken bars/restaurants have great mocktails! And vegetarian food!

HG: What are some of your favorite local businesses?

  • Favorite restaurant? Northern Soul!! I live *very* close to it, and the staff there feels like a family — it’s always a fun time there for whatever vibe you want: trivia, chill bar time, family dinner, etc. Their sweet chili cauliflower bites? Sent from above. Also, Annie + Em’s Bakery is where I go whenever  I need a sweet treat for a party (or myself… cause a party for one also needs brownies). 
  • Favorite coffee shop? I think this needs to go to MOJO! It was the first coffee shop I went to when I moved here in 2021 and it was love at first sight. I always get the same drink: large cold brew, black – but I may need to try one of their fun custom ones soon. 
  • Favorite local bar? Stingray Lounge makes me feel very chic, which is saying something since I don’t eat seafood or drink cocktails. But they have a delish mocktail and fries (my love language) and I feel it’s a great date spot. Let it be known I’ve never gone on a date there, but what I mean by that is I like watching who I think is there on a first date. 

HG: How, if at all, does living in Hoboken influence your content?

DM: Hoboken helps me get inspired because it’s an equal mix of fun people out, so you see so many slices of life while going about your day/night. A group of people walking with sunglasses on and holding large Dunkin iced coffees? Okay, it may be time to do an iced coffee judging your hangover vid. And I also love the little pockets of quiet areas Hoboken has to kind of relax and just brainstorm. 

HG: What is one thing about Hoboken that you didn’t know you needed until you moved here?

DM: I literally didn’t know the Light Rail was a thing, and now I take it like once or twice a week at minimum. It helps me get to my gym (the aisles of Target) very easily. 


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HG: What does a typical day look like for you?

DM: Coffee always is at the start of my day/life. If I’m out of beans in my apt, I’ll run to Mojo for work-from-home days or grab Joeboken before getting on the PATH train to my office. From there, I do like to brainstorm content if I’m posting a personal video that day and get it up before I need to start my job at 9AM. From then on, I either am prepping for an interview, making a podcast outline, watching an episode of Housewives (for work, I know!) or just playing around on Zillow because looking at houses is my fav activity. After work, I’m either: crying while taking a hard-but-amazing class at The Drip, losing at Tuesday trivia at Northern Soul, ordering takeout from Precious/Robongi/GreekTown, or watching a British TV show (BritBox has changed my life). 

HG: What challenges have you had to overcome?

DM: I feel I did have a struggle trying to find how to balance everything in my life, because I am someone who instead of removing something from the plate, just piles it on (that’s me with responsibilities and also at buffets). I’ve since been better at forcing myself to do some self-care (hi, monthly massages, and monthly membership to The Drip) and also making myself have some fun dinners or coffee hangs with friends during the week.  

HG: What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own platform?

DM: *Don’t sue me Nike* Just do it! Find what works for you (i.e. what you enjoy doing) and just put it out there. I’ve been putting content out there since like… 2016, which feels crazy, but not really because back then I was putting it out there just for like, my mom to like on Instagram. But having that foundation of putting in the effort for it really helped me get into the routine of thinking creatively! And also something I tell myself: if you enjoyed creating the content, it doesn’t matter how it does. Because you had fun doing it! 

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HG: What do you think are the next steps for you + your brand?

I would love to continue to grow my hosting experience for sure. As somehow who talks weekly about pop culture and also news/crazy crime stories, I’d love to bring that expertise to different mediums and larger audiences. I’ve started to do some spots on TV as an expert in those fields, which has been so exciting! Also some comedians dream of having a Netflix special… I will reach my peak when I host a cooking or house competition show. Just putting that out there! 

And the steps to do all of that, I feel just continue focusing on the work I enjoy doing and putting out quality content each week. I feel we are always taught to constantly look for the next thing you need to accomplish, but this year I am definitely focusing on just enjoying/celebrating where I’ve gotten to so far! 

HG: Anything else you want to share about Hoboken, your platform, or yourself?

DM: Ooh, I would love to shout out some fellow Hoboken people I love both online AND IRL! Danielle Tullo and I met while working back in the day, and she is definitely my go-to person when I have any questions about Hoboken (or anything). I also love my fellow Betches fam Nicole Pellegrino, who is so funny. I also always go to HashtagFoodPic’s whenever I have no clue what to order for dinner and I couldn’t talk about Hoboken without mentioning the weather king: Anthony Crouchelli who always makes me want a Dunkin iced coffee and also reminds me that I should be working out. Plus, HobokenGossip is hysterical.

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