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10 Must-Try Coffee Shops in North Bergen, Union City, + West New York

by Yarleen Hernandez
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The days are getting shorter + colder which means we could all use an extra jolt of local coffee goodness to keep us warm and get us through the day. There’s no better way to get our coffee fix than by supporting local shops in the North Hudson County area. Espresso aficionados will be delighted to know that there are coffee shops aplenty to choose from — here are some of our favorite, unique, local coffee shops in North Bergen, Union City, and West New York to get your next Cup O’ Joe. 

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North Bergen

Blanc New York Bakery & Cafe {7911 Bergenline Avenue} 

A hidden gem in North Bergen, the bakery and cafe is well-known for its sweet pastries, but it’s the delicious coffee that makes this spot absolutely worth trying. Full of bold flavor, Blanc’s coffee not only packs a punch but is delightfully smooth as well. Blanc also offers custom-made birthday cakes.

Sweets & Cortaditos {7700 Bergenline Avenue}

Sweets & Cortaditos

{Photo credit: Sweets & Cortaditos}

If you’re looking for traditional, Cuban espresso and sweet treats while you’re on the go, look no further than Sweets & Cortaditos. The slogan is “a unique Cuban experience” and you’re sure to find that here. The signature “Cortadito” is the perfect energy booster. The “tres leches” and Cuban Sandwich are both delectable. It also offers catering services.

Trova Cuban Cafe {7723 Bergenline Avenue}

trova cuban cafe

{Photo credit: Trova Cuban Cafe}

Trova’s decor and warmth perfectly embody all of the elements of authentic Cuban culture and mentally transports you to the enchanting island. The classic restaurant and cafe filled the dining room with inspirational quotes and expressions, with one being a popular Spanish proverb: “barriga llena, corazón contento” which translates to “full bellies, happy hearts”, can’t argue with that! 

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Union City 

ispresso {4701 Park Avenue} 

ispresso cafe

{Photo credit: @ispressoatpark}

Pre-pandemic, ispresso was always bustling with people, especially on the weekends—It’s no surprise why. The popular coffee joint feels intimate, yet, welcoming when you first step inside. Words of wisdom: the Brooklyn “pour over” coffee is a favorite, and is deliciously smooth. With a massive bookshelf filled with an assortment of reads and shelf space, the coffee shop also regularly features artwork from local artists. 

Merge Cafe {4605 Park Avenue}

Merge Cafe

{Photo credit: @mymergecafe}

Merge Cafe offers a full lunch and dinner menu. The Caffe Latte is worth trying, and the Lavazza drip coffee tastes great black, an awesome choice if you want to cut back on adding milk and sugar. The Veggie Caprese sandwich is an appetizing option for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

Recoleta Bakery {3403 Bergenline Avenue}


Recoleta is Union City’s very own authentic Argentine coffee shop and bakery. The cappuccinos come highly recommended, and the fruit tarts are the perfect complimentary tasty treat. The staff is welcoming and friendly, which is always nice to see, and extensive seating is a plus. 

West New York

Bobaloca Bubble Tea and Coffee House {6103 Bergenline Avenue}

Bobaloca Bubble Tea

This fairly new coffee house offers unique and authentic Taiwanese bubble teas and coffee. You have the option to build your own bubble tea or choose a favorite like the Iced Coconut Milk Tea with Pineapple Jelly. The Mango Mousse cake is also a great, fruity dessert. 

Havana on the Hudson {5700 Hudson Avenue}

Havana on the Hudson

With an accent wall decorated in old-school newspaper ads and pictures of Cuba, Havana on the Hudson {a nod to Northern Hudson County’s nickname} offers strong espresso and traditional Cuban pastries. The decadent “pastelito de guayaba y queso” is a must-try, along with a “café con leche.”

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Laisha’s Coffee Shop {5316 Park Avenue}

A staple in West New York, Laisha’s Coffee Shop has served the community {primarily the students and faculty of Memorial High School} for over a decade. This is the perfect place to grab a bold cup of coffee if you’re on the go. The shop also offers a full breakfast and lunch menu.

Parker {6504 Park Avenue} 


A favorite among locals, Parker is the ideal coffee shop to go for a pick-me-up. A Pumpkin Latte pairs perfectly with the raspberry chocolate cake. Parker usually features paintings from local artists. It has an expansive seating area and a beautiful patio with string lights that give off cozy vibes. 


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