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The Best Running Paths in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Risha Jagadish
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From marathon enthusiasts to treadmill lovers to new runners, there is a scenic route for everyone in Hoboken and Jersey City. With endless views of the Hudson River and Manhattan skyline, the paths around the Hudson and Gold Coast are so picturesque they can almost make one forget how long the run has lasted {which is all we really want!}. Running is like a meditation on the go with numerous health benefits, and also gives a great chance to build social circles via running clubs and marathon prep teams — as well as catch up on listening to podcasts or just listening to the thoughts in one’s own mind. So it’s time to lace up those sneakers, lather on some sunscreen, and get ready for the endorphins to kick in. Read along to discover the best running paths in Hoboken and Jersey City.


Pier A Park {100 Sinatra Drive}

Pier A Park is a local favorite spot for obvious reasons. The green grass, pretty views, and wide running tracks make it an ideal spot to burn some calories. If you were waiting for a sign to start running, then let this be it. It is a great option for early runners to make pit stops along the way and benefit from the cool breezes of the Hudson River.

Maxwell Place Park {11th Sinatra Drive North}

Maxwell Place Park

Located in uptown Hoboken, Maxwell Place Park not only boasts an epic view of the Empire State Building but also has a waterfront walkway, mini beach area, a playground, and a dog park. There are several piers lining the park that make it ideal to run long distances. Bonus Tip: There is a tree log right up front by the water, which is a great spot to relax after a long run or even just meditate to the sounds of the river.

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Jersey City

Washington Street 

Washington Street 

It’s probably time to ditch the headphones and head for a run along one of the most vibrant and lively streets in Hoboken. It has enough activity going on to keep one inspired along the run. We recommend running early in the morning when there is less vehicle and foot traffic not only does this ensure a good workout but also helps gather inspiration for weekend plans along the way. 


Weehawken Waterfront Park {1 Port Imperial Boulevard}

The Hoboken to Weehawken running track by the water is less crowded and quiet. There is a designated track for running, so it’s perfect to get all the miles in without any interruptions. The perk to taking this track is that it ultimately leads to Whole Foods Market.

Jersey City

100 Steps {Mountain Road}

100 steps hoboken jersey city

When it comes to a real challenge, this running path is surely it. Starting on 14th Street and Grand in Hoboken and running along the viaduct in the backend of Hoboken leads you to 100 steps. These steps connect Jersey City Heights with Paterson Plank Road near the Hoboken light rail station. While running up these stairs may sound daunting, the views surely make up for it {and your body will thank you for the workout}.

Colgate Clock

Colgate Clock

The Colgate Clock is an octagonal clock facing the Hudson River near Exchange Place in Jersey City. It is right beside the Goldman Sachs building and has a long-running path. There are parts of the Pier that extend further into the Hudson and are a great way to squeeze in some stretching and workout along the Hudson River waterfront walkway.

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Liberty State Park {200 Morris Pesin Drive}

liberty state park history 1

This park is a breath of fresh air, thanks to the greenery and gorgeous views of the Statue of Liberty. Not only is it every Instagrammers dream but also every runner’s dream, as it tends to be less crowded in early mornings and is a great way to get your mileage in.

Newport Waterfront

Newport Waterfront

Newport’s waterfront is another great location on the list. Runners can start from Hoboken Path station and weave their way around the well-laid out paths across Newport. The high-rise residential buildings coupled with views of New York and Hoboken’s clock tower make it worthwhile. Those keen on turning this into an extended run can also head to Colgate Clock in Jersey City along the same route.


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