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How to Spend a Day in the West Village, NYC

by Risha Jagadish
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Facts first. We love Hoboken! But when the concrete jungle is a train ride away, it’s only fair to explore, revisit, and enjoy every bit of this island. One can literally spend a lifetime in New York and find something new to do each day. Tucked along the Hudson River and lined with beautiful houses and cobblestone streets,  the West Village is one of the most prized possessions of New York City for all the right reasons. Read along to discover what to do if you happen to find yourself in the West Village neighborhood — and yes, we realize this is *just* the tip of the iceberg of exploration.

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How to Get There

One of the best parts about West Village is the short commute time from Hoboken and Jersey City. It’s a short drive {28 minutes} through Holland Tunnel, and public transport is an easy commute too.

Hop on at the Hoboken Path or one of the stations in Jersey City {Newport, Grove Street, Exchange Place, or Journal Square} and hop off at Christopher Street or 9th Street station and begin exploring.

For A Stroll

Hudson River Park {Hudson River Greenway, New York, NY}

There’s some solace in being around the water, and catching a gorgeous NYC sunset along the Hudson River. Saying hello to Hoboken from the other side is also a plus.

Grove Street + Grove Court {Between 10 and 12 Grove Street}

Grove Street is lined with charming and quaint townhouses, and it might be hard to stop taking pictures of this pretty neighborhood. However, the shining star to the experience is the hidden private enclave that has become a recent Tik Tok favorite as the most architectural masterpiece in New York. Tucked between 10 and 12 Grove Street is a row of bright brick-red townhouses set back from the main street lined by a cobblestone path.

Washington Square Park {Washington Square}

Whether it’s reading a book under the summer sun or strolling through the park on a cold winter night, Washington Square Park is always a treat for the soul and brings out the best spirit of New York City.

New York University {27 West 4th Street}

One of the most renowned universities in the world also happens to be in the center of one of the prime neighborhoods in NYC. NYU is spread out with several buildings at every corner {look for the purple and white signs and banners}and has several options for entertainment. A leisurely stroll around the campus feels as though you have stepped into a movie scene and is a wonderful representation of the city.

Friends Apartment Building {90 Bedford Street}

New York City and famous TV shows is a never-ending love story. You’ve probably noticed the famous New York City building where Monica, Rachel, Joey, and Chandler lived. Gladly, this building does exist and is sure to bring back the nostalgia of the show, and tourists and fans flock to the streets and make it a sight to cherish.

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Boutiques + Bookstores

LoveShackFancy {390 Bleecker Street}


{Photo credit: @loveshackfancy}

Everything about this store – from the floral decor outside to the beautiful walls and lace gowns inside, LoveShackFancy is straight out of a storybook. Drop by for a shopping spree or a Pinterest inspo for your home & wardrobe.

The Upper Rust {143 7th Avenue}

The Upper Rust

{Photo credit: The Upper Rust}

If you’re wondering where to find vintage finds and rustic goods in the city, this antique store must be on the list. The goods are eclectic and the decor and glass windows are surely inviting.

Three Lives + Co {238 West 10th Street}

The hustle and bustle of NYC is exciting, but sometimes, a quiet place with a good book is all the soul needs. Three Lives & Co is known to be one of the most perfect bookstores in the village for its collection of books and building a community where people drop by to discuss books, culture, and events.

Coffee Shops

Buvette {42 Grove Street}


{Photo credit: @buvettenyc}

When in search of ‘Emily in Paris’ vibes in New York, Buvette comes to the rescue. Part cafe, part bar, and part restaurant, Buvette bring in a touch of classic french to the modern city girl.

Caffe Reggio {119 MacDougal Street}

Caffe Reggio

{Photo credit: Caffe Reggio}

With its bright green exteriors and charming antique interiors, Caffe Reggio was one of the first places in America to serve a cappuccino. And if that reason wasn’t enough to visit, they have mouth-watering cheesecake and burrata along with an array of Italian dishes.

RoseCrans {7 Greenwich Avenue}


{Photo credit: @rosecrans}

Nestled right by 9th Street Path, RoseCrans boasts a vibrant selection of flowers and delicious coffee. The matcha is worth trying, and really, all the flowers are worth buying!


Banter {169 Sullivan Street}


{Photo credit: @banter_nyc}

Around the dreamy campus of NYU, lies Banter – a lively brunch spot with a delectable brunch menu. When in the mood for a perfect cheat day – the Nutella stuffed french toast paired with an espresso martini is the real winner.

Dante NYC {551 Hudson Street}

Dante NYC

{Photo credit: @dantenewyorkcity}

On the corner of Hudson + Parry Street, is Dante – which was voted one of the best bars in North America in 2020. They have an exclusive brunch menu, and the wide range of expertly crafted Negronis is worth trying.

Pinto Garden {117 W 10th Street}

Pinto Garden

{Photo credit: Pinto Garden}

The only thing that does true justice to Pinto Garden is an actual visit to the restaurant. Serving an appetizing brunch menu with bottomless mimosas, they have a beautiful garden covered with flowers and lights and serves as the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram post.

Lafayette Grand Cafe + Bakery {380 Lafayette Street}

Lafayette Grand Cafe + Bakery

{Photo credit: @lafayette380}

With private heated snow chalets, and boasting an extensive cocktail and brunch menu, there’s a lot to love about this grand french cafe & bakery. 

NY Dosas {50 Washington Square Street}

NY Dosas

{Photo credit: NY Dosas}

Popularly called the ‘Dosa Man’, Thiru Kumar has won several awards and also appeared on the  ‘Taste the Nation’ for his exceptional art of making a perfect Dosa which is an Indian pancake made of lentils and rice and served with a side of mashed potatoes and chutney. His cart is usually located in Washington Square Park and the long line for it won’t be hard to miss.

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Casa La Femme {140 Charles Street}

Casa La Femme

{Photo credit: Casa La Femme}

This is an Egyptian gem in the West Village and the ambiance is on point. If babaganoush, fresh pita, eggplant parm, lamb kebabs are what calls for an appetizing meal, then be sure to check them out.

High Street on Hudson {637 Hudson Street}

High Street on Hudson

{Photo credit: @highstnyc}

Ever feel like you’re in a movie scene sipping on a cocktail and people-watching in New York? High Street on Hudson is here to give you the feel of serving seasonal cocktails and local seafood.

Jajaja {63 Carmine Street}


{Photo credit: @jajajamexicana}

Vegan Mexican cuisine never tasted this good! Jajaja is a great spot in the village and everything on the menu is plant-based and worth ordering. The famous nachos have liquid cheese made with cashews and turmeric and the long list of cocktails will keep you delighted.

La Lanterna di Vittorio {129 MacDougal Street}

The weather might be cold, but you’re sure to be warm inside this greenhouse with a fireplace and oversized lanterns adding to the colorful ambiance. It offers a romantic appeal along with mouth-watering Italian treats {the lasagne is as good as it looks – or even better}

Piccola Cucina Enoteca {184 Prince Street}

Piccola Cucina Enoteca

{Photo credit: @piccolacucinany}

It’s hard to pick what’s best at Piccola – the friendly staff or the dim-lit ambiance or the perfect movie setting outside of the delicious Italian food. Be sure to make a reservation in advance and relish a glass of wine and pasta.

Sveta {64 Carmine Street}


{Photo credit: @sveta.nyc}

You’re probably wondering where everyone on Tik-Tok is sipping colorful cocktails from a pouch? Sveta is here to make all fancy cocktail dreams come true. The food is flavorful, the drinks are unique {and you even get a free refill for posting a pic on instagram} and the ambiance is fun.

Top Thai Vintage {55 Carmine Street}

Top Thai Vintage

{Photo credit: @topthai_55carmine}

The menu offers everything your heart may desire. The food is focused on playing with different flavors and bringing in a feel of a warm home-cooked meal. If going to Thailand isn’t on the bucket list, at least going to Top Thai should be. They have lively decor giving you the feel of being in a food market in Asia, and also a colorful outdoor dining setup with heaters.


Magnolia Bakery {West 11th Street, 401 Bleecker Street}

Magnolia Bakery

{Photo credit: @magnoliabakery}

Speaking of classic, iconic desserts in NYC, Magnolia tops the list. From the chocolate ganache cake to the very famous {and delicious} banana bread pudding, this is the ideal dessert to grab anytime, any day.

Milk Bar {74 Christopher Street}

Milk Bar

{Photo credit: @milkbarstore}

You can have your cake and eat it too at Milk Bar. Bon Appetit magazine called them “one of the most exciting bakeries in the country.” and making a quick stop will explain why. The gluten-free birthday cake and red velvet truffle bombs are really the desserts of dreams.

Nutella Cafe {116 University Place}

Nutella is the real sweet-tooth king and when there is an entire cafe dedicated to it, it’s well worth the visit. The menu ranges from a variety of Nutella crepes to Nutella ice-cream and a whole lot of things with more Nutella.


Employees Only {510 Hudson Street}

Employees Only

{Photo credit: @employeesonlyny}

This is the only bar to have appeared in all 12 editions of The World’s 50 Best Bars and is a speakeasy located in the heart of West Village. They have an inclination for hospitality and serve beautifully-crafted cocktails in a cozy setting.

Little Branch {20 Seventh Avenue}

Little Branch is one of those hidden gems worth seeking out. What appears to be a brick building from outside with an unmarked door and staircase, transforms into an intimate bar inside with jazz vibes. They have an exclusive list of classic cocktails to choose from.

The Garrett {296 Bleecker Street}

The Garrett

{Photo credit: The Garrett}

The Garrett is an interesting speakeasy because it can be hard to locate if you’re looking for it without any clues. The secret route is to walk into the Five Guys at 7th and Bleecker, then find a hidden staircase in the back. It boasts a lovely vibe and they also allow customers to bring food from downstairs.

The Other Room {143 Perry Street}

When looking for a secret date spot in the West Village, The other room must be the go-to. It’s tucked away on the backend of the neighborhood, away from the bustling crowds, and serves as a perfect night out with dim-lit seating, candles, and light music.


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