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A Bad Date in the West Village: Bot Sh*t Crazy

by Single Society
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It’s no secret that dating is a tough sport. It takes time, energy, and often odd interactions with a few odd people. Of course, we here at Hoboken Girl are big fans of a dating story that makes us chuckle, and luckily, The Single Society is here to do that for us. The Single Society takes your dating blunders and transforms them into stories that lessen the shock/awe, and up the laughs. Keep reading to find out how one local girl’s bad date went bot sh*t crazy in the West Village:

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After finally coping with the demise of my previous relationship, I decided to jump back into the dating game and download Bumble. I matched with Preston, a 37-year-old California native and MIT graduate who recently located to New York. Right away he requested I give him my number so we could communicate via text, and though I thought it was slightly premature, I ultimately relinquished my digits.

After chatting for a few days, I found Preston much too sarcastic for my liking, so I was unsure whether or not I was inclined to meet in person. Every few days he would text me, “Hey Samantha, how’s it going?” Alas, his persistence paid off, and I agreed to meet him at a French bar and bistro in the West Village.

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On a balmy 75-degree day Preston arrived {15 minutes late, I might add} outside of our meeting point dressed in several layers, a scarf, and a beanie. Instead of entering the restaurant to have a drink Preston had another idea.

“Let’s take a walk!” he suggested. “Do you mind if we stop back at my apartment so I can drop off my scarf? It’s pretty warm out.”

Apprehensive to go with him to his apartment I proposed he should just carry it.

As we walked several blocks to who knows where Preston was texting on his phone for the entire duration.

“So, what are people supposed to do on dates?” He asked.

Puzzled, I offered up the usual examples such as dinner, drinks, coffee, etc.

Remembering that he had recently moved to NYC I inquired as to whether or not he had been on many dates.

“I have been on about 100 dates thus far,” he said.

Preston then revealed that he had been building a dating bot that does the talking for him {hence why he wanted to chat via text} and even schedules his dates for him. He then proceeded to demonstrate how his bot worked whilst showing me a long list of other women’s names he had dates with and how it would even put the dates in his calendar to remind him when/where he needed to be on that particular day/night.

“There have been some glitches though. It actually scheduled four dates for me at the same time today!” He explained.

It was at that point I’d had my fill of Preston and decided to put an end to my misery, but not before he revealed that though he has not been on many seconds dates, he has hooked up with “tons” of girls.

“OK, we are clearly not getting drinks and clearly not looking for the same things, so I think I’m going to head home,” I said.

“Oh, you thought we were going to get drinks? Did I say that? That must have been the bot. I actually don’t feel like drinking because I’ve been drinking pretty much every night.”

Preston attempted to walk me back to my train despite me desperately trying to cut him loose. He was grasping at straws trying to sound interested in me by asking me where I am from and where I live.

These were questions I had previously answered…to a robot.

The date lasted all of 15 minutes, but it was 15 minutes too long.

Later that week I received a text from Preston’s number.

“Hey Samantha, want to go for brunch this weekend?”

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I texted back to tell him to lose my contact info, as there was no way I would want to see this a-a-hole ever again.

To which he replied, “Sorry, was the bot. Will add you to the blacklist.”

Yes, Preston. You do that.

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