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The Hudson County Women That Inspire Us

by Jennifer Tripucka
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At HobokenGirl.com, we’re inspired by so many women on a daily basis, but in honor of International Women’s Day, we’re sharing the Hudson County ladies that really make us say “WOW” — if not only for their entrepreneurial spirit, but also for the ways they contribute and add to our amazing communities in the area. Here, some of our Hoboken Girl contributors share the women that really make us proud; a list of Hudson County women that inspire the Hoboken Girl team:


“I’m inspired by so many women I meet on a regular basis, but someone that really stands out for me is Kathleen Heaney Schulman {aka ‘Web Girl Kathleen’}. She’s a Hoboken resident, podcast aficionado, and is the creative behind all things digital that relate to Z100’s Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. Total #careergoals!”

~ Jennifer Tripucka, Founder + Editor-in-Chief

“The woman in Hudson County who inspires us is Tina Rivera, owner of Baking Mama! Tina’s entrepreneurial spirit, fun-loving, kind attitude and boss mentality makes for a true leading lady. Her sweet treats are to die for as well!”

~ Jordan and Joelle, Hoboken + Jersey City Twin Contributors

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“A local woman that inspires me is Casey Repetti (Casey2Cook). I LOVE to cook {and watch the Food Network religiously}, so it was a really cool feeling to see a girl from Hoboken like me on one of my favorite cooking shows. She made a name for herself solely from her talent and passion for cooking, and that alone is inspiring. Not to mention – her Hoboken attitude is something I can relate with and I crack up every time I watch her IG stories and it comes out {we just can’t control it}…lol!”

~ Briana Fischetto, Editorial Assistant

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“The person who I am inspired by this Women’ History Month is Dorothea Lange, a Hoboken-born photographer. She is best known for her photographs of migrant workers and families during the Great Depression in California, and her work is incredibly moving and eye opening. You can see more here — she is an incredible example for female artists in Hudson County!”

~ Arielle Kuzdral, DIY Contributor

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“Kyrzayda Rodriguez (@kyrzayda) is not only a style inspiration for me, but a true Hudson County role model. She is the mom, blogger, fitness-addict that I can only hope to be in my upcoming years. Her fresh and fabulous style is classic and edgy, and even after being diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, she is nothing short of a champion. Her positivity and good vibes make her a joy to follow on social media in all the blogger clutter and inspire me to be my best self as a fellow Jersey girl.”

~ Genna Rossi, Fitness and Fashion Contributor

“Dani & Jacey from Jane DO! I love their approach to fitness and community. Their bodies may be unreal, but they always keep their motivation set for real life – follow them on insta if you need to get your butt in gear!”

~ Michele Danna, Foodie Contributor

“A woman that inspires me in Hudson County is Beth Mason. In addition to her work in politics, she is an incredibly successful woman in the advertising space. At 28 years old, she was named VP of an advertising agency in the city and then President at only 31. (Turning 31 on Monday has me realizing just how amazing this is!) She is definitely someone I’d definitely like to follow in regards to her business achievements.”

~ Ashley D’Onofrio, Mama Contributor

“I am inspired by president of the Jersey City Rotary club, Jennifer Aitken. Her boundless commitment to serving Hudson County through Rotary truly embodies their motto of “service above self” and she does it all while balancing a full time job, a teaching gig and is always there for her family.”

~ Janine Repka, Volunteer Coordinator

“Ashley Branda, the owner of Two01 salon is the Hudson county woman who inspires me. She is such a hustler, she works so hard, she goes out of her way to make everyone around her feel like the most beautiful version of themselves, and she’s the only person I trusted to do my hair and makeup for my wedding!”

~ Alexandra Filiaci, Beauty Contributor

“I want to shout out the awesome team of ladies at Athleta Hoboken for making such a fun and welcoming environment for women in our community.”

~ Michelle Lupo, Contributor + Marketing Associate

“A Hudson county woman who inspires me is definitely Jennifer Choi of Sugarsuckle. She’s a dessert artist and is beyond talented. I am so proud of her, she’s opening up her brick-and-mortar space in Hoboken and I know she’s gonna kill it!”

~ Tiffany Pinero, Style Contributor

“OG HG & founder of Hoboken Girl, Jen, is a huge inspiration to me! She started Hoboken Girl on a whim while working a full-time job in NYC and managed to turn it into the thriving business it is today. She has an entrepreneurial spirit, which I dig, and has given me this incredible opportunity to create cool stuff for Hoboken Girl’s social channels, and for that, I’m thankful!”

~ Jillian, Social Assistant  

Who is someone that inspires you in Hudson County? Make sure to comment below!

Happy International Women’s Day from HobokenGirl.com 💚

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