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The Thursday {3}: Luke’s Lobster Salad, Aaraa Jewelry Holders, and SugarSuckle Sugar Cookies

by Jennifer Tripucka
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It’s Thursday…you know what that means! Yes, it’s almost Friday… but also — editor Jen is here sharing her favorites of the week {Hi!}. Here are a few of my favorite things {three things to be exact, in no particular order}:

1. Sugar Suckle Sugar Cookies by Jennifer Choi


On Sunday I went to an Oscar’s party, and the hostess {Tiffany!} had ordered Jennifer Choi {now known as Sugar Suckle}‘s infamous sugar cookies. Now I say infamous because, literally, I couldn’t stop eating them. Even as adorable {and Oscar-party-worthy} as they were — as LEGIT Oscar awards— I couldn’t NOT eat them. Nope, sorry, straight in my belly. Jennifer also makes delishhh cake pops and caramel cups that you need to try. Here’s her new website.


2. Luke’s Lobster Salad

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Recently, we were invited to Luke’s Lobster in Hoboken to try a  new dish — their Tale and Kale salad. And yes, it tastes as yummy as it looks. Well, the salad was absolutely delicious, featuring — you guessed it — LOBSTER tail. Plus warm quinoa, baby kale, pickled onions, pumpkin seeds, lemon, chickpeas, and more…topped with house made poppyseed vinaigrette and a lemon wedge. All of this goodness is 100% gluten free {and vegan sans lobsta!}. The perfect {lower cal} alternative to some of Luke’s main dishes. Yum! Have you been?


3. Aaraa’s Winter Accessories {and Sale!}


You know I love myself a good piece of jewelry…and sale! While I couldn’t help but snag this jewelry holder and room diffuser {the white rose} the last time I came through Aaraa {which is a weekly if not more occurence}, I just had to share because there are so many things that are on sale. Right now until Monday, the whole store is having a MAJE sale: anything $20 and under is 50% off, and anything $21 and over is 25% off as they get ready for spring. Hallelujah! {And just as I say that…more snow is slotted for Friday. Womp womp}.


Either way you slice it, it’s Thursday, and living in Hoboken makes me {and hopefully you!} happy — but sharing my favorites of the week with you makes me even happier. Hope you have a wonderful Thursday, however you spend it <3

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xo Jen

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