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Maine Comes to Hoboken: Luke’s Lobster’s Brick and Mortar Shop {Opens on Washington Street}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Lobstah. It’s a delicacy in most American eating scenarios, and it really has a unique, buttery taste of its own — different from other crustaceans. The lobster roll, which originated in Milford, Connecticut, is an open sandwich filled with lobster meat {and pleasantly soaked in butter and served on a buttered and toasted hot dog bun or similar roll}. In some parts of America, it is made with diced celery, scallions, and mayo. While it’s quite a common menu item in the New England states {and parts of the Jersey Shore and Long Island}, it isn’t as common in Hoboken {maybe because we don’t want to even stick our pinky toe into the Hudson River, and maybe because it’s not salt water?}. But, lucky for us, food truck-on-Pier-13-turned-brick-and-mortar-shop Luke’s Lobster has planted roots in Hoboken.

Lukes Lobster hoboken girl

Located at 207 Washington Street, Luke’s Lobster has a small outdoor eating area as well as an inside area. It feels like a spot that you can grab a quick bite, but if you’d like to sit down and enjoy your meal, you can do so as well. Inside the shop, it is probably the size of 2 Luke’s mobile trucks {so not huge, but a decent space}, but when it gets busy, you may have to wait for a seat or grab it to go!

Lukes Lobster hoboken girl

^The adorable decor in the shop – feels rustic with some Maine fishing items mixed in!

As far as the menu, there are a variety of yummy lobster dishes to try, as well as some crab and shrimp rolls. According to the management, each of their rolls has a quarter pound of fresh, sustainable seafood and takes up to 5 lobsters to make. Luke’s only uses the tender claw and knuckle meat in them. It’s really great that they take such pride in the food that they serve, because many restaurants may serve lobster rolls, but not all use wildcaught {which is why Luke’s prices are a bit high, but necessarily high to cover costs}. All of the lobster rolls are served cold, since it’s Maine lobster…if they were Connecticut-based, then they’d be served warm {we dig some digging and found out the differences!}.

Lukes Lobster hoboken girl

We couldn’t decide between a lobster roll or a crab roll, so we went with the Taste of Maine Entree for $23. It’s 1/2 lobster roll, 1/2 crab roll, 1/2 shrimp roll plus two crab claws, a drink, chips or slaw, and a pickle…a great option to try if you’re with someone else and each want to try some of the rolls. YUM!

Lukes Lobster hoboken girl

^Our meal

It was really nice to see exactly where their lobster was caught and brought to Hoboken. The ones we ate were from Portland, but as you can tell from the chalkboard erasure, it changes daily and weekly. The food was delicious, and had the perfect amount of butter on it without any added ingredients to take away from the fresh lobster, shrimp, and crab.

Lukes Lobster hoboken girl

Because the order came with a drink, we got to try a Maine Root Ginger Brew {non-alcoholic}, which was interesting in flavor…a little too rooty for my taste, not sure if we would order that drink again. However, they serve Saratoga sparkling water which is one of my favorites, and there are tons of other drinks to try that are somewhat on the “delicacy” side {rather than your average coke/sprite/pepsi ~ bleh}.

The staff was very friendly and the food came quickly, so we were pleased! They also sell some Luke’s paraphernalia, so you can purchase if you’re a big fan. The shop is open daily 11am-10pm, Fridays and Saturdays 11am-midnight — so you can get your lobster fix at any point in the day. 

Lukes Lobster hoboken girl

Next we would like to try the New England Clam Chowder — I’m sure it’s delicious! Luke’s really is a great spot to get your seafood fix where you know the quality and source of the seafood is guaranteed to be trustworthy. We’re so happy they’ve come to Hoboken and added to the increasing diversity of restaurants and food spots in town!

Have you been to Luke’s Lobster or tried their lobster roll at the Pier 13 food truck? What did you think?

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