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This Woman-Owned Jersey City Business Sells Bite-Sized Strawberries

by Risha Jagadish
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It is often said that matches are made in heaven, but some beautiful pairings are made here in Jersey City. Strawberrynme is a woman-owned small business run by Osiris Fonseca, specializing in handmade chocolate-covered strawberries. There is something oh-so-satisfying about a bright red strawberry dipped in a pool of rich Belgian chocolate and drizzled with toppings. The bite-sized combination is a delectable treat for any occasion or when looking to satisfy a sweet tooth craving. The Hoboken Girl chatted with Osiris about her small business and how it all started. Read on to learn more about Strawberrynme.


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How Strawberrynme Came to Be

Osiris had been curious about baking since the age of 10. She was born in Jersey City, and raised in Mexico until she eventually made her way back to the States at 17 for further studies. Fast-forward, she found herself searching for a special treat to celebrate her husband’s first Father’s Day and decided to order a custom box of chocolate-covered strawberries. Unfortunately, the order was canceled just a few hours before the celebration. Still determined to stick with the idea, she took matters into her own hands and headed to the grocery store with a list of ingredients to make the treats themselves. This was the moment that first lit a spark for what is now Strawberrynme.

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“My daughter Daniela was a few months old at the time, and I was looking for a job that would allow me to spend quality time with her and be present for all the small and big moments that motherhood brings, while still doing something I enjoyed — which was making the treats. My husband was very supportive of the idea, and encouraged me to pursue this project full-time” Osiris told HG. A few weeks in, the wheels were in motion, and word began to spread amongst friends and family about the business. However, things took a challenging turn and Osiris made the tough decision to quit in four months due to insufficient demand at the time.

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“After quitting, I began to pursue a different job but had an inner calling to give this business one more shot. So, a year later, I came back. When I first started, I had no clue how to promote a business or grow my audience. But the second time around, I began to leverage the power of social media in sharing pictures and videos behind the scenes and joined Facebook groups to spread the word. This time, I was more equipped with a plan in mind on how to get the ball rolling” she said.

While there is no doubt that Osiris’s treats look meticulously crafted to perfection, it is noteworthy that she is self-taught. She has acquired her skills through reading, attending workshops and baking classes in New York City, and sessions at the Chocolate Academy focused on mastering various techniques for creating these mini delights.

“I began to make custom-orders I received through Facebook and Instagram, and eventually began to host community events at luxury buildings in Hoboken, and set up stalls at various markets around town,” she said.



StrawberrynMe Menu

When looking to celebrate with something that isn’t cake, the options can be limited, but Osiris is here to fix that. With customizable options for every occasion — be it birthday parties, graduation celebrations, or even when craving something sweet after a long day — these little treats are just it!

While the chocolate-covered strawberries are the highlight of the menu, there are plenty of other treats available. To accommodate any berry allergies, Osiris sells chocolate-covered pretzels with the same dipping and toppings. In addition, she customizes cake pops along with edible breakable hearts, which are a fun addition to gender reveals or bridal shower parties.

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Some of the top sellers include Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate Eclair, Oreo, and Fruity Pebbles. The starting package is $50 for nine strawberries, $55 with toppings, and $65 for custom orders. At pop-up events, Osiris has a mix-and-match option of four strawberries for $16. She advises that the treats are best when consumed the same day, but can also last in the fridge for two to three days, or sometimes even a week. (We would be surprised if they weren’t all eaten faster than that, but your mileage may vary).

Where to Locate These Treats

Strawberrynme is based in Jersey City, where Osiris brings the magic to life through different pop-ups around the city. The monthly calendar on the Instagram page is always up to date, so people can save the dates to treat themselves.

In Her Own Words:

What does a typical day look like for you? 

“The day depends on whether I’m prepping for an event or a custom order. For custom orders, the journey begins with finding the perfect carton of red strawberries with green leaves. During the season, it’s easy to find bigger strawberries but gets a bit more challenging during the winter with smaller sizes and pricier options. Next is finding the right chocolate. The coating for each fruit is rich Belgian chocolate due to its premium quality and dense flavor. Some options I offer are white, milk, and dark chocolate, with the latest introduction of caramel and rubi. Every single detail and box is packed by me because it is important to convey this labor of love by crafting sweet moments for my clients.”


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What’s next for you in this journey?

“I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the love and support that people have shown my business. From returning customers to referrals to new friendships that I have built along this journey, my vision is to expand to corporate and luxury buildings to host community events, and explore the idea of taking this mobile — kind of like bringing the Strawberries on wheels.”

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What’s your favorite local business?

My husband and I love to sneak in occasional date nights for spending quality time. We love Low Fidelity for the pizza and vibes.”

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