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Waterfront Dining in Weehawken: The Chart House

by Briana
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While Hoboken and Jersey City have a ton of dining options, with several being on the waterfront, sometimes it’s nice to take a quick drive or cab and dine at the cities that surround it. Weehawken has a beautiful waterfront that is home to The Chart House, a seafood restaurant right on the water. We recently visited The Chart House and loved it — from the atmosphere, the drinks, the food {of course}, and how they make dinner extra special. Here’s a peek into our visit: 

The History

The Chart House has been around for over 5 decades, their first location being in Aspen, Colorado. The concept of the restaurant was created on Independence Day in 1961 by Hawaiin surfer Joey Cabell, and U.S. Navy man Buzzy Bent, who wanted the main elements of the restaurant to be good food and impressive views. Today, The Chart House is known for exactly that, as each of their locations boasts incredible views — from the view of the marina at their Golden Nugget location in Atlantic City, to being 750 feet above San Antonio at their restaurant in the Tower of Americas, to the New York City skyline right here in Weehawken, New Jersey, wherever you dine at The Chart House, prepare to be impressed {and possibly proposed to!}.


Photo: Instagram via @Liotagram


The Chart House is located at Lincoln Harbor Pier in Weehawken {Lincoln Harbor Pier D-T is the address} and is literally a 5-minute drive from Hoboken {without traffic, of course}, making it simple to cab it or drive and park in their lot. On a nice summer’s evening, it’s a walkable distance from uptown Hoboken. The restaurant is right on the waterfront with beautiful views of the city, making for a romantic date night.

nyc views chart house weehawken

Photo: Instagram via @Cordell82


Inside, The Chart House boasts an elevated vibe, yet not too stuffy where it feels out-of-touch. During the day, expect a bright setting as there is floor-to-ceiling views of the New York City skyline. At night, expect dim-lighting, but the same beautiful view of bright city lights across the way.


When celebrating something special, The Chart House is the perfect locale for just that as they go lengths to make the day or night special. For a simple birthday or anniversary dinner, be sure to make a reservation {even for a regular dinner}, and when doing so, be sure to specify the celebration. This is important because upon being seated, you will be handed a special personalized menu depending on the celebration {see below, a personalized birthday menu}. This is a unique gesture {not aware of any other restaurant in our area that does this!} and truly makes the evening even more special.

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For a celebration that’s a bit bigger, the restaurant has two levels: downstairs, where the dining room is located, and upstairs, where events are held. Bridal and baby showers, weddings, engagement parties, and birthday parties are just some of the popular events that The Chart House hosts.

chart house restaurant weehawken waterfront dining

Food + Drinks

Seafood lovers — take note. The Chart House is known for their incredibly fresh seafood, and there’s nothing better than enjoying good seafood right on the waterfront. Enjoy a variety of fresh fish {salmon, tilapia, flounder, lobster, etc} grilled, sauteed, or blackened with a variety of sauces and toppings to choose from.

For those not into seafood, don’t fret; the menu also offers a hearty selection of steaks, chicken, and other non-seafood items. As for drinks, they have a wide selection of wine and cocktails.

chart house restaurant weehawken waterfront dining

The Kim Chee Calamari {pictured above} is not a typical calamari app and definitely worth a nod on the menu. The sweet-yet-spicy flavor makes this calamari stand out from the crowd and is a must-order.

chart house restaurant weehawken waterfront dining

Entrées pictured above: The Stuffed Flounder {stuffed with crab and topped with lemon shallot butter served with Yukon gold mashed potatoes and asparagus} and a filet mignon topped with crab meat served with Yukon gold mashed potatoes as well. In the middle is a side of creamed spinach, topped with bread crumbs and is seriously TDF.

the chart house weehawken

Surf and Turf more your style? The struggle is #real when having to choose between steak and lobster {first world problems, we know}. Luckily, The Chart House gives the option of adding a lobster tail to any meal {with a charge}, aka an amazing surf and turf dinner. Pictured above is the filet mignon with a lobster tail — DROOL.


This is one restaurant to save room for dessert. Four words — Hot. Chocolate. Lava. Cake. TRUST, it’s amazing. It takes 30 minutes to prepare, so it must be ordered when ordering dinner, and that alone is a sign that it’s gonna be good. This dessert is a rich chocolate cake with a molten center, made with Godiva liqueur and is served warm with chocolate sauce, Heath bar pieces, and vanilla ice cream.

When celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion, definitely let the waitstaff know as they will write on the plate {pictured below, for a birthday + anniversary} — so cute!

chart house restaurant weehawken waterfront dining

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chart house restaurant weehawken waterfront dining

The Verdict

To many, The Chart House might be simply another bigger restaurant in our area, however, it is so much more than that. The food is fresh, the staff goes above and beyond to create a wonderful dining experience, and nothing beats those city views. HG Insider tip: Sign up for their Landry’s Select Club to earn rewards each time you dine so worth it.

Have you ever dined at The Chart House? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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