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Celebrate Spring Spiritually With These Tips

by Shawn Engel
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Spring has sprung, and there’s many ways to celebrate — going out for a walk, enjoying an outside meal, or grabbing some ice cream might come to mind. While that all sounds amazing {and lets be real, we’ll probably always run for some outside sangria}, our spiritual contributor, Shawn, is here to help us think outside the box and celebrate spring in a way that can truly benefit you. Here are some ways to celebrate spring in a mindful way this season:

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Build a Springtime Altar

Spring is a time of life after a cold and grueling winter. Snow melts away, birds begin chirping again, and flowers bloom. It is the cycle of life beginning again, with the warmth of summer just on the horizon. Beginning in the same time as the Zodiac calendar, you can honor this new cycle by building an altar.

What is an altar?

An altar is a physical sacred space meant to be held for deities, a wish {like love or money} or events that you want to bring recognition to. Just about whatever you’d like to infuse with some magick can be the subject of your altar. You can put one in the corner of your room, on your bedside table, on a shelf, or where ever you feel aligned to.

Building your altar?

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When building your altar, you can use anything you’d like. For spring, it may be appropriate to use springtime colors, candles in those colors, easter eggs {who’s origin comes from Ostara folklore} fresh flowers, fresh fruits, and anything that signifies springtime to you. Any gemstones like Peridot or Lemon quartz {signifying joy, creativity, and prosperity} would be great to use as well. You can find many of these offerings at your local grocer.

Take a Bath With Flower Petals

Taking a bath with flower petals and essential oils is a great way to wind down and relax after a long or stressful day, or just any time you want to feel good. To make it springtime specific, you can use peonies, tulips, pansies, or any other flower in season.

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You can make a day of this and head to your local florist and choose the flowers that you are drawn to. For essential oils, check out Love Locked on Grove Street in Jersey City — they have great blends for any occasion. For Spring, try to choose floral scents with lavender or citrus. Or, you can just use a lemon and squeeze that in your bath if you’re on a budget.

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The Bath:

As you run your bath, drop the oils in and take in the aromas. Take your flowers, and start picking off the petals one by one, dropping them in the bath, giving an intention to the season with each petal. You can ask for healing, prosperity, joy, or anything your heart desires — and as you soak, you can meditate with all of the fresh bounties of spring.

Wear Something Flowy That Makes You Feel Like a Goddess

There’s just no denying that when you slip on the right dress, have your hair just right, and put on a coat of lipstick, an energy takes over that makes you feel unstoppable.

Glamour Magick:

Glamour Magick is working with your self confidence and inner beauty by using external factors. We’ve all felt that energetic shift when we’re done up just right, and Glamour Magick uses that energy to get what you want by the way of confidence.

How to get Glamorous:

Try a vintage shop with an intention, picking through the racks, and seeing it manifest. Mint Market in Hoboken on 1st Street is a great place to do just that — they always have beautiful clothing and the search is part of the thrill. And if you really want to pamper yourself, get a blowout, your nails done, a massage — whatever makes you feel good.

Volunteer to Work With Animals

Springtime is a great time to connect with nature after a long and cold winter, and what better way to do that than to give back to our furry friends? In Folklore, Ostara, the Germanic Goddess of Spring and fertility, would come back to earth on the Spring Equinox to bring sunlight and warmth, and all of the animals would throw her a party. Now, to honor that, we should respect and care for our animals that continued to bring us spring.

How You Can Help Locally:

The Liberty Humane Society is a local shelter/organization always looking for new volunteers — and they can even train you to be a dog walker and take the pups out into Liberty State Park. You can also foster a pup at Wise Animal Rescue, a local NJ rescue as well.  Sign us up, plz. 

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Create Art With Pastel Colors

Color therapy is a great way to increase your mood, inspire balance, and evoke calm. Even if you don’t paint or draw professionally or skillfully, working with colors can have incredible benefits. Working with your hands and creating art is highly therapeutic, and you can always place your work on your altar when you’ve finished.

Where to Go:

There are many wine and paint studios around Hoboken and Jersey City where you can not only paint and get creative, but have fun with friends. If you’re more of the solo artist, however, grabbing a canvas and a set of paints from Hudson County Art Supply could be just what you need. Grab springtime colors, put on some music, and get lost in creation.

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