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Starting Your Day This Way Can Make You More Successful

by Sabrina
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If you have studied any successful person, they will mostly tell you that they have a morning routine. You are naturally more productive in the morning since nothing has gotten in your way yet — you are focused on your own agenda and what your goals are for the day. Everyone’s morning routine/ritual may look a little different, but all have the same goals in mind to set up your day in a way that brings positivity and productivity. With that being said, here are some effective ways to start a morning routine:


You don’t need a crazy full workout in the morning —to get your day started, do some physical activity in your bedroom like jumping jacks, push-ups or anything that will get your blood flowing to your brain and body.

Increasing blood flow to your body helps to increase energy and bringing blood to the brain will help to increase creativity and productivity.


Positive self-talk is the act of practicing positive thinking and self-empowerment and repeating positive mantras out loud repetitively.

Affirmations are spoken in the present tense of something you want to achieve or embody. Try saying your affirmations out loud and really feeling the emotions behind them. An effective way to do so is break them down into categories such as business, relationship, health/body, home, + money.

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Taking time to be quiet in the morning and just listen to your inner voice is so important. We are constantly bombarded with our chatter in our head all day long so having a few moments to start your day in complete silence can be invaluable.

During the time you are silent is when your inner guidance can speak to you. By removing all other distractions in your brain telling you what you should be doing, when being silent you can actually hear what you need to do.

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Writing out how you feel and what you are thinking about is a great way to get stuff out of your head and off your chest. Journal your insights, realizations, and lessons learned from your experiences and write powerful intentions for what you want your life to look like.

Try writing about something you are frustrated about {what’s not working in your business, relationships, other common stresses}, what you are grateful for about this frustrating situation, and then write how you would want the situation to play out.

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Gratitude is the stepping stone for receiving anything you want in life. If you are not grateful for what you have now, then you cannot receive more.

Start by being grateful for every little thing that you have right now and also give gratitude for what you want to have in the future — when you start to focus on all the good you have, you will begin to feel a positive shift in your life.


While you are sleeping, your body is working on repairing itself and uses water for all metabolic processes — so your body is becoming dehydrated, which is why it is important to drink water first thing in the morning. This will not only hydrate you, but will help to jumpstart your metabolism and help your brain to feel less tired ready to operate to its full potential.


Imagine your perfect day today and take a minute to visualize yourself moving through your day with confidence and ease. Think about your day and visualize who you need to be and what you need to do to make it amazing. Start by visualizing all of your tasks you have to complete for the day and anything else you have planned and visualize all of these things in a positive light and going well.

In addition, if there is something you want to achieve or want a material passion, then you also want to visualize it — see this thing as already yours. The more detailed your vision, the better. For example — f you want to attract the perfect job or client, visualize every detail about the job or client, how it makes you feel, the sights and smells around you.

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Ice Cold Shower

It might not sound so pleasant, but if you just put the shower on ice cold for the last few seconds/minutes of your shower, it can have an impact. Cold showers have been proven to increase alertness, increase immunity, increase the speed of muscle recovery, and can increase your mood.


Just a few minutes of reading in the day will help you to learn something new. Starting your day by just learning a few things can help to give you topics to talk about during the day.

What is your morning routine like? Share with us in the comments!

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