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Yes, Pollution is Ruining Your Skin – But Here’s What to Do About It

by Alexandra
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Life in Hoboken has its many perks, but unfortunately you can’t add “hub for perfect skin” to Hudson County’s list of claims to fame. Living here, much like living in any urban city, is wreaking havoc on our skin in ways that may or may not be obvious to us.

So what’s a girl/guy to do?

We asked Rosalia Fiske, Esthetician at Lorraine’s House of Styles to explain what, exactly, is happening to our skin just by proxy of living in Hoboken — and most importantly, how to get back to glowing.

Rosalia’s facial room located below Lorraine’s House of Styles. {The bed is heated!}

Dehydration is the biggest culprit — followed by hyper pigmentation {when the skin becomes darker in color than the normal surrounding skin}. Who knows what’s blowing up from those refineries off of the turnpike, or what’s up with the air quality down below the PATH. Ever get caught behind a NJ Transit bus? Yeah, not ideal. Pollution definitely challenges the skin’s function.”

So, aside from quitting our jobs to avoid commuting and/or moving to the countryside where the air is clean, what can us urbanites do to combat these unwanted skin issues caused by pollution? If you’re already a skincare buff, you’re in luck — most of Rosalia’s advice ties back to a solid self-care routine {which we’re all about}.

Vepo Clean

Step 1: Cleanse

Choose a cleanser that works best for your skin and use it twice a day, morning & night. Face wipes don’t count — “they don’t work as well as they claim to,” Rosalia told us. {Not sure what cleanser you should be using? Ask your esthetician to make a recommendation — he or she, of all people, know your skin best and can point you in the right direction.}

Step 2: Be Pro-Antioxidants

“An antioxidant serum is crucial. Vitamin C serum on your face acts as your bodyguard, telling those free radicals to beat it.”

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Step 3: Make SPF Your BFF

“UV rays combined with free radicals are not a good look for your face. It’s not difficult to start incorporating this into your routine, and the results are almost instant so you’ll never forget to apply SPF again!”

Step 4: Face It: You Need a Facial

Just like you’d schedule hair cut appointments every few months, your skin needs the same amount of TLC. “A facial from a professional every month or so makes a big impact on the absorption of the product you’re using,” Rosalia shared.

See More: A Roadmap to Self-Care Sunday in Hoboken

It’s safe to say living in an urban area there are many benefits — but definitely some skin drawbacks. But luckily we have estheticians at our beck and call {and a wide array of self-care activities that can help us out}.

How do you keep your skin looking pristine and dewy, even in our area?

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