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Swiping Right While Social Distancing: A Guide to Virtual Date Ideas

by Morgan Gertler
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We’re shifting all parts of our lives to fit the new stay-at-home rules, so it should come as no shock that singles everywhere have made the move to date virtually. While it might sound daunting at first, it’s actually a great way to meet someone safely, from the comfort and privacy of your own home, and have total control over how long the date lasts.

While it’s definitely not the same as traditional dating, {you know, in person}, it’s still a very personal experience to see and speak with someone on video in real-time. You can learn about a person’s mannerisms, tone of voice, and share laughs together just as you would if you were sitting next to each other in the same room. If anything, there is less pressure during a virtual date, since you can decide exactly how you want to be viewed — from lighting to angles to a fun + flirty outfit on top with sweats on the bottom — you are in full control of the situation. Below are some virtual date ideas to try out during the quarantine, and maybe even after it ends. 

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Watch a Show Together

Sometimes the best way to bond is over the shared love of a show that has us experiencing a full range of emotions. Pick a streaming service you both have and then find a show to watch together. A pick a mutually agreed upon time to hit play and then schedule a time to chat about the episode after it ends. Strike up a healthy debate over the plot or come together from a shared love of characters. Hour-long shows are great because there’s not too much time to commit to at once, and you can spread the series over several days or weeks. Love chatting about a show while watching it? Decide if texting is “allowed” or if all questions and comments should wait until after the show ends. If you’re enjoying a comedy series, maybe you watch while on the phone together and can share some virtual laughs. 

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Send Each Other Dinner

Support a local business while showing some love to your virtual bae. You’ll need to get your date’s address for this, so make sure you know and trust the person before giving out any private information. Even if you don’t live in the same area, look up some restaurants that are local to him or her and either surprise them with a contactless delivery or plan a night where you send each other dinner and then enjoy it together virtually. By doing this you’ll learn about their likes + dislikes, dietary preferences, allergies, and you can bond over your shared similarities. 

virtual date ideas social distancing

Get Dressed Up

Dating virtually means you’re only getting to spend time together in your respective apartments, so you might be craving something a little more upscale at some point. Spice up your virtual date with a planned dress-up date. Put on your favorite outfit {and shoes} and maybe light some candles. Enjoy a fun conversation while you’re both dressed to impress. It’s another way to get to know someone and see their style. 

MTV’s Cribs, But Real Life

If you needed some motivation to tidy up, here it is. You’re not having company over, so don’t fret if your living space is less than Martha Stewart-esque right now. But you can still show off your home virtually, and it’s as good of a reason as any to clean up, bring the throw pillows out, and light your favorite candles. After you and your virtual bae have gotten to know each other, plan a date night to show off your spaces. Getting to see someone’s apartment for the first time is always exciting and it helps you learn more about their aesthetic, what’s important to them, and it offers a deeper + more personal look into their life. It’s a great opportunity to connect and learn more about each other’s life experiences. Pay some compliments, ask questions, and see where the conversation goes. 

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Get To Know Each Other, But Keep It Simple

Sometimes it can be hard to keep a conversation moving along when you’re just staring at a computer or phone screen. Even though you’re having a conversation in real-time, it won’t feel exactly the same as being in the same room with someone. If the conversation starts getting stuck, suggest going a few rounds in taking turns asking each other questions. Ask questions that prompt answers that give you insight into the person’s life — how they got into their field of work, their proudest moment, a goal they are working on, where is the next place they want to travel — and stay away from questions that would only offer short answers, such as a favorite color or movie. Hopefully, the answers spur additional conversation topics and help you learn more about your potential partner. 

While many things feel that they have changed, one thing is for certain — love prevails. Just because you can’t meet in person doesn’t mean you can’t still find someone great to get to know and spend time with, albeit from afar. And who knows, maybe once it’s safe to meet in person, you’ll have found your match.


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