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Quarantine + Chill: How to Date While Social Distancing

by Shawn Engel
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Our normal interactions with the outside world might be canceled, but one thing definitely isn’t — dating. As with anything in life, all we have to do is adapt, and tackling the world of romance is no different. And while instant gratification has been provided to us with a quick swipe, this is an excellent time to press pause and focus on courtship. Here are a few ways to adapt to self-isolation and leverage it for a successful rendezvous when everything is over {aka — a guide to quarantine + chill}.

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Playing the Long Game

While we are unsure how long self-isolation will last, this is an excellent opportunity to practice real, raw intimacy. Whether you have someone you just started seeing or you’re swiping up a storm, knowing that a meetup isn’t possible right now can lead to actually getting to know someone. Pen-paling can be positive, especially when it’s used with the right intention.

Ask your boo’s how they are holding up and what they are using this time to do. Start vetting them by their responses. Maybe a constant complainer isn’t great for your mental health — good thing you found that out now instead of after you made the trip out to Brooklyn.

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Getting to know someone by an app, then text, then phone, and working up to FaceTime can be a very thrilling journey, especially if you use it to uplift each other in trying times like these. Finding out who is a supportive person now can be very telling for what a relationship will look like in the future.

Utilize Virtual Meetups to Meet Someone

Because businesses are having to adapt fast, the virtual world is blowing up like crazy. This means Zoom classes galore. The cool thing about Zoom is that it’s like FaceTime with a group of new people, which means you are able to be social while staying distant. There are many influencers + local businesses hosting virtual happy hours which can be a great and organic way to meet a cutie.

Striking up a conversation with people in a group setting can also ease social anxiety. Aside from that, if the gym was your local hotspot for dating, join a virtual class and see if you can get a workout and a flirt in. The opportunities haven’t gone anywhere, they have merely changed outfits.

Try One-On-One FaceTime Dates

Sure, dating is limited, but let’s say after you court your beau you’re ready to hang out. Get dressed in your best and get on FaceTime so you can gauge the chemistry. Cook a meal together, have a few drinks and see if it leads anywhere.

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You could even get on Netflix Party and watch a movie together. Because in-person interactions are halted, you can pace a date to your liking, check-in with yourself and see where you’re comfortable, and not let a haze of temptation cloud your judgment.

Red flags can be super visible, and so can white ones. Clarity is your friend amidst the inevitable loneliness of isolation. Lean into the gift of being able to have distance.

Practice Boundaries

For a lot of us, the first thing to go when dating someone new is our self-care routine. We totally adapt to another person’s lifestyle, trying to fit them in because we want to see them. Now, however, we have the ability to slow our roll and put ourselves first. Make a list of your non-negotiables and stick to them.

Build a dating routine around one that works for you — see who fits in, who respects it, and who falls to the wayside. Make time for yourself to do things you’ve always wanted to do, and then share that with your love interest and make some good conversation.

This is an epic time for an independent romance, one where both you and the cutie on the other end of the phone can thrive. And once you’re out of quarantine a healthy system is already in place for the sparks to fly — it’s a win!

Humans are inherently social and we can adapt to this just as we have to any other roadblock. Stay positive and breathe!


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