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50 Things to Do at Home So You’re Never Bored

by Arielle Witter
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Times are tough — that’s a fact. For the time being, our regular day-to-day lives have been put on pause. Gyms are closed, restaurants are strictly doing delivery only, and all in all our lives have been put on a temporary halt with the outside world. 

Although it might be tough to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel right now, it’s important to look on the bright side of things {yes, pun intended}. Think of it this way — with all this newfound time to spend at home, there’s now tons of time to accomplish new goals. Whether you’ve been putting off cleaning your closet or completing that project that you’ve been *getting to* for months, now is your chance. Here are 50 things to do to keep yourself entertained while you’re cooped up at home. 

1. Try an At-Home Workout 

We’re all familiar with those YouTube videos and online tutorials, and we’re sure we’ve all *told* ourselves that we’d do them. Now, however, since many local gyms are closed, there’s no better time to try those workouts than now. Grab your workout kit, throw it on, and get moving in the comfort of your home. Plus, plenty of local fitness businesses are hosting online classes so you can still get your favorite workout in while in the house.  

2. Clean Out Your Closet

Something that there never seems to be enough time to do — well, now’s the chance. Get some tips from local stylists on how to successfully style some of those clothes that make it into the “keep” pile here

3. Binge Watch Your Favorite TV Show

There’s nothing like the familiarity of something funny, thrilling, or entertaining to keep one busy and happy!

4. Write a Short Story or Poem

Being cooped up at home can lend itself to some creativity. If inspiration strikes, take advantage of the opportunity.

5. Try Every Streaming Platform

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO Go — each of these streaming platforms offers an array of movies and shows to watch. So many that perhaps, one might actually find that there isn’t enough time at home to watch them all.

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6. Practice Meditating 

Times are tough, that’s a fact. Take this time to try meditating, it can keep you grounded and perhaps keep any anxious energy about what’s going on in the world at bay.

7. Brush Up on Your Bartending Skills

If you’ve got some libations lying around, try playing bartender with the boozy supply. {PS: Saku  and Buy Rite are also offering boozy delivery — #score.}

8. Take Up Yoga

For those working from home, you might need to take a break and stretch. Grab your yoga mat, get a YouTube video queued up, and get stretching. Find some online fitness classes here. 

9. Clean Up Your Digital Life

working from home tips

Unfollow, unsubscribe, unlike — there’s finally enough downtown to go through every social media channel and “clean up” each one’s feed, especially the ones that don’t bring you joy.

10. FaceTime Your Friends

Check-in on your friends who are in a similar situation {and can probably relate to how you’re feeling, too}.

11. Create a Vision Board 

If there’s one thing that can’t be canceled, it’s hope. Exercise that hope and make plans for the future, trust us, it’ll help you see that light at the end of the tunnel. Find some clever ways to make a vision board here.

12. Master a New Skill

Utilize the downtime at home and try learning a new skill — finally master Excel spreadsheets, become the Google Analytics expert. When you’re back working in your office, you’ll have some new skills to show off. Check out MasterClass.com for a variety of classes to take online.

13. Take up Journaling

It helps to write down your thoughts when it feels like your mind is running at 100mph. Grab a pen and jot those thoughts down, it’s a fun hobby that can help you feel a sense of normalcy during this odd time. {Try the Happy Notes book, it will help you “think happier!”}

14. Create a Happiness Jar

Find an old mason jar or box, grab some paper, write down things that make you happy, and pop them in there. That way, when things get really trying, you’ll have a jar full of reasons to be happy.

15. Clean Out Your Cabinets

Ah yes, another task many of us often put off because we simply “don’t have the time.” Well, now you do — take everything out, start from scratch, and tidy up so well that Marie Kondo would be jealous. Find some seriously helpful organizing tips from local pros here.

16. Finish a Book

All those books you’ve started but haven’t finished yet, now is the perfect time to jump back into reading them. Order some new books online via local book store Little City Books — the shop is offering free delivery in Hoboken and $2 delivery to anywhere else.

17. Make Some Tea

There’s something particularly calming about having a cup of tea. Turn the kettle on, find your favorite blend, and sip + enjoy. 

18. Try a New Recipe

Pick up an old cookbook or Google something particularly mouthwatering and start whipping up a fresh, new meal in the kitchen. Try a few tried and true recipes here.

19. Browse our Deals Directory

The Hoboken Girl Deals Directory is full of amazing deals to enjoy. Check out the full guide here.

20. Treat Yo ‘Self to an Online Shopping Day

Things are stressful, go ahead, buy those shoes you’ve been eyeing. A little retail therapy isn’t a bad thing. 

21. Check-In On Your Loved Ones

This goes without saying, but here’s a friendly reminder to check in on your loved ones. Keep connections going and ultimately, keep spirits high.

22. Start a TikTok Account

TikTok is taking the social media world by storm —create an account and check out what’s happening there. Oh, and follow us at @thehobokengirl, too.

23. Rearrange Your Furniture 

Finally, time to move the take on the big stuff. Get to moving that couch, shifting your bed to another side of the room, or simply finally putting together that daunting Ikea dresser. 

24. Start Making a Budget

With downtime comes time to tackle some of the less fun things in life — finances. Use the newfound free time to start creating a budget so when things do calm down, you’ll have some fresh funds to spend. Find some clever ways to trick yourself into saving money, courtesy of the Fiscal Femme, here.  

25. Donate Old Clothes

clothing donation HC

After cleaning out the closet, round up all those old clothes and get them ready to be donated. No matter what’s going on in the world, there’s always some in need.

26. Dance

Have a dance party for one. Dancing is a mood booster, so turn the music up.

27. Do the Research

Since we are, unfortunately, living in a challenging time that has led to many questions, do your research. Learn about what’s going on in the world and how you can do your part to help the greater good. 

28. Indulge in Some Self Care

Rip open the face masks, get the bubble baths going, light some candles, and just enjoy the time to have some uninterrupted “you” time. Pour yourself a glass of vino, too. We won’t judge.

29. Do a Virtual Museum Tour 

Now that museums across the country have closed their doors, many are actually offering virtual gallery tours so people can bring the museum beauty home. Find a full list of museums worldwide offering tours here.

30. Learn a New Language

Hola, bonjour, konnichiwa — whip out those old vocab skills and make some flashcards. Alternatively, download Duolingo, a language learning app.

31. Learn How To Play an Instrument

This would, of course, require one to have an instrument on-hand. If you do have one, pick it up and practice — learn how to tune a guitar, find a good beat on the drums, carry a tune on the piano, and more. Video tutorials are just one Google search away.

32. Find a New Hobby

This might take some personal research, but test out a variety of hobbies like knitting, painting, photography, sewing, and more to find one that works for you. Take a minute to do a quick YouTube search to what hobbies + tutorials you can try. 

33. Create a “Wellness Corner” or Self-Care Altar

Find a space in your home, clear it out, and only add things that bring you joy to it. Dub this a wellness corner, a little space in your house, apartment, or condo that is strictly dedicated to feeling…well. Trust us, we could all use one. {And find some solo self-care tips from our spiritual contributor here.}

34. Go Through Your Old Photos 

Open up that good ol’ photos folder and finally go through them, print, digitize, organize.

35. Create a Photo Board to Hang in Your Home

On a similar note, print out some of those fun old photos and hang them up on your home {perhaps in that aforementioned wellness corner}. Another option is to download Chatbooks — this mobile app lets users compile some of their favorite photos in a fun little book.

36. Do Some Early Holiday Shopping

It’s never too early to start! 

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37. Write a Handwritten Note

write hand written note

Break out that beautiful stationery, write a heartfelt note, and mail it to someone {or screenshot it and send it, if you aren’t able to pop it in the mail}.

38. Check-In on Those New Year’s Resolutions 

It might already feel like the longest. Year. Ever. But, go back to that list of New Year’s Resolutions that was made back in January. See where you’re at with them and get back on track {if you’ve fallen off the wagon by now}.

39. Support Your Local Businesses from Home

There are numerous ways to support a lot of local businesses {especially here in Hudson County} that could use some extra love right now. Check out all the ways you can show them some love here.

40. Make Your Favorite Dessert 

Nothing screams comfort quite like a tried and true favorite dessert. 

41. See What Freelance Work is Out There

Freelancing {whether it be writing, working as a consultant, or something else} is a great way to keep the mind and brain busy while staying home {and to earn some extra cash too}.

42. Get Caught Up on Your Bills

Another thing that can easily put on the back-burner, the bills. Use the time at home wisely and make sure all is up-to-date and organized.

43. Meal Prep

For those working from home, meal prep it up — it’s comforting knowing that your lunch is already there. Having a meal ready to go might cut out any cooking-related distractions during the workday

44. Listen to a New Podcast

Podcasts are aplenty. Plus, having some background noise on can help one feel less lonely if stuck at home. Check out a full list of Hudson County-hosted podcasts here and subscribe to our podcast, Tea on the Hudson.

45. Download an Audiobook

Similar to podcasts, audiobooks are a great way to “read” a book — download one ASAP on apps like Audible and watch that “reading” list dwindle down.

46. Put Together + Send a Care Package

Grab some self-care products, a few snacks, box them up, and send a care package to a loved one — during a time like this, they’ll definitely appreciate it.

47. Deep Clean

deep clean house staying home

Beyond the pantries, cabinets, and closets, break out that extra cleaning gear and deep clean the whole house. Can’t hurt to get a head start on that #springcleaning.

48. Take a Nap

Curl up on the couch or bed, grab your blanket, and catch those Zzz, which is probably something that hasn’t been possible for a.

49. Order Delivery from Your Favorite Restaurant 

Although local restaurants are closed, many are still available for delivery. Place an order to get your favorite meal delivered and enjoy. {Oh, and find a full list of local spots offering delivery here}.

50. Just Breathe

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world right now and with that comes with a lot of stress. Take a deep breath and rest assured that this is only temporary, and it will all be okay.

Remember — times are tough, but so are we. Enjoy your time at home and make the most of it.

Have something to add to the list? We’re on a mission to add 50 more.

Let us know in the comments or email your tips to hello@hobokengirl.com!


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