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Locals Working From Home Share Adorable Pics of Their Fluffy Co-Workers

by Arielle Witter
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It’s no secret that we are living in challenging times as of the past week or so — Hoboken and Jersey City have confirmed cases of  COVID-19 and many companies have encouraged or required employees to work from home in response to growing concerns about the virus. Now, it can get lonely working from home — it’s you, your laptop, and maybe the faint sound of the TV or a podcast in the background. But fear not, as many of us do have one little co-worker we can still count on {and maybe snuggle with} — our pets!

To start a new, uplifting series on HobokenGirl.com, we reached out to our readers in our Facebook group to share some of their furry, four-legged coworkers keeping them company during these trying times. Meet some of the pets {and check back every Monday for some new furry faces — please submit your pets to hello@hobokengirl.com}:

pets working from home hoboken jersey city

Katriāna + Belle

katriana belle working from home

“My cat Belle’s favorite spot while I work in the office,” writes Katrianā.

Jenna + Winston

winston dog working from home

“This is Winston. Winston tries to sit on my lap while I’m working, which obviously makes things very difficult. So I got him his own chair in hopes that that’ll satisfy his need to be 2 inches from me at all times,” Jenna shares.

Rachel, Max, + Murphy

max murphy dogs working from home

“I may be home working hard but Max and Murphy surely are not 🤪,” says Rachel.

Ar Jay Bee + Bubba

bubba pets working from home

“This is Bubba! He even goes to work with me sometimes,” says Ar Jay Bee.

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Tiffany + Dolly

dolly pets working from home

“‘Working is ruff! You do this every day? – Dolly,” writes Tiffany.

Nicolette + Luna

luna pets working from home

“This is Luna😚 She pretty much sleeps all day,” says Nicolette.

Erica + Olive

olive pets working from home

“Olive loves when her parents work from home ❣️,” explains Erica.

Christina + Pancakes

pancakes bunny working from home

“My bunny Pancakes taking minutes for me during my conference calls,” notes Christina.

Kim + Ollie

ollie pets working from home

“This is Ollie sleeping on the job 😊,” says Kim.

Ari + Cooper

cooper dog working from home

“‘When’s our lunch break?’ – Cooper,” says Ari.

Jacquelyn + Brody

brody pets working from home

“Brody isn’t impressed with the non-stop conference calls,” laughs Jacquelyn.

Jeanine + Rylee

rylee pets working from home

“This is Rylee. No computers were harmed. Just loves to be close by,” explains Rylee.

Gabby + Hudson

hudson dogs working from home

“Hudson can’t help but smile in the middle of a pandemic because that means mom and dad are home all day,” says Gabby.

Erin + Charlie

charlie pets working from home

“Charlie wanted to know where all the voices were coming from on the Zoom meeting,” says Erin.

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Arielle + Cosmo

cosmo pets workinig from home

“Cosmo helping with lesson planning 😂,” says Arielle.

Jen, Pierre, + Finn

pierre working from homes

^ Pierre!

finn dogs working from home

^ Finn!

“Pierre feeling unenthused about Mailchimp email platforms, and most things in general, besides snack breaks,” says HG founder Jen.

Have a pet that’s keeping you company while you work from home?

Email us at hello@hobokengirl.com to have your pet featured next week!

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