8 Tips to Successfully Work From Home

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When you get the green light to work from home or get a new job that is remote, it can be an amazing feeling. No commute, better hours {sometimes!}, and TV-watching while you work, obviously. But with that newfound freedom, there are some drawbacks: lethargy, lack of motivation, and distractions up the wazoo. Here, we’re sharing eight successful tips to work from home — so that you can enjoy that work/life balance and the perks of your home office.

1. Set up a clean and peaceful workspace.

This can be a challenge in a Hoboken-sized apartment, but try to create a separate space to put your desk, computer and other supplies, away from your bedroom or living room. Keep it clean and uncluttered, and add some cute personal touches that inspire you creatively.

2. Get dressed!

It will be very tempting to stay in your PJs and throw your hair in a bun each morning and say “Who cares how I look?” But you’ll feel 100% better and more motivated to be productive if you put on a cute outfit and some makeup. Sounds silly, but tried and true!

3. Keep to a schedule throughout the day.

Just like any other full-time gig, get to work on time. Don’t get distracted by Facebook, online shopping, ghat, iMessage, {at least not any more than usual…} or personal calls during your scheduled work time. Take a 30-60 minute lunch break at some point midday so your eating patterns don’t change too much.

4. Sometimes, change your schedule.

With the added flexibility that working from home offers, take advantage! But in a good way. Try working out at different times of the day, or take a group class at a time you normally wouldn’t make because of your old commute. When it’s nice out, get some sun! A 15-minute walk outside can do wonders for your mood.

5. Switch up your workspace.

Bwe Kafe

It’s easy to get bored with your surroundings at work, which can be problematic when it’s also where you live. Luckily, there are so many great spots around town with free wifi:  Bwè Kafe, Starbucks, Maroon, and City of Saints {formerly known as Red Lion} just to name a few are some freelancer-friendly places to work with great atmosphere, great music, and, of course, coffee.

6. Take advantage of free connectivity tools.

Get very familiar with online tools like Skype, Google Drive, and FreeConferenceCall.com as well as their additional apps, features and benefits. You’ll need them.

7. Make an effort to eat healthy.

Proximity to your kitchen is a blessing and a curse. While you have some extra time to be more mindful about what you eat, and actually cook healthier meals, you might feel inclined to snack more. You also might be tempted, especially in Hoboken, to pick up or order in your local favorites for lunch. Try to plan out your lunches at the beginning of the week. And if you do go out for lunch, look for healthier options. {Read More: 5 Healthy Grab-and-Go Meal Options in Hoboken}

8. Make sure to separate “work” time from “home” time.

This can be quite difficult, because your work is in your home. After a certain time though, stop checking emails {good advice for everyone, actually!}. At the end of your day, make a to-do list for tomorrow, so you’ll feel caught up, organized and ready to dive in when you get back to work.

What tips can you share for success while working from home? Comment below!

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