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Inside Antoinette + Michael’s Eclectic Apartment in Midtown Hoboken

by Hoboken Girl Team
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There’s nothing quite as “Instagram-worthy” or apartment-envy inducing as a gorgeously decorated space. If you’re prepared to feel some serious envy, then get ready  — enter, Antoinette and Michael’s bold, bohemian-styled apartment. Designer + resident of this apartment, Antoinette Allande of Antoinette Allande Interiors, mixed modern and vintage furnishings effortlessly with bold contemporary art to create a unique space. Keep reading for a look inside Antoinette and Michael’s unique Hoboken apartment.

antoinette allande interior design

{Photo credit: Ryan M. Brown Photography}

About Antoinette and Michael

antoinette apartment before

^ The apartment before!

Antoinette, a Hoboken-based interior designer, moved into her then-boyfriend {now husband’s} bachelor pad.  

“The apartment looked awful when I first met him”, Antoinette said. “The walls were painted brown, there were hardly any cabinets in the kitchen, drab linoleum flooring, a futon for a sofa. and metro shelving.”  Michael {a running coach} had just moved to Hoboken and into the apartment and did not want to move again after living in Manhattan for 14 years. On the plus side, the rent was cheap and the place had a decent layout for a small one bedroom. 

apartment before

They agreed to live in this apartment for the next five years while saving up to buy a home.  The couple got rid of all of his things and moved her stuff into the apartment. Ultimately, Antoinette and Michael created a design plan and decided to invest in improving the apartment. 

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The Renovated Living Room

antoinette living room

{Photo credit: Ryan M. Brown Photography}

The Basquiat-inspired graffiti artwork was made by a Brooklyn artist and is a prominent feature in the living room.  All of the colors in this piece are repeated in the design throughout the apartment. The small, cheeky artwork adjacent to it of two kissing nuns is vintage circa the 1970s. The sofa and carpet are neutral colors, allowing the art and objects to be the heroes of this room.  The cocktail table is pink marble, and a little leopard printed pillow is fun to add to any room. Curated art and furnishings are the secret sauce to create a remarkable interior. 

antoinette living room 2

{Photo credit: Ryan M. Brown Photography}

Abstract Franz Kline inspired art, a vintage Curtis Jere wall sculpture, vintage line art drawing of San Francisco, fiber art, and other curiosities create a visually exciting art wall.  The blown glass ceiling light is from West Elm.

The Renovated Bedroom

antoinette bedroom

{Photo credit: Ryan M. Brown Photography}

The red Turkish rug really pops against these icy blue painted walls. The colors compliment each other and the furniture pieces are a traditional style but look edgy painted in black with brass hardware. Abstract art on the bed wall is by a Jersey City artist named Heidi Curko. The bed has ample storage underneath and is from West Elm. The Moroccan-style drapes are from Anthropologie. That gorgeous chandelier hanging in the room is a vintage Stilnovo chandelier. Antoinette and Michael added plants to the room, which make any space more inviting and bring life to a room.  

The Renovated Kitchen

antoinette kitchen

{Photo credit: Ryan M. Brown Photography}

An all-white kitchen looks clean and modern. The color comes from all of the plates, pots, drapes, and objects to create a cheerful and happy place to cook. A beautiful ceiling light is a must, too. Chandeliers and pendants really make a room extraordinary.

antoinette kitchen 2

{Photo credit: Ryan M. Brown Photography}

Antoinette selected tall upper cabinets that go directly to the ceiling to maximize space and deep lower cabinets for ample storage. These IKEA cabinets did not cost a lot and did the trick.

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The Details

antoinette flowers

{Photo credit: Ryan M. Brown Photography}

Fetching art books, pretty little boxes, candles, and flowers can be found scattered about each room to add some unique details to each area. 

antoinette book case

{Photo credit: Ryan M. Brown Photography}

Antoinette and Michael also styled a reclaimed wood and bronze bookcase with a minibar and lots of objects old and new, books, and framed photographs

Tips for Designing Your Own Cool Space 

Antoinette shared some of her top tips so you can feel confident decorating a space of your own. 

  1. Hire a contractor to install IKEA kitchen, open shelves, and bathroom cabinets. Pro tip: clean and white tall cabinets can help reduce clutter.
  2. Hire a painter. A professional paint job will drastically improve any interior.
  3. Paint the ugly linoleum floor in the kitchen with a high gloss black epoxy.
  4. Purchase furniture pieces that will work to optimize a small space {i.e anything with storage capacity to hide clutter}. The designer selected white case pieces in order to blend in with the walls and not take up too much space visually. It’s all about the art and objects standing out.
  5. Begin collecting art and decorative furnishings to add some unique flair to any room.

Antoinette and Michael love to entertain in their fun and happy apartment. They’ve hosted many karaoke and Spanish tapas parties in this space. They created an artful, personal, and most importantly, functional space that is both attractive yet efficient for living.  A well-designed apartment feels so good to come home to!  

What are some of your top interior design tips?  Let us know in the comments below!


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