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The DIY Joint in Hoboken {All About Their Woodworking Classes}

by Arielle
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You know those times when you’re looking for the perfect accent piece and you just can’t find what you want and you think —”I wish I could just make it!”? Well, if you’ve ever found yourself in this spot, then you are in luck. The DIY Joint, located at 51 Harrison St. #A207, is a locally owned and operated woodworking studio in the back of Hoboken. There’s not really much else quite like it in the area, so if you’ve got that DIY itch, this is the perfect place to find your inner LumberJack/Jill.


This local woodworking studio is on a mission to “empower you with the skills, tools, and space to make something awesome.” The DIY Joint offers woodworking and DIY classes, as well as shared open space and professional grade power tools, so when your skills move past the group class phase, you can continue to build whatever your heart desires.

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For those just starting out in woodworking, The DIY Joint offers a variety of classes for all ages and experience levels. You can enroll in a class geared towards one specific project, like the Milling Lumber: Cutting Board class, the DIY Serving Tray class {it’s BYOB!}, or take Using Common Power Tools if you want a broader approach to woodworking. Additionally, they offer a DIY Kid’s Summer Program — perfect for the crafty little one in your life who has moved way beyond the the macaroni art!

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If you have your own project idea, or already have a basic knowledge of woodworking, you can sign up for Open Studio time {but only after completing an Open Studio Certification course}. With an Open Studio Certification, you can sign up for studio time by the hour and work on whatever you’d like. The DIY Joint can help you source and choose the proper wood, help you come up with the plans, and help you see your project through from start to finish. Whether a headboard or a coffee table, if you can dream it, the people at The DIY Joint can probably help you build it.

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Plus, how satisfying will it be when your friends are gushing over your new side table and you can proudly say, “Oh that? Yeah, I made it.” 

Have you been to a class at The DIY Joint? Let us know! Tag us on Insta @HobokenGirlBlog or #HobokenGirl!

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