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9 Ways You Can Support Local Businesses and *Not* Leave Your House

by Erica Commisso
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If you’re working from home and staying inside to avoid getting sick, you don’t have to completely cut yourself off from your community. There are still ways to get what you need and have access to necessities and comforts, without compromising your health. You can even help local businesses from the safety of your home. Check out our tips below for how to support community-owned businesses without leaving your house.

1. Shop Online

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2. Order in From Local Restaurants 

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Hoboken and Hudson County have some amazing food options for every kind of cuisine. Being inside doesn’t have to mean you’re missing out on delicious French-Moroccan cuisine from Barbes Hoboken or modern Italian fare from Luna. Many locally-owned eateries allow you to order online and take advantage of their delicious #eeeeeats being delivered right to your door.

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3.  Schedule an Online Therapy Session

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Many therapists today are aware that we have busy lives and need flexibility in our schedules, so they began to offer online and telephone therapy sessions. These are great for everyday life, but also great for times like these. Local companies like Mindful Power LLC, Healing on Hudson, Starr Therapy, Anchor Therapy, and the Lukin Center for Psychotherapy offer telehealth options, so you can take care of your mental health without compromising your physical health.

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4. Mail Monetary Donations or Donate Online to Local Charities

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If you want to support local charities and non-profits, many places like The Hoboken Shelter, accept monetary donations in the form of checks mailed to them, as well as having an Amazon Wishlist they need. It’s a great way to ensure that they are still being supported and are able to run smoothly, without leaving your house. You can also donate online via PayPal or Amazon to charities like AngelaCARES. See a full list of local non-profits here

5. Like and Follow Local Business Pages on Social Platforms

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If you’re staying in but missing your favorite local business, head over to their social media pages and like them on Facebook, review them on Yelp, or follow them on Instagram. Share their accounts to yours, so you can help spread the good word about your favorite local spots to your friends and community members as well. PS: Follow @thehobokengirl on all social platforms to stay in the loop.

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6. Read Books by Local Authors

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Little City Books is a great place to see Hudson County’s literary talent {as well as some NYT bestsellers}, and you can order books and other works from local artists so that you can support both a local business and a local resident.

7. Grab a Gift Card

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Many local restaurants, stores, and companies offer the ability to purchase a gift card online. Buy it now and save it for a sunnier day. This allows businesses to keep running in a time when fewer people are out and allows you to enjoy a gift to yourself or loved ones for later.

8. Shower Businesses With Love + 5-Star Reviews

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Got some extra time on your hands? Make a list of all the amazing businesses you love to support and receive stellar service from in the area, and leave them glowing reviews around the internet on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. It’s amazing what the power of positivity and great reviews can do for local businesses.

9. Don’t Ask for Refunds, If Possible

We know this is a tough one, but as you can imagine, so many businesses are struggling right now due to these unforeseen/unprecedented circumstances — from gyms to video companies to event planners to restaurants and bars. If you can afford to spend/lose a few dollars in order to help support another small business and keep your membership running or eat the loss, do so. So many local people who own businesses rely on these little {or big} purchases, that added up over time, these refunds/requests for money/membership freezes can really make a difference, for better or for worse.


PS: If you are a business and want a little love on social media, please click here.

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What are you doing to support local businesses from your home? Have one to add to the list? Let us know in the comments.


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