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Local Senior Dogs Living Their Best Lives in Hoboken + JC

by Arielle Witter
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Here in Hoboken and Jersey City, we love our four-legged friends. Young, old, dog, cat — you name them. Of course, although having a young puppy around can be fun, some of us have been pet parents for a long time. We here at Hoboken Girl wanted to give a special shout out to those doggos and dog owners that have been together for a long time and those who have had a “glow up” of sorts. Keep reading to discover senior dogs living their best lives in Hoboken + Jersey City. 

Kona, According to Her Owner Laura

kona dog

About Kona + How They Met

kona puppy

^ Kona as a puppy! 

“I rescued Kona in 2006 when I was in college down in North Carolina and we’ve been growing up together ever since. As a puppy, she had the same regard for rules as I did as a college student but she was also the buddy by my side for those senior thesis all-nighters and kept me company on every long drive back and forth to New Jersey. When I met my boyfriend, Tommy, he immediately fell in love with Kona and they annoyingly may have an even tighter bond than we do despite my prior nine years of raising her,” said Kona’s owner Laura.
Where In Hudson County They Are Located
“Tommy, Kona, Liberty, and I live in the Bergen-Lafayette neighborhood of Jersey City where we bought a house two years ago, something we did in large part because we wanted Kona to have a yard. We rescued her sister Liberty from See Spot Rescued in JC not long after buying the house and Kona has been tolerating her ever since.
Kona’s Likes 
“Kona doesn’t run as fast as she used to and she now needs some help climbing the stairs — which she does promptly at her self-imposed bedtime of 10:30PM, whining and stomping her feet at the base of the stairs until you assist her up — but she hasn’t lost the inquisitive ear perk or the giant smile on her face; a smile that spreads to everyone who’s lucky enough to meet her. Also, she loves making aggressive eye contact with strangers passing by on the street which is as adorable as it is awkward,” Laura said.
Kona’s Dislikes 
“Baths. I haven’t been able to get Kona near a bathroom in years,” Laura said.
Kona’s Favorite Treat
“Whatever mom is eating or cooking. Kona sleeps patiently next to the kitchen island and below the dining table or in front of the sofa waiting for something to drop or, more realistically, to be tossed her way because I am a mush when it comes to her. She has grown to expect my pizza crusts lately and has stopped bothering to mask her begging,” Laura said.

Chica, According to Her Owners Jordan + Joelle

chica dog

About Chica + How They Met 

chica puppy

^ Chica as a puppy

“Our dog’s name is Chica Nicole Garcia Hernandez, but she goes by Chica. She is a nine-year-old Yorkie poodle mix and the bougiest dog you ever wanted to meet. We met Chica about five weeks before leaving for college and bought her as a gift for our parents since they would be cold-turkey empty nesters. She is the sister of one of our former co-worker’s dogs,” sisters Jordan and Joelle said.

Where in Hudson County The Are Located

“We are located in Hoboken,” the sisters said.

Chica’s Likes

“She loves getting treats when she comes in from outside,” the sisters said.

Chica’s Dislikes

“Sadly, she actually hates other dogs. She isn’t mean to them, she just gets very nervous around other four-legged creatures,” they said.

Chica’s Favorite Treat 

“She is a vegetarian doggie eating most of her food from the Supreme Source brand,” they said.

Charlie Brown Anthony, According to His Owner Zoe

charlie dog

About Charlie + How They Met

charlie puppy

^ Charlie as a puppy!

“Charlie Brown Anthony is a Cockapoo who has been a proud Hoboken resident for over 14 years. While he moves a little slower and has definitely put on some pounds since his puppy years, he’d still like to consider himself young at heart. One of his greatest accomplishments was having his Bark Mitzvah on his 13th birthday surrounded by his favorite dogs and closest human friends.
A typical day for Charlie includes taking at least two long naps, playing with his tennis ball and making occasional visits to his neighbors in his downtown high-rise. The night usually ends with a few pungent toots followed by a loud snore and then he’s out.
Charlie was conceived and born at an NJ groomer and was the runt of the litter. We found a post about him online and thought, ‘aww what a tiny fluffy dog! We need him!’ And then he grew to be twice the size of all of his siblings,”  Zoe said. 
Where in Hudson County They Are Located
“Charlie has always and still resides in the amazing city of Hoboken,” Zoe said.
Charlie’s Likes
“Charlie loves nothing more than his monkey stuffed animal. He takes it for walks around the apartment for 30 minutes at a time,” Zoe said.
Charlie’s Favorite Treat

Chip, According to His Owner Laura

chip dog

About Chip + How They Met 

chip puppy

^ Chip as a puppy! 

“Chip {full name Chipper Jones, after the famous Atlanta Braves player} is a seven-year-old half-pitbull half-labrador. My fiancé adopted him when he was a young pup — funny story, he originally wanted to adopt Chip’s sister, but she was spoken for. He then spent time with the rest of the litter and instantly knew Chip was the one by his spirited personality. He was stepping on all his brothers and sisters heads! Though quite the rambunctious puppy in his early years, he was always extremely sweet, especially around children.  We have pictures of my fiance’s {then young} nieces sleeping with Chip cuddled up next to them.

He’s matured into an even sweeter lovebug and brings so much joy to our hearts. He constantly makes us laugh, whether it’s a goofy face he’s randomly making, immediately stealing our seat if we leave the couch, when he passes gas and scares himself, or his little sideways run {typical for mutts}. The best thing after coming home from a long commute is seeing his little butt shake uncontrollably, accompanied with a big wet kiss,” owner Laura said.

Where in Hudson County They Are Located

“JC Heights.”

Chip’s Likes

“Sitting outside in the yard and patiently waiting for any squirrel and/or flying objects, playing fetch {preferably tennis ball}, any toys that involve a hidden water bottle, and cuddling with his parents,” Laura said.

Chip’s Dislikes

“When his parents sneeze/hiccup/cough, getting wet, and getting his morning slumber interrupted
{I literally need to nudge or carry him off our bed in the morning, so I can make the bed},” she said.

Chip’s Favorite Treat 

“Anything that falls on the floor. Like most pups, he enjoys peanut butter and bacon flavored treats.  He also goes crazy for ice cubes — whenever our freezer opens, he comes running into the kitchen and waits patiently for a cube,” she said.

Biggie, According to His Owner Hennie

biggie dog

About Biggie + How They Met 

biggie puppy

^ Biggie as a puppy! 

Biggie aka Biggie Chung is our beloved rescue from Atlanta. Adopted in December 2008, he was about one year old. Ten years later he has lived in Atlanta, D.C., and now Hoboken  He’s a chi mix and we’re not sure what the other breed{s}may be.
His rescue org had a website and there was another dog we were originally interested in — a small white fully dog. He was adopted before our appointment time. Biggie {formerly called Comet…probably due to the holidays} had recently arrived at the shelter and was not on the website yet. One of the volunteers was holding him and we asked to meet him. [It was] love at first sight.  My first dog.
Many people think he should be a comfort animal for children’s hospital, as he’s got a sweet chill disposition and doesn’t bark. Dr. Jones from Veterinaire in JC says he’s an ‘earth dog’ bc he is so zen.  The doggie day care staff and vet staff in every city we have lived in absolutely love him — and we still keep in touch with him.  He’s on every holiday card since 2008/2009 or so — but by 2017 we ran out of creative ideas,” Hennie said.
Where in Hudson County They Are Located
“14th Street area in Hoboken.”
Biggie’s Favorite Treat 
“Chicken, baby carrots, bit of a croissant from Choc O Pain during a walk…not much he doesn’t like,” Hennie said.

Scout, According to His Owner Allie

scout dog

About Scout + How They Met 

^ Scout as a puppy! 

“Scout lives in Fairfield, NJ with my parents, but visits Hoboken often and loves it here. He especially loves the “dining” at Cork City and walking along the waterfront. We adopted him from a cockapoo breeder in Wayne, NJ on June 8th, 2004,” Allie said.

Where in Hudson County Are They Located

“I live in Hoboken on 9th and Park,” she said.

Scout’s Likes

“One of Scout’s favorite things to do is to go out for dinner. Last week, he had a meal from Onieal’s and they gave him his own plate of delicious chicken. Scout has lived 15 years on a diet consisting almost entirely of human food, so he loves trying new foods. He has recently been very into watermelon. This is probably his new favorite food. His other favorite foods are steak, corn, carrots, glazed donuts, and cookies {specifically pizzelles, an Italian cookie}. Another favorite activity of Scout’s is going for car rides. Whether we are going on a short car ride to visit family or a longer ride for a weekend trip, he gets equally excited, hops right into the car and relaxes all car ride,” Allie said.
Scout’s Dislikes
“Because Scout has been eating human food for most of his life, he can be a picky eater at times — particularly with pasta/pasta sauces. Scout will not eat any pasta that is not made with my mom’s sauce. If we bring home pasta from a restaurant he will sniff the pasta and walk away because he does not like the sauce. Another thing Scout dislikes is the pool vacuum cleaner. He will run around the pool barking at the vacuum and try to catch the vacuum tail with his mouth endlessly. He hates the pool vacuum,” she said.
Scout’s Favorite Treats
“Scout’s favorite treat has to be Dunkin’coffee {decaf, of course} and milk bones.”

Squints Palledorous and Bubba Gump and Their Owner Julie

bubba dog

About Squints and Bubba + How They  Met 

bubba puppy

^ Bubba as a puppy!

“Squints Palledorous is 11 years old. I accidentally adopted him in 2008 when I went to the shelter to donate supplies. He is from Puerto Rico so his breed is unknown but based on his curly tail and beard, I call him a pug-schnauzer mix.

Bubba Gump is nine years old. Bubba started as my mom’s dog but he got very attached to Squints so I took him. He is supposedly a chihuahua mix but he weighs in at 30lbs and the vet thinks there’s Doberman in him. Some chihuahua. He was attacked by another dog as a puppy so he has fear aggression towards other dogs except for Squints and his cousin Darla so he is very much a homebody,” Julie said.

squints puppy

Squints as a puppy! 

Where in Hudson County Are They  Located


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squints dogs

Squints’ and Bubba’s Likes

“Squints enjoys road trips and spends most of his spare time uptown at The Ale House, his favorite bar {they hosted his killer 10th birthday bash}. Bubba enjoys napping, a lot… he could stay in bed all day long. He is the best snuggler and has the cutest underbite ever,” Julie said.

Squints’ and Bubba’s Favorite Treats

“Bubba’s favorite treat is the one he steals from Squints, followed by cheese. Squints loves any treat he gets but especially loves popcorn {which he cannot catch}.”

Brady, According to His Owner Ralea

brady dog

About Brady + How They Met 

brady puppy

Brady as a puppy!

“Brady is a fun-loving typical pug who is always hungry! Brady lives in Hoboken and can often be seen on a walk along the water. His personality is well suited for a much bigger dog but we don’t have the heart to tell him he’s just a little guy,” Ralea said.

Where in Hudson County Are They Located


Brady’s Likes

“His favorite activities include sleeping, short walks by the river, and begging his little brothers for food,” Ralea said.
Brady’s Dislikes
“He’s almost blind and has arthritis now, but back in the day, he used to go nuts if he saw another animal on TV.  He would jump up on the tv stand so feverishly that animal planet was banned in our house for a while. Oddly enough he would also get all worked up over mascara commercials as well,” she said.
Brady’s Favorite Treats
“His absolute favorite snack though is cheese and who could blame him. He does this happy dance every time the draw in the fridge opens.”
Do you have a senior dog in Hoboken that you love? Let us know in the comments! 

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