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How to Keep Toddlers Busy for the Rest of Winter in Hoboken

by Erin
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Baby, it’s cold outside, but your toddlers DGAF. While the parks are quiet and the temps are comfortable but not yet “outdoor exploration” ready, our little ones never seem to show any signs of slowing down despite the weather, and we don’t blame them! After all, kids need to play, run around, and get their sillies out. {Remember when we had that much energy — ah, the good ‘ole days.

But if you’re feeling cooped up in your apartment and you simply can not watch Frozen again for one more second — we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorite ways to keep toddlers busy in the Mile Square for the remainder of winter.

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Head to Indoor Play Spaces

In the Mile Square, we’re lucky enough to have some of the best indoor playspace options. Whether you’re looking for an indoor jungle gym {a la Urban Jungle Play} or an immersive, imaginative experience like the one at The Little Play Co, you and your toddlers will love the change of scenery and socializing with other Mile Square families. For more of a routine and structured experience, look into classes at MyGym, where classes are grouped by age and offer engaging activities as well as free play. 

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Dine at Toddler-Friendly Restaurants

There are a plethora of toddler-friendly restaurants that you definitely should take advantage of, while still holding onto dreaming of dining al fresco in a few short months. Some of our favorites include Johnny Pepperoni and, of course, PilsnerHaus. So grab your portable high chair, some distracting toys, and maybe the iPad, and enjoy.

Have Bath Time in the Daytime

If your toddler is a water baby, throw in all the bubbles and fun things — bathtub paint and all — and let them have the time of their life, in the middle of the day. Kids will think they’re being mischievous and breaking all the rules, while really you’re winning the mom war.  Or take things a little slower and play some relaxing music and make a little baby spa for a calming pre-nap experience that just might even buy you an extra 15-20 minutes of nap time. 

Remember — The Halls are Your Friends

If you live in a bigger building versus a walk-up, the halls are your friends on cooler-temp days. Indoor stroller walks can be nap-inducing for sure, while indoor scooting or tricycle-ing are also some of the most coveted sports on this side of the Hudson. {It’s true — just ask any toddler mama.}

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Host + Go to Playdates

One of the absolute best things about living in Hoboken is the incredible sense of community. If you spot or befriend a fellow parent at a coffee shop or toddler class, don’t be shy — swap numbers {or IG handles, let’s be honest} and set up a playdate. Hosting one or venturing out to one can be the breath of fresh-but-chilly air you’re looking for. You’ll have adult time while the kids have little playtime and it’s truly a win/win. 

Regardless of how you chose to spend your winter days with your mini-me’s, don’t lose sight that spring is quite literally around the corner. Soon, you’ll be slathering on the sunscreen and pushing the swings a thousand times, so try to soak in all the winter snuggles and fun!

How will you be keeping your little one entertained before the winter is over? Let us know in the comments!

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